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"Angelo, Carvey and Preston Top 36 VGMusic Duelz ~ A Conventional Edition [ACE]" is a current Board 8 VGM Duel 3-way user project being run by of the users, SuperAngelo128, PrestonStarry and Xcarvenger with each of the users running down creating through of posting their own Top 36 favorite songs of whatnot from gaming in write-up form.

The rest of the users of Board 8 decide on ranking down the user's personal taste in music on how good they find the song is in by of so picked by of Angelo, Xcarv and Preston and ranking in part of the user's taste in of the project being ranked and broken into 13 different rounds with other Board 8 users voting on a point system per round whom had the best songs picked in of that certain section of a song in the project from best to worst.

At the end of all 13 rounds in the contest, the overall user winner in of the project within of the project walks away to proclaim the superiority of his video gaming music taste to the losers' face, and the losers must nominate one character for CB8 as chosen by the winner. The runner-up and last place runners in of the contest walk away with nothing but, defeat.

The project is now officaly over with the amount of work and time needed in for write-ups to be posted in of all three countdowns in the project, only being two weeks worth of note to be made. The project can out overall being what is was like most music countdown projects on Board 8. Debatable, but entertaining and fun from start to finish. The project ran work from late November to early December 2009.

Xcarv's Top 36 VGM Countdown Section:[]

36. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest - Stickerbrush Symphony

Alright, we start my list with a DKC song. This was Gangplank Galleon spot before I decided to give the so-called "god tier" donkey kong country osts one more listen. and of course I somehow overlistened this masterpiece from my "hear"ful ears.

Note that I have never played the game, so no nostalgia goggles to be found! Stickerbrush Symphony is just that good. The Brawl remix kinda destroys the soul of the song though, even though it may sound technically cooler.

and it has been a week since I sorted my list for this, and I can comfortably say that had I remember this song earlier and listen to it occasionally since then, this song would have been way up my list instead of dead last (which is already an achievement in itself tbqh)
doesn't mean I'll start liking other dkc songs such as "forest interlude", "aquatic ambiance" and "mining melancholy" anytime soon though~

   35. Tetris DS - Total Yoshi (Puzzle Mode)

Remixed from Yoshi's Cookie (good game) which I played after playing Tetris DS >_>
I don't know what's so special about this song, but I guess while listening to this I somewhat reminiscence this one particular song I like as a kid that sounded somewhat similar to the 'chorus' of this song (part starting from 0:24). and of course it's just a generally relaxing, fun and catchy tune which I just like! and it's related to Yoshi~


   34. Sonic Rush - Medley Rush #2

This is a bit cheating, but I'd imagine this will actually hurt my 'score', because the music moves on too quickly for people who have never played the game to appreciate each song properly. still I love it

I could have chosen the other Credits Mega-Mix Theme from other (good -- and I think only good Sonic games have this kind of Credit remix!) Sonic games, but I think this one flows the best from one song to the next, and it's really interesting to hear the mussed-up Techno songs in a clutter**** that actually work pretty well.

Here are the songs in the order as it appears in the medley. the number in front of the name is my personal rank of the full track.

7. A New Day -- your standard fanfare
8. What U Need -- feelin' hot hot hot this is what this is what this is 'what'
6. Metal Scratchin' -- can you hear Robotnik laughing at the back "ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha"
12. Jeh Jeh Rocket -- I can't make out a single word out of this 'song'
10. Get Edgey -- won't touch me
5. Wrapped in Black -- too black too strong that is coffee
9. Bomber Barbara -- round around around around around this song keeps going 'round around around
3. Right There Ride On -- hey a level 1 theme "right there ride on x30" is the lyric of the whole song
1. Ska Cha Cha -- too catchy to ignore. my personal favorite yay! c'monmrdj
2. Back 2 Back -- awesome water level. we don't get a lot of that! the music helps a lot imho
4. Vela Nova -- did you hear "step by sex" near the end11. Ethno Circus -- taco taco heat taco max smack face 'uhh!'


33. Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure - Let's Go On (Cherie) --> the 'Contest' version which is vastly inferior despite being more 'complete' imho. The atrocious voice ruins it for me. Maybe the Japanese version is better, but I don't even know if that exists or not. The only thing it did better than the Cherie version was the loop in the middle when changing from one bad vocal to another worse vocal. The music is still top tier material though.

Ok, enough talk about the mediocre incarnation.

The Cherie version actually has the type of vocal I like: soft and soothing. and the voice actually makes the top tier music went over the roof! It creates the kind of atmosphere that (I think) was intended: sad as the end is near but also happy that a resolution has finally been reached. and I don't even remember where this was played in the game (since I think you can access this from the main menu at the start of the game), so yeah it's just such a touchy song...
I'm "such a little girl" :3

32. Legend of Mana - Nostalgic Song

Legend of Mana has too good of a soundtrack for its own good >_>

The title music (not to be confused with the opening theme) takes the cake though. I feel like the music is trying to walk you through the various (failure) aspect of the game, promising a great fantasy cliché-ish adventure ahead (which it failed to deliver on many counts). I prefer the opening variation over the ending one solely based on the instrument choice (not to mention that the ending variation is incomplete but I said assuming they are OF EQUAL FOOTING)

Anyway, your home (Places of Soul) also has a great theme and the soothing City of Flickering Destruction rounds up my top three pick in this hotly contested OST with the theme of the first town you visit (Domina) crawled itself up into the hm-spot.

The links to the other non-listed mentioned songs if anyone's interested:

   31. Sunset Riders (GEN) - Train Stage 2

Surprise to find this on youtube! (and just a week old upload too!)

The two music addition to the genesis version of Sunset Riders are the best 2 songs in my very honest opinion; well the continue and the bonus level theme are also up there, but yeah the overall quality of the genesis version soundtrack is well above average. However, the soundtrack is vastly underrated nowadays because the internet has been polluted with bad versions tbqh. Yeah, the disastrous SNES soundtrack (and the lower quality arcade version) is everywhere

Anyway, it's just a simple yet charming cowboy-ish (western) stereotype tune that actually sounds 'generic'(ly good). It's one of those tunes that is really good, but is probably too short and not really memorable most of the times

Here's the other genesis addition for your personal enjoyment:
Genesis does what Nintendon't!

30. Metal Gear Solid - Enclosure

The music that defines Metal Gear Solid for me. doesn't mean I associate this music with any specific event though; it's just like it's the music that speaks the theme of the series to me -- better than some longish convoluted piece that has multiple boring parts strung into one piece by random happenstance or something (I'm referring to the purported "main theme" if you catch my drift)

well I do realize this song is actually only a short piece that is repeated like 5 times, but it's building up to the 'epic' conclusion! and the end variation right at 1:46-1:52 is what separates men from the boys imho
I can't get into the MGS4 version though due to all the unnecessary crap it drown itself with...

29. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Hydrocity Zone Act 2

0:23-0:38. that is all.

Well, and also 0:38-0:52 + 0:52-1:15 + 1:15-1:30. THAT is all. (yeah, that's indeed all of the song >_>)

and yeah, I believe the reason why Hydrocity is considered to be among the best water levels in video game history is mainly due to the awesome music right here.
Incidentally, my second and third favorite "Sonic classix" tunes are also a Zone 2 music, from Sonic 2 and Sonic & Knuckles respectively. hmm I wonder why...

28. Final Fantasy V - Clash on Gilgamesh

aka Battle with the Big Bridge. The music flows really well from one section to another and I love its almost unnoticeable smooth key transition somewhere in the middle, and its return at repeat. However, parts of the song kinda gives me that strange(ly addicting) vibe, and a somewhat uncertain aura especially during the intermission (1:22-1:24) and the repeat section after that -- at least I don't think it affect my judgment on the quality of this 'cool' music though so I can stay objective in forming my opinion LOL

Fun fact: I don't often associate this song with Gilgamesh (only when it's in the title), but Gils is pretty cool, eh yielding Excalipoor and doesn't afraid of anything

I mostly associate this song with a game of pinball and tentacles.

and of course The Black Mages never disappoints. Crazy remix here:

27. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back - Dr. Neo Cortex Boss Fight
Loving the strong bass line throughout the song Mission Impossible style, with the trademarked Cortex Theme mix in for good measure. Crash 3 Cortex Theme is probably better in context, but out of context I am liking this one better and it doesn't bore me in the long run!

26. Rocket Knight Adventures - Boss Theme

Genius. With chiptune limitation like the one on Sega old systems, I was surprised such a charming and "classic" tune could be composed. This is that rare one of a kind song that only appears once in a blue moon throughout life imho

The shorten repeat in the second half of this song is a very nice touch to this unique composition. It keeps the intensity going without too much redundancy imho
and I'll bet $1 that they will ruin all the charm this song has ever had in the newly announced Rocket Knight game if they decide to 'remix' this. guaranteed !

25. Umineko no naku koro ni 3 - Mirage Coordinator

"haha what" is my first impression after listening to this 'piece'. I was expecting a "WED-like" trance, and I got one. One of those "it's such a mess that it's actually good" song! It's like they just decide to throw in whatever random crap they can come up with and stuff it into some sort of strictly-defined boundary to match the legendary Umineko 2 ultimate theme -- the great part, the average part, the relatively boring part, they are all in the same spot to me. although I do notice that MC is slightly more polished than WED albeit a little less powerful and sounds weirder.

I think many would agree with me if I call miragecoordinator "worldenddominator in bizarro world". It's true!

Special note to address the MOST IMPORTANT issue regarding umineko MOST EPIC songs: their 'tranceness'

More trance should sound like this imho -- has a strong melodic structure throughout with plenty of 'substance' (well to gamers at least). Let me explain: although this song is all trance-like, the general feel throughout the song still screams out "THIS IS A VIDEO GAME MUSIC YOU KNOW!!" (whatever that means -- could be the build-ups, the melody, the needlessly epic part and/or the 'calm down we need to repeat for more EPIC' part) to me which is, guess what, an important factor for people who likes Video Game Music to get into the song! I guess that's the reason why not many REAL MUSIC trance sounds AND feels like this and not many VGMusic has done this before or tries to imitate this, not to mention that it'd be difficult to put a song like this into the context of any game I'd imagine (maybe for battle theme of a Super Secret Hidden Ultimate Boss or something) -- even now I'm still wondering what events in a visual novel like Umineko that would require such a crazy music like the WED, MC and DED of the world to be played!

So yeah, composers looking for ideas, there's a desert in this sub-genre that needs your oasis asap!
and to make it clear, no I have never played any umineko games (yet), so no in-game association applicable to me! In fact, I got most of the "context" for this song from WED and I somehow have more song "context" out of WED than I should have despite having not played the game (list spoilerz)

24. Mega Man X - Boomer Kuwanger

This starts reeeeeeally slow for me, especially with that synth 'cymbal' sound (I think that's what that thing's called) they like to use for SNES music apparently, but once it got to 0:20, it's getting awesome! especially the part after that (0:32), and the part right after that part (which is basically the rest of the song >_>)

Well, the slow start was offset by the fact that it sets up the atmosphere for the song perfectly, and dare I say the general thematic tone for the whole Mega Man X series that would separate it from the classic Mega Man! However, most of them would turn out to be 'generic rock' that sounds good and all-cool to the ears, but you just can not get into the songs and make them special in any ways! I think that's because Boomer Kuwanger set the standard too high and they all fell short when compared to this song so you'd only remember this one imhhho

Anyway, other than the classic Mega Man and X series, I think there is only one other game series that manage to consistently chunk out great songs after great songs even though almost 90% of them are unmemorable unless you have spent hours playing the area which is such a shame, but what can you do

And once again, this song is, of course, an exception to the rule (that's why it's special!), and you'll see that exceptions will also be applicable for the other series I'm talking about!
so yeah, all in all, this song is both significant and cool sounding!

23. Super Smash Bros. Brawl - King Dedede's Theme

I was debating whether to use this version or the Kirby Super Star version. At the end, I went with the Brawlz. I think it has done so much more to the composition and it can make up for some of the charm it lost from the original SNES chiptune. Well, it doesn't lose that much of the charm anyway (unlike in the case of Stickerbrush Symphony / Bramble Blast!)

Well, the one part of this remix that I found to be relatively boring (the slow part around 1:20-1:31) is actually a kinda significant addition because it covers for the slow songs of the Kirby series like the ice / water levels (it FEELS that way you can't deny it!!!!)

I say that because I think if I have to choose one song to represent the Kirby music, this remix would be perfect. It has almost "everything Kirby" in it imho, and most importantly the "Kirby charm" of new and old is preserved even with the modernisation!

And if you didn't catch it yet, yes, the other game series I was talking about in the MMX write-up is of course the Kirby series. ALL Kirby music has that special charm that never gets old: fun, lovely and catchy -- even the songs from its lesser known games such as Kirby's Dream Course and Kirby Power Paintbrush is no exception! Too bad a lot of them are "unmemorable unless you have spent hours playing the area which is such a shame, but what can you do"
And how about the ****ing Gourmet Race you ask? Brawl's mix is such a mess I don't know if it's good or not anymore, while the original is kinda lacking compared to the King Dedede's Theme tbqh, so yeah, although the Race Theme is indeed one of the more memorable Kirby themes, it just can't touch the superiority of the ruler of triple D's theme! (which is not the insanely boring Dire, Dire Docks obviously)

22. Xenogears - Emotions

I think the reason why many people dislike this song is because of the title of the song, emotions. It's like they are telling you to feel the emotions flowing through your veins, BUT you're just not feeling the emotions!!! so what do you do? You act all rebels like and throw the emotions aside to turn them into propaganda against the song telling you to feel something you don't like like emotions of course!

Therefore, we can conclude that the emotions are not for everybody. Maybe the lack of vocal for such explosive melodic emotions conveyed in this highly emotions song is the reason, or perhaps this mellow music may have fallen unto hardened individual that is void of certain emotions

However, I am here to tell you regarding the emotions expressed in this amazing composition of Yasunori Mitsuda the GREAT. The emotions may have been well saturated by the complicated plot (and an unfinished one at that), but the emotions themselves are so big it's like over the world map covering both land and sea. You can almost FEEL the emulsions !!

but whatever your emotions may tell you, your wish has been granted! Now feel the emotions with vocal:

and an alternate version with WAILING ELECTRIC GUITARZ and more emotions! (+vocal)

best ever

go play xenogears if you haven't already

fun fact: my Xenogears CD1 used to be scratched up so badly, it would hang two thirds of the times I tried to exit to the world map from a place. The music would begin to play though, and I would leave the black screen on while turning my TV volume up a bit to listen to this masterpiece for at least a loop before restarting. maybe that's why I have stronger emotions attached to this particular song than I would normally have for other similar songs. and I'm sure it's not a bad thing for having attachment to such emotions !!

21. Final Fantasy VII - Cid's Theme

"the best game ever"

Such a badass theme!

I don't really associate this song with Cid enough (because I don't think he's that badass >_> don't hurt me). I'll admit the theme fits him perfectly though -- the "I wanna do great things nao" feel for the first part and the "unnerving courage to accomplish those great things" for the second part. so basically, I lied. Nominate Cid Highwind for Character Battle VIII !

The "double-layered" string background and main melody combo just flows from awesome to more awesome all throughout, and the second half has an extra louder melody that is intertwining nicely with the other main melody to form a desirable duet while the string keeps the atmosphere abound (I'll let MycroProcessor describing the musical jargons of this >_>, but you know what I mean!)
Excellent choice of instruments, Mr Uematsu! Really convey what he's going for! Love it <3

20. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Dragon Roost Island

Snapping, whistling and a... banjo? Perfect combination! The 4-notes intro is just perfect. It leaves you wanting more. And it's one of those rare songs that actually delivers after the awesome intro. In fact, when the percussion kicks in, it goes up a gear!

This song has perfected the arts of "Gerudo Valley" and "Wild Arms" snapping/whistle combo imho
and there's no way to remix this kind of song in proper way that won't make it sounds too different that it will either make a new song or ruin it completely (as Brawl has proven so wisely by keeping the originals intact).

19. Phantasy Star Online Episode 3 - "IDOLA" ~ The Strange Fruits

I was addicted to this song the first few weeks I listened to it. but maybe not so much anymore. still plenty solid and my ears still love every second of it! well almost every second it >_>

The intro sets the mood. then the electric guitar and suspension right after that to start off the song is what makes this so addicting. The next few sections are as enjoyable as a strange fruit (that doesn't make you want to vomit, but the effect is so powerful you have difficulty describing the taste). At the later segment we reach the 'climax' of this song in the brief pause and its subsequent section (1:28-1:54). I'd say the 'climax' is the best part of the song, but the other parts are not only held it well, but are really as good and necessary as "the best part" except they are not special enough as they don't leave the impression as strong as "the best part" does, and since it's for the title of "the best part", there can be only one part anyway!
The arrangement is beautiful (in an odd way) -- it gives a strong sense of mystery and unrest, but I guess that's the purpose of the song, so that's a plus. and it sounds mighty ominous despite the lack of latin chantz. Now that's quite an achievement rarely heard of!

18. Mega Man 2 - Dr. Wily Stage 1

Best VG chiptune evar!

This chiptune packs so much meat into just over a minute of perfection with a very limited technology available at the time. It has everything. The atmosphere, the mood, the charm, plus it's memorable, catchy, and has just enough complexion to satisfy even our modern listeners whom are used to WAILING ELECTRIC GUITARZ and busy bass and drums combination. I believe this single tune elevates Mega Man 2 from a great game status (thanks to the other above-average tunes and INNOVATIVE gameplay) to a classic / legendary game status! There is no doubt about it in my mind.

Fun fact: The first time I heard this tune was in "I Wanna Be the Guy" (because as you may know the classic Mega Man series wasn't really popular at all outside of America and Japan), and I was dying to find out where such an awesome chiptune came from. B8 came to my rescue! and it led me to try the game (and other classic MM games), and I loooved every single note of this chiptune ever since (and the game is surprisingly not too hard compared to the punishing X series >_>)... see the power this little chiptune can do for you and for me...!

17. Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand

Best VG solo piano track evar!

What "The Prelude of Final Fantasy" always wishes it's at least half as good as!

If you're looking for something complex, you're not going to find it here (nor in the other two entries in this set). Call it booooring~ all you like, you'll just have to take a trip to your root once in a while, man! and it's not even nostalgia kicking in, because I was already in love with this simple yet "best ever" emotion-evoking piano tune before I played the game. That's why when I finally got the game and get to experience it, the Opening event of the game was really emotional to me and almost made me cry (:3); it took me three repeats of the opening before I came to my senses and actually started to play the game.
It's actually a close race between "Suteki da Ne" and this song as my favorite FFX tune, but I realize that I only really like Suteki da Ne (which is faaaar superior than the vocal-less uglier "someday the dream will end" don't let anyone convince you otherwise!!!!) because of that event in the poll near the end. The song itself isn't anything spectacular now that I think about it (although still plenty good and memorable! and did I say it's better than "someday the dream will end"?), while To Zanarkand is just perfect in every way conceivable, even though it's just a piano! <3 piano

16. Suikoden - Main Theme Arranged ~ Guitar Version

Possibly the best VG solo acoustic guitar play evar!

It's clean. It's pure. It's relaxing to the heart and mind. It lets your imagination flyyy. It's just sooo gooooood. oh how I love the sound of acoustic guitar, especially when it's played this way -- with strong focus on the melody but still have a flowing key rhythm all throughout.

and then the second part starting at 0:53 is something else, especially the 4 notes at around 1:04 and how it resolves itself afterwards... I am in awe every time that part plays. That's just a masterpiece quality, something you won't forget in a hurry. and it clearly elevates the beauty of the rest of the music!
and of course this is all around better than the Moonlit Night Theme which has some dubious choice of musical instruments.

15. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - A Flower Blooming in the Slums

aka Aerith's Theme (great character but did you know that she di--)

acoustic guitarz the best

+ piano = sex!

Way superior than the low quality piano scorching midi from the original Final Fantasy VII (which despite the flaws mentioned is actually one of the better vgmusic tbqh). This version could work either as a relaxing music that you'd just let it flow in the background, or an emotional piece you'd attach yourself into. It's just a very serene composition that I wouldn't mind listening to in loop for hours (even though it doesn't really loop in the OST version >_>) and you would too IF you like slow song played in guitar and piano combo AND you don't have irrational hates towards anything FF7.

In fact to counter the "anti-overrated" movement that has been prevalent in the world of GameFAQs, I'd have to be a little more bias towards this song by associating this with the in-game context. and it's funny how I associate this one more with Zack than with Aerith (AKA AERIS). As a result it just bumps this even higher up the list (because ZACK FAIR is awesome! Nominate Zack Fair for CBVIII and support him in the upcoming SMFFFCXII!), so yeah the song can easily be justified to be in the top half, not to mention its superb quality in both sound and composition!

and we don't have over-repetition and excessive WAILING ELECTRIC GUITARZ somewhere in the middle like in "The Price of Freedom" and most other Crisis Core songs to take it down a notch! so something special indeed.
Now if you'd be so kind to check out the equality comment in that youtube link. WARNING FF7 SPOILERS. that's so true (and so rare to find in the sea of bad comments)

14. Final Fantasy IX - You're Not Alone!

hi lefty

Love it or hate it. One of the more unique compositions by the renown Mr Nobuo Uematsu.

The "sad" buildup leads perfectly to the "BIG REVELATION" at 1:08. It's similar to Cid's Theme in some ways, but conveys a completely different emotional feelings (heart-breaking, inner struggle and the idea of finding one's will to continue living -- I know it's like the theme of midlife crisis or something so it's easily relatable to some but others won't even touch it with a ten-foot pole!), and of course YNA is just faaar more polished, with more great sections, remarkable melody, perfect string movement that sets the mood for the whole song, amazing transitions between the variety of instruments used and of course the best possible choice of instruments for them.

best ever

Fun fact: I always associated this song with the wrong event (something with Vivi heavily involved which I don't think even exists in the game, and that's probably why I really like Vivi more than I should have, and started to appreciate the "Black Mage" avatar in general, not the other way around!) until quite recent because when I played FF9 originally, I have it on near mute so my parents wouldn't find out that I played games so late into the night >_>
so yeah, you can't say I like this because of the context / nostalgia, but I can say that you don't like this because it's popular! and I bet I'll be more right.

13. Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals - Battle #1/2/3

Ok, I'm outright cheating here. 3 songs in 1 spot you say? Well, you guys can just do average for the three songs or whatever, but preferably just rate what you think is the best out of the three >_>. I really can't separate the 3 best battle themes ever here and they are pretty short and uniform enough anyway to form some sort of "medley" if you like <_<

If my life is depended on it and I have to rank these three, then it will go roughly like this: Battle #1 > Battle #2 > Battle #3

- Battle #1 for having a very addicting beat and progression coupled with excellent melody in both of its sections
- Battle #2 for having the best main melody all throughout but just a little lacking in the other areas compared to Battle #1
- Battle #3 for having the best first part ever (0:15-0:55), but the second part kinda loses me
You see, there's no way I can split the three apart! I think even Battle #1 alone is worthy of the spot here (maybe a bit lower because it's a tad short), but then I'd have to put Battle #2 at number 13a and Battle #3 at number 13b >_> otherwise these three will take up way too many spots and decrease the diversity of my list!

12. Final Fantasy VIII - The Extreme

another Final Fantasy music! I know I know.

this will be the last song from a Final Fantasy game though... and guess what, this means the best Final Fantasy music has arrived!

Ok, Angelo totally stole the thunder from me and has talked about this somewhere in the twenties, but I think I'll just talk a bit more about this very interesting composition.

The first part where it's just "Fithos Lusec Wicos Vinosec" chanting going around my surround speaker can go, although I admit it's pretty cool for 'technical demo' purposes or something. but if you have lots of time to sit through that every time you start this song and you like distorted Latinz, it's actually not bad at all !

Now we're at 0:20 and we have a solemn acoustic guitar (I really love this sound; it's like 80% guitar 20% piano and it's perfect) doing its thing to set up the mood for the whole song. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. As you can see, the Dissidia in-game version (the OST version has everything from the beginning) skips this part and goes straight to 1:40, and it feels like a totally different song (not to mention I don't have a good headphone / speaker for my PSP, so the bass kinda lost). So yeah, the intro is needed despite probably sounds relatively boring compared to what it's about to throw you into.

Once we reach 1:40 though, this is where all the good stuff starts. Loving the double streams. It's like you can choose which one of the two you'd like to follow and enjoy the song from two completely different "perspectives" -- the lower-pitch "string" synth (I think that's a string instrument anyway) and the main louder melody. and of course you have breath-taking bass and drum combination and great choice of instruments overall. Then we hit around 3:00. After a sweet intermission, it goes to the what I'd call the "weakest segment" of the song before picking up again with the slow part at the end and the repeats from the best segment of the song (1:40 part), which is a minute and 20 seconds of utmost excellence!

FUN FACT (I know you guys loooove this section): I don't associate this music with Ultimecia's battle at all (because it's too easy and too fast); the battle I associate this song with is the battle with Cervantes Montoya from KP's Hopeless Journey game >_> and hey looks like KP got here in time; I thought he's gonna missed this!
and yes, just in case you miss the memo, this will be the last song from Final Fantasy games. oh joy.

11. Wild ARMs - Into the Wilderness

aka "The Theme of Wild ARMs" (yeah, I just made that one up, but it's true and it's a very big achievement!)

another sexy acoustic guitar play, now with "Wild ARMs" westerly classix trademark! this includes snapping, whistle, high string, "cowboy" percussion and stuff. DO WANT!

This theme was the beginning of a new era and it's significant.

You see, I will always consider this song to be one of the very first entry in the Opening Theme + full-blown FMV tradition that is now running rampant in most JRPG games (and all high budget games), even though there may be lesser known opening from years before. but either way, the breakthrough starts here. I'm sure many game developers / composers take a note of this -- I'd imagine even Yasunori Mitsuda learned a thing or two from this simple yet effective intro tune for his future endeavor. If I'm wrong, you can't blame me because as you can hear, their pattern is somewhat similar!

10. Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica - Legend of Ar tonelico II ~The Second Tower~

Metafalica -- what a word

This is a new discovery for me. When I was browsing through the list of retired songs for VGMusic Contest, the songs from Ar tonelico II are the only two I have never heard (until then obviously), so I went to youtube to give them a go. The boss theme (at least it sounds like a boss theme >_>) doesn't stand out to me, but the intro tune (I hope this is the intro) sticks to me. and I was so lucky to find *this* version first, before the butchered version, simply called "The Second Tower" which is also in the OST, because that version has a couple issues that may prevent people to get into it.

As I said in my "The Extreme" write-up, the intro is again reaaaally necessary for this. It really DOES set the mood. Meanwhile, "The Second Tower" starts the song at 1:17, and when I heard it I go "what". I know that's the point where the good stuff supposedly begins, but it doesn't allow time for listeners to be immersed into the atmosphere yet, so it really doesn't work. In the game it works, because this is the opening requiem, and "The Second Tower" is probably one of the last dungeons from the game (never played the game nor saw the opening FMV so just taking an educated guess here based on the songs placement in the OST) so the emotional ties in should be pretty strong. Now, if they'd put the repeat section (3:36-3:48) at the front of the "short" version it would be a little tolerable, but then that wouldn't work as a dungeon theme I guess, and either way, that version is incomplete anyway

Here's the Second Tower version by the way:

Anyway, I really like the oriental sound of this composition. I'd say it's as powerful as the sexcellent bass from the Suikoden III Opening Theme "Exceeding Love" and the "aaaa" background sounds is a worthy substitute of the latin chantz. In fact, due to this similarity (plus both of them being an opening theme) and in the spirit of DIVERSIFICATION, I've actually decided to give this song the spot here instead of Exceeding Love (because once again, Angelo has ruined the party! and I think there will be more parties he's gonna ruin tbqh, but this is the only entry I'm going to change from my list because we are running out of good songs tbqh imho)
and this is such a worthy replacement. The more I listen to this the mooore I love this. It sounds really beautiful, and addicting. I found myself humming this theme ocassionally in the last few days. so good <3

9. Wild ARMs XF - The Painted Future Set Upon an Easel


This game has one of the most varied and memorable soundtrack in video game history imo (not counting cheaters like "collections" e.g. Smash Bros. games obviously). Michiko Naruke has really raised his apprentices in such a way (aka influenced) that the WA feel does not lose in their compositions but the unique creativity of her apprentices still shine through. that's amazing!

Anyway, XF is littered with thousands of good songs, but this one has been in my top two since its inception (i.e. since I first heard the full soundtrack). The other one being the "generic" Princess Army that now I think is kinda lack in variety. This one has the godly first part, the still-awesome fast part, and the slow part that does not put people to sleep, while Princess Army has the good oldie "charm" and perhaps a bit of self-made "context" to go with it, so after some serious thinking, this is probably the better representative imho. then there are like a ten-ways tie for the third place, and they would probably populate half of my list if I didn't limit myself to one song per game.

Princess Army link if anyone's interested:

8. Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Battle Scene 2 ~ arranged from FINAL FANTASY II

hey guys

this is totally not a song from a Final Fantasy game. As you can see, the word "Final Fantasy" is the second focus of the title and is smaller in the official logo, which means this is not necessarily an FF game -- a spinoff as you might want to call it. It would be like calling Super Smash Bros. game a Mario game because it starts with Super and ends with Bros.! It being an FF music remix is kinda besides the point >_>

but anyway...

Great remake of a forgotten mediocre unmemorable ancient theme from the eighties. It sounds nothing like its origin, and I'd venture to guess that it is for the best. The intro is just nigh unbelievably <insert ten positive adjectives here>, then the "from low to high" flow of the melody is kind of a theme of the old Final Fantasy which they managed to remake masterfully to create a tense atmosphere using the perfect combination of instruments. Even the slow part is highly INTENSE. and then there is THE pause at 1:08. ahhh, it's so addicting. I always choose this song to play in Dissidia whenever I can (read: when I don't feel lazy)
so yeah, goodies.

7. Super Mario Galaxy - Wind Garden

aka Gusty Garden Galaxy which is frankly not a very good name at all (you don't need alliteration for everything Nintendo!)

The 3 distinct parts of the song flow well together, and I'm in love the first time I hear this. and it was in the VGMusic Contest 3, so you'd bet I have no context no trailers to fall back on at all to stroke my "nostalgia goggles" (I am the kind of person that watch trailers after I play/watch the game/movie. I know I'm weird like that).

One of a few "orchestra" songs that has done it right and done it beautifully.

This is just a masterpiece in its own right, but if I have to rank the three main parts, here you go:
Part 1 (0:10-1:00) > Part 3 (1:25-1:55) > Part 2 (1:00-1:25)
All is highly solid! Meanwhile, Floater Land? don't care much about it. that's just overrated. Wind Garden is where it's at!

6. Chocobo Racing - White Mage's Theme

"hey this looks like another Final Fantasy song to me!"

no u


but this time, there's no "Final Fantasy" word to be found in the game title! As you may remember from my last update, "it being an FF music remix is kinda besides the point " tbqh

Chocobo Racing has some of the best remix of Final Fantasy tunes imho. Illusion World was like the best remix of the Final Battle Theme of Final Fantasy III until KURAYAMINOKUMO came along like 10 years later. and that's only because they are BLACK MAGES, so of course they beat the little Chocobo to a pulp >:(

This Town Theme mix from Final Fantasy I tops the chart by far though. You just can't resist this charming irresistible beautiful intro, and when it gets going, it's just the type of song you can allow to flow in the background for days. You'd think the cool "double stream"-ness of The Extreme was a God's gift; this song has *three* layers of harmonious stream going on throughout the whole song after the first repeat and they are all kind of awesome! It's always refreshing to hear the same song from different "angle". and they use my three favorites instruments for their main contender for stream of the year as well -- the whistle / flute, the acoustic guitar, and strings that sets up the (relaxing) mood.

and of course, a little dose of Matoya at the end there is a really nice touch!

Anyway, old FF Town Theme inequality time:
FF2 Town > FF1 Town > FF3 Town

Too bad FF2 doesn't get a beautiful remix like this one (because the game is bad >_>)

5. Enthusia: Professional Racing - AWAKENING ~Nürburgring Suite~

Your affection level towards this song follows the product life cycle perfectly:

You see, the first time you listen to this song, you're probably gonna go like:
"oh hey a long song. sounds pretty nice. maybe I'll listen to this again later"

You don't know why you can stay for 10 minutes listening to the whole song and what's supposed to be so good about this song, but you'd like to come again and listen. That's the Introduction.

Then the next few times you listen to this, this song starts getting into you. the amazing atmosphere it creates in all its ten minutes is really... well... amazing! so you're gonna be like:
"whoa, this is REALLY nice. I'd really like to 'learn more' about this song. definitely one for my playlist!"

That's the Growth.

And then you find yourself in love with the whole song, and listen to this whenever you have 10 uninterrupted minutes such as when you're driving to a place at least 10 minutes away or want to procrastinate on your work for just 10 minutes. You feel really attached to the song, and this could be the best song ever

That's the Maturity.

However, after listening to too much of this, you may eventually find some parts of this to be actually kinda boring, and you don't have 10 minutes anymore to spend on this song (new songs keep coming up, so you gotta catch-up!) and the ending does not have that thrilling suspense it used to have so it kinda left you unsatisfied. You'd wonder how you can get into this song in the first place and waste too much time on it. This is not really that good!

That's the Decline.

I think after its ordeal in the VGMusic Contest 3, most people who were following the contest are currently in the "decline" phase of the cycle. I myself am currently in one, but by sparingly listening to this every so often, soon enough we can restart the cycle, and after doing this write-up I think I have a renew interest in the song!

Anyway, all the buildup that lasted for six minutes and five seconds and the second foreboding buildup (where things start to get interesting) up to the seventh minute and fortieth second mark are really worth it for that one and a two thirds minute of pure awesomeness at the end, especially the end.
So yeah, it's pretty difficult to rank this piece. I probably have this song this high up here because it was at the peak of its maturity phase when I put this list together. but if you look at the composition in detail and how it manages to stay interesting and let you wanting more for TEN minutes, I think it's completely justifiable!

4. Gran Turismo 2 - Moon Over the Castle

argh I was really tempted to drop this way down just because it doesn't have a definitive version yet! and from what I listen from GT5 Prologue, it looks like we're still not going to get one anytime soon! (in fact that GT5 version sounds a bit too different for my taste). but I keep it here because I'd like to stay objective LOL

Anyway, my definitive version is separated into two versions. The Orchestral Version from Gran Turismo 4 has the perfect opening, and it enhances the already-perfect main part a bit by adding some extra beats here and there. Believe me, once you get into the GT4 version, you'll find the beautiful piano intro here to be pale in comparison to the OPERA LATIN SINGING and the lack of the extra beats and extra CHOIR in the background to be noticeable enough, not to mention the higher audio capability of PS2 compared to the PS1!

BUT unfortunately, the GT4 version is incomplete! It doesn't loop, doesn't have the bridge and doesn't end with the heart-trouncing piano section that really leaves lasting impression to listeners like this version does!

I would really need to combine the two and put it on youtube once of these days, hopefully the disparity in quality between PS1 and PS2 isn't as noticeable (because I think everything else is the same, so if I combine these properly -- starts with the GT4 ver, then the GT2 ver picks it up where it left off -- it should flow seamlessly!)

and of course we have to talk about the WAILING ELECTRIC GUITARZ, now with UNBEATABLE BONUS in HIGH DEFINITION melody and DOUBLE STREAMS ability! Pass that though, I do notice that the effects surrounding the two electric guitars is kinda like WALL OF NOISE in the GT2 version. The GT4 version has that problem partially fixed with its higher quality (but if you hate WALL OF NOISE, you're still gonna hate it imo!)

so yeah, this version is not bad at all, especially since I have warmed up to the opening piano piece. It's just not as powerful as the orchestral opera opening in the other version, especially if you've listened to that GT4 version first!

So yeah, handle this link with care:

3. Umineko no naku koro ni 2 - World End Dominator

yeah yeah, you could feel this one coming from miles away.

The build-up is just amazing. You just know something is about to come -- something terrific something indescribable something BIG

then of course we get to the "best segment in the history of ever": 1:07-2:00. The choice of instruments is ever so perfect, and I really love the repeats, each is special in its own way and building on the previous repeat to get "4 perfections". It's like you get 4 for the price of one!

That segment is the most emotionally moving arrangement I've ever heard in my short life. No, never played / never watched any Umineko games, so no context. In fact, as I've said before, I love to make my own context almost every time I get to that part, and they're always soooo "touching" and "nostalgic" I cry a little. and that's why this music holds a special place in my heart. You could say the music allows, no, encourages BYO context inside!

The later parts brought it down a bit though -- still very good but I kinda feel they were just there to get me down from the height of the best 1 minute ever, so when that "best ever" section hits again in the second half, I'd appreciate it again plus some more!

so yeah once again, 1:07-2:00 is perfect and I can't ask for nothing more!

2. Chrono Cross - Time of the Dreamwatch

aka dreamwatch of time (man people should stop switching chrono cross' song titles around!)

aka superior to "dream of the shore"

The best part of dream of the shore can't even hold a candle in the presence of the best part of time of the dreamwatch imho. just because it's "longer" (because it's slower in case you didn't 'get' it), doesn't make it any better! It being the same melody doesn't even matter in this competition I don't think! >_>

so yeah it's basically a slow vs fast battle between dots and dot. and the fast one always wins for me. always. Me love the upbeat feel !

Yeah, so anyway, this song is the most significant VGMusic to me personally. This song is the launching pad for me into the VGMusic world once upon a time in the heyday of the 21st century, so again, this amazing little tune of Yasunori Mitsuda the GREAT holds a very special place in my heart. and the composition itself is awesome when you actually listen to it, but is also something you can just enjoy running in the background without distracting whatever you're doing, so top 2 sounds about right for me!

I don't get the hate this song is getting though. I mean, it's overrated? Really now. Tell that to "dream of the shore". this is the most underrated songs from the goodness overload that is the Chrono Cross soundtrack!

In fact, I was kinda surprised when Angelo has this down as one of his favorites; I thought he's gonna be one of those "conventional" people who prefers "dreams of the shore" and just overlooked this. I was also pretty surprised to see this in the list of VGMusic Contest retired songs (but after looking at the bracket, its division is kinda lame with plenty "SFF" matches and then it lost to one of the weaker "retired songs" in the semi too, so I guess it just had a good bracket placement)

but I think I now know why there's so much hate surrounding this song. Just look at this generalization spurt out by a CT fan:

Time of the Dreamwatch - boring remix of a much better Chrono Trigger song. Minus a point for bastardizing a piece of Trigger.

I am sorry to pick on you, Chaotic, but that remark pretty much sums up what I feel about CT and CC fans. It's a remix because they decided to give a small tribute to its prequel? No wonder we'll never get a new Chrono game -- there's just no way to please the group! The developer team saw the backlash of Chrono Cross (from CT fans because apparently reviewers love the game and we know reviews always tell the truth!) and decided it's not worth it to stick another game with the Chrono tag and went to work on other FFs / new IPs instead. I will always believe that to be the true reason behind the lack of a Chrono game in the last decade regardless of what they said. and I guess that's what CT fans really want anyway! </rant>

The game is a masterpiece -- I'm hearing FF13 battle system has been compared to CC quite a bit (don't really follow FF13 news because it's a new game I want to play so I've been avoiding the news for reasons I've stated before) and I know that is a good thing -- a bit slow perhaps, but the downside has been well overridden by the positives! and the presentation of the game is just perfectly crafted to be memorable and charming. oh wait, why am I talking about the game instead of the song again? <_<

so yeah, this song is "one of the best", and if you don't like it, you are just a stubborn CT fanboy imvho!

1. Chrono Cross - Xcarv of Time

lolol I is so clever
bet you didn't see that one coming!

but anyway, about Scars of Time

The best there is the best there was

Yasunori Mitsuda, the best VGM composer the world has ever witnessed, has spent his life perfecting his style by going through countless trials and tribulations. His work on the POPULAR Chrono Trigger tracks was the beginning and his work has since evolved into something extraordinarily out-of-this world! and the peak has been culminated in this MOST BEAUTIFUL Video Game Original Soundtrack ever known to men (and women)

He's still producing masterpiece quality songs here and there nowadays, but none of which can match the LEGENDARY 67-songs soundtrack he managed to produced at the end of the last century. Even if they're some horribly obscure games like The Seventh Seal or The Masquerade Lullaby, when they were graced by the presence of Yasunori Mitsuda, the atmosphere and "feel" I could make out from the little information I have about the games took a great leap of faith into the awesome!

This guy is just hardcore.

"Mitsuda drove himself to work hard on the score, frequently working until he passed out, and would awake with ideas for songs [...] He worked so hard that he developed stomach ulcers and had to be hospitalized, which led Uematsu to offer to finish the remaining tracks for him [...] According to Uematsu, Mitsuda again worked so much that he eventually defecated blood out of stress and physical problems."

don't mess. Just look at him:


Anyway, I don't think there is any other video game song that is as universally loved as Scars, and for good reasons! I fully believe if the world was to be surveyed on which video game music is the best ever, this song would run away with the trophy by light years, assuming OBJECTIVITY AND NEUTRAL MINDSET (yes this would count for antivotes but not the mentality of "this will win anyway so I won't vote for it" or "all vgm sucks i'll just vote for sucky musicz"). and it may still win comfortably even without the assumption tbqh. This song is just that good

Fun fact: The only things I remember about Ed Bellis' VGMusic Contests before VGMC3 were my votes for Scars in its last 3 matches of VGM1, specifically in "dream of the shore" vs Scars match. I even still retain the memory of posting my vote after Paratroopa's and his paragraph of reasoning, and Harmonica posted his vote a few minutes after that. Scars of Time for the Link!

so yeah, I found it funny how everyone who has this song on their lists have like nothing to say and were like "who doesn't know Scars of Time!?!?!? everyone loves this!!!!!", but to be fair, they ARE right! There really is nothing else to say about this masterful composition. The music does all the talking for them and it's super effective!
and this time I can safely say (and I'll be right!) that if you don't like this particular song, then you're just trying to be different (mainly for POORLY JUSTIFIABLE reasons such as popular = EVIL) and I feel for you ^_~

SuperAngelo's Top 36 VGM Countdown Section:[]

36.Lost Painting (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)
I don’t care what other people think, this is in my opinion the best Castlevania song. Most of the popular “fast-paced” ones are OK, but I just really really like the hauntingly beautiful melody that plays throughout the whole song. Interestingly I was introduced to this song through Final Fantasy Mixed in Balamb 2 from Newgrounds >_>

35.Price of Freedom (Crisis Core: FF7)
A nice FF song, with a simple, repetitive yet really emotional melody. I really like the use of guitar and violin in this song. I’ve been listening to the song before I even played Crisis Core and it slowly grew on me.

34.We’re the Robots (Mega Man 9)
I don’t care what people say (lolz) but I think this is the best Classic Mega Man song. The melody is just really light bouncy and addicting. Seriously out of all the classic Mega Man songs I feel like this is one of the few where I can just put on repeat for a while if I wanted to.


   33.Riches in Me (Guilty Gear Isuka)

Heh how funny, about a month ago I was hatin on this song for some reason, and now I actually like it…

I think it was through repeated hearings throughout the VGMusic Contest that got me to finally like it.

The reason why I didn’t like it at first because beyond that really cool intro, I thought the rest of the song was just a bunch of LOUD GUITAR WAILING. However one day I noticed there was actually a decent melody under it all, and it sounded p cool.

Then I slowly started to appreciate the whole song, and it’s pretty addicting enough to hear the second loop.
So yeah now I like it now a lot.

   32.Lunatic Princess (Touhou 8)

I’ll be honest I was having a hard time choosing between this or Green Eyed Jealousy as my favorite Touhou song. In the end I decided to go for this since I’ve been slightly more addicted to it recently.

Anyway, I actually just heard this song for the first time, when I was checking out a bunch of the Touhou songs to see if there were any other good ones and this was one of the few I came across that I liked a lot.

I really really like the intro… it has this cool asian addicting vibe. After that ends we get our typical TOUHOU SONG MAX VOLUME INCREASE. But it surprisingly isn’t too bad or too loud in this song. The beat that plays in the intro is done different and repeated… just like most Touhou songs.

Then there’s other cool part sorta towards the middle of the loop.
Yeah, basically this song is pretty addicting.

   31.Opening- Donkey Kong (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

This is probably gonna be an odd choice for a Brawl song.

Not only are all 3 melodies in the song relatively simple, one loop of the song is barely over a minute.

However this song is amazingly addicting holy crap. This song loops 3 times and I love listening to all 3 loops.
Yeah more addicting woohoo.

30.Communication Breakdown (Xenosaga II)

An awesome Xenosaga song I just got into recently.

I assume it’s a battle theme, since it has the feel of one. Anyways it mixes a vocals, violin and synthesizer to create a really cool battle theme where you feel like you’re battling a real hard and important enemy.

It’s dark, long and the way it makes the song “epic” is unique to me, and I think there should be more boss battle themes that should be like this.
…It’s too bad Xenosaga II was too bad a game for me to actually play!

29.Special Stage- Bonus Challenge (Sonic Heroes)

Despite what you haters say, I think Sonic Heroes was an awesome game and imo was the last best overall 3D Sonic game (most of the ones afterwards were either good, alright or bad)

As for this song, it just has this really fast light and addicting tune that gets you pumped up to get as many bonus points as you can.

I really like how the first half of the song is just a sorta light happy tune that slowly builds up to the seconds half of the song which just explodes with an strong loud addicting tune.
I was surprised to see it remixed in Mario and Sonic Winter Olympics.

28.Goodbye Geno ~ Seeing Dreams Through the Window of the Stars (Super Mario RPG)

A note of warning if you’re not a fan of ending themes (especially Nintendo ones), beware since a bunch of my list is going to have them.

Anyways this is one song that SCREAMS nostalgia for me. It’s just an extremely heartwarming song that’s great to listen to if you want a nice peaceful happy song to brighten up your day.

And the way the songs works compliments SMRPG’s ending quite well.
It’s just a great ending theme.

27.Boomerang Flash (Wild ARMs)
A surprisingly good but short boss battle theme. It incorporates all the typical Wild ARMs instruments and delivers a pretty fun semi-addicting battle song.

26.Green Greens (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

This is personally my favorite Melee song, oh yeah suck it Fountain of Dreams fanboys!
This song is just a nice happy song that’s really great to listen and fight to. I think this is probably the best the Green Greens song can get, the person who made this song definitely went all out making it.

25.Exceeding Love (Suikoden III)

A really rare case where random chanting actually makes a song GOOD.

This song just has that mystic epic feeling, and I feel it sorta describes the story of Suikoden 3 quite well.
When I was playing through S3, I found myself listening to the opening over and over just because of how great I thought it was.

24.Creation of Heaven and Earth (Tales of Innocence)

Woo a Tales song finally!

This song starts with a nice piano part…..

Then brings out to orchestra and explodes with a beautiful melody. The melody is so grand you really feel like Heaven and Earth is being created! (Though when it plays in the beginning, it’s not really happening.
Man when Kaz Nakamura is at his best he’s sooo much better than Sakuraba or Go Shiina. He needs to another OST soon.

23.The Extreme (Final Fantasy 8)

Starts out with this extremely creepy slow theme, accompanied with a piano. It serves as a nice creepy 1 minute build-up to the bulk of the song.

Then we get to the fast-paced part of the song. I think it’s pretty good and addicting. Yeah that’s all I have to say!

INterstingly I heard this song when I was listening to the Dissidia OST. And I was initially put off by the slowness, but I really warmed up to it.
Now this is overall my favorite FF battle song.

22.Kirby’s Triumphant Return ~ Staff Roll (Kirby Super Star Ultra)

Interestingly I already liked this song in the original Super Star, but I felt like it wasn’t truly Top 36…

However this version quickly changed my mind. While the song is still an extremely happy, heartwarming and addicting song just like the original, I feel like the upgraded quality and decreased volume of the song helped me to like the song even more.
But yeah like I said this song is just extremely heartwarming to listen to. I loooove it.

21.Staff Credits (Mario Party 3)

Woo more Staff Credits!

I admit this one has a bunch of nostalgia value due to Mario Party 3 being so fun, and hearing this song after going through that tedious one player mode really is an achievement!

Anyway this song just has this really calming feel, that after going through a long journey you just want to relax yet feel accomplished at the same time.
At least that’s how I feel

20Stickerbush Symphony (Donkey Kong Country 2)

Yeeah, the same song on Carvey’s #36. Like him I assume, this’ll only be the DKC song.

You can call it overrated and stuff but it really is a joy to listen to. So much that as annoying as the stages this play on, whenever I play DKC2 I ALWAYS look forward to playing those stages just to hear this song.
Yeah. It’s just so peaceful yet melancholic at the same time it’s great.

19In-Game Music (Monty on the Run)

I admit it, I used to hate this song… because of the annoying loud intro.

However, once I got over it I really there was a really really great melody after it.

It’s just so fast and crazy, it’s really entertaining. I think we really need more awesome chase themes that sounds like this.
I’d say towards the end of the song loses just a ‘bit’ of quality, but it’s still great overall.

18.X vs. Zero (Mega Man X5)

I actually first heard this song when KommunistKoala showed it to me in one of my post and I’ll rate a VGMusic topics. I used to think this was song was decent till I heard it again in the VGMusic contest. Now I love it.
It just has this awesome addicting beat that loops about 4-6 times and I LOVE listening to the beat, I just think the song just has great quality, great instruments and a great beat and that’s why I love it.

17.My Destiny (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006)

Oh God a vocal song, and it’s super cheesy! This’ll probably turn away lots of people.
And yeah despite it being pretty cheesy and the theme song being about a character I don’t really like, I just think the song is pretty beautiful.

16Main Theme (Dark Cloud)

First introduced by Bellis. Then I loved it in the VGMusic Contest.

Like X vs. Zero, it just has this really awesome addicting beat that I can loop for a long time.

It also a great sense adventure, perfect song for the title theme.
Just like the vocals and it overall is pretty relaxing and heartwarming to listen to. Of course I can easily why someone would think it’s boring or wouldn’t even listen to a minute of it.

15.Sky Tower (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team)

Another song, I heard from Ed Bellis and didn't "get" at first. When I listented to it again in the VGMusic Contest, I tried to like it again, and while I did like it a bit more I still didn't see why people "loved" it. However it wasn't until after it's Round 1 Match and before it's Round 2 Match that I found myself listening to it more and more, and now I love it. I was disappointed it lost to We're the Robots..
Anyway, I can definitley can see why people can be turned off. It does have a decent melody and it's repetitive.. but interestingly that's exactly what makes it interesting. It slowly adds more layers to the song while still keeping a relatively upbeat tune and is just charming to listen to.

14.Time of the Dreamwatch (Chrono Cross)

It seems like many people put this down as the 3rd or 4th favorite CC song. I'm surprised, this is personally my 2nd favorite CC song easily.

THe beat is just so amazing catchy but also has the epic grand feel of an adventure. This is one of the few video games I can almost always just jump right in for some instant enjoyment of a nice calming and catchy song.
Any hearing Chrono's theme orchestrated is just great.

13.Wild Wind (Napple Tale)

Another obsucre song from Ed Bellis. UNlike others I actually liked this song right away.

It has this really peaceful yet addicting tine that's hard to get out of my head. I really like the instruments they use in this song, it helps to make a unique song from a (probably) not-so-popular game great.
Like time of the Dreamwatch, I can almost always jump right in and get some awesome instant gratifictaion if I'm in the mood for a nice happy, peaceful addicting song.

12.Live Life (Sonic and the Black Knight)

MY absolute favorite Sonic vocal song, and well Sonic song period.

Unlike past Sonic vocal songs, this song is actually pretty slow and has a sense of optimism in the lyticsthat I really enjoy.
Hearing Crush 40 not song all fast and "epic" like is a nice change of pace since I was kinda getting tired of those kind of songs. I also really like the mix of violin piano and guitar to add to the optimism and stuff.

11.Around the World (Tales of Vesperia)

I admit this song is mostly through Tales nostalgia, but I still like it.

A really heartwarming song that played during the most heartwarming scenes in the game.

Also this song appeared in the very first big trailer for this game and I really really liked it back then.

Admitteedly, with that trailer I was expecting to love the game as much as Symhponia/Abyss. Although I didn't, I still kinda liked the game despite a bunch of things I had against it.
I suppose the song's flaws are that it's really short and a ok song on its own.

10.Who is Good or Evil (Tales of Phantasia/Tales of VS)

Hey if Xcarvey can post more more than 1 song so can I! (Even though I have two versions of the same song and he has 3 different unique songs from the same game)

Anyways, this is my personal favorite Tales boss battle theme. IT's really fitting for a final boss battle theme, it's menacing, and it has a great melody to fight to.
I like the original for it's more menaching feel, but I think the overall melody was done better in the VS version.

9.You're Not Alone (FF9)

Oh geez so many people are gonna call me cheater... and th3l3fty won't let me win now.

But I've always liked this song, even before playing FF9 itself.

It definitley has the dark yet optimistic feel that you can get through anything since you aren't alone! And the melody is really good too.
I didn't really like the part where this song played.

8.Reset Thank You (Okami)

Is this a credits theme? I dunno since I haven't played through all of Okami yet.

Either way this is a reallly calming beautiful song. It has a really magical and happy feel that makes me feel warm inside.

It's melody is just really great to listen to, and I personally think the song gets better and better as it continues on. By the end my heart just wants to explode from how heartwaming the song is.
Thanks Ed Bellis/VG Music Contest, for warming me up to this song.

7.Smiles and Tears (Earthbound)

Another song from VGmusic contest, that I didn't care for at first, but the more I listened to it the more I started to love it.

I'm pretty damn sure this HAS to be a credits theme. It has lots of things I want in a great credits theme.

LIke the name of the song suggest, it gives you memories of all the good and sad times you had throughout your life. THe mood has a really happy yet bittersweet vibe.
And the song greatly builds it up throughout the song. By the end you feel like you want to cry as well, or maybe it's just me...

6.Scars of Time (Chrono Cross)

Instant win button I know.. But geez how can you not like this song?
But yeah no write-up necessary since most people already have this song.

5.Shin Onigashima (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

My personal favorite Smash Bros song, and well... Nintendo song for that matter!

I normally don't like care about guitar wailing, but this song actually has a really good melody (since the songs they are based off are really good).

Both halves of the melody are great. The first half is the more fast paced awesome side of the song. The second half has a slower slightly calmer side but is still awesome, and both halves complement each other well.
Just a great song, that I can easily get into and loop for a while.

4.Eien no Ashita (Tales of Hearts)In-Game Version:
CD Version:

Yeah Yeah another vocal song, that I expect to hate but I can't help it, I love DEEN!

Not only is the melody nice and calming, but I think the singing voice is excellent.
Just a great song for me to listen to every time I start up Tales of Hearts

3.Break Though With the Sword (Tales of Innocence/Radiant Mythology 2)Original Innocence:

There IS a difference.. if a bit minor.

This might be kind of a whatever song to some people, but this is not only my favorite battle theme, but my favorite overall Tales song.

It's nice and short, but to me at least it's incredibly addicting and a great song to fight to.
Despite being a tales fan, I do not own a game where this song is played!

2.Guilin Forest (Shenmue II)

Someone showed me this song in one of my "post a VG song and I'll rate it" topics and whoever it was... I LOVE YOU

Seriously this song is practically everything I would want in a non-battle, non-credits theme.

It has a nice, calming relaxing melody, the song is extremely high quality, and there's SEAGULLS and OCEAN in the background which add to the greatness of the song.

Seriously this song is so relaxing and nice, it's really easy for me to get into a song like this if I just want to relax.
If not for nostalgia, this woulda been my number 1 song.

1.Credits (Mario Party 2)

This is without a doubt, my favorite Video game song ever.

This song defines my aweosme childhood days and how I'll never be able to live them again ;_:

This song is pretty damn emotional from the get-go. It starts with a rather sad/bittersweet song, that really makes me miss all the great memories I have and memories I could've created but didn't... and I can also imagine this being like a song that is fitting for a "farewell" to a family member or friend.

Then the second part is slightly happy and bouncy. This is where I really start to remember all the happy memories in life, how lucky I've been to have a lot of the things I have, and that I'm pretty happy in the present.

Then there's the third part, which almost got me to cry the first time I heard it. It really has a sad yet happy tune, that while you feel sad about memories you can't go through again you should be happy for all them.

So yeah, this song has a great place in my heart, is fueled by nostalgia (I listenedt to this song SO many times after I heard this after beating MP2), It has a great melody thtoughout the whole song, and the transitions through each part is extremely great.
Unless there's some other song that can get me emotionally ike this I don't think this song will be moving down from #1.

Preston's Top 36 VGM Countdown Section:[]

#36: Mute City (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

What better way to kick off my countdown then in tribute with a song from one of the best fighting game franchises ever made? In from the Super Smash Bros. series in general as a whole other of the amazing gameplay elements there are within of the series, it also includes amazing and very nice music.

Easily standing out as one of the best songs in the series and being amazing enough to make my countdown is the, Mute City music remix from Melee. I really love the feel on how this remix version of Mute City is, as it helps on getting me energized and my blood flowing in ready for a fight every time I battle with someone of whatnot on the stage from Melee. The music is really catchy and easy to follow with and it's also helped with nice guitar beats to listen to in of the song. Fits the style well to the F-Zero series well in unlike so for the Mute City remix song from Brawl, IMO.

With that thanks to how catchy and well crafted the remix version of the Mute City theme was from Melee, puts it enough to be ranked in part of my favorite VGM, ever made.

#35: Deep Blooper Sea (Mario Party 3)

Before I continue in of the countdown, I would like to state there are going to be LOTS of Nintendo related themed songs in part of my countdown in the project, thanks to how big of a Nintendo fan, I am. I hope this does not bother with of anyone out there. Moving on.

Aw yes. The Mario Party franchise. From what I feel from overall in the series, there are some very nice music that is just plain catchy and easy to fall in love with. Easily standing out as the best song overall from the series IMO, goes to the Deep Blooper Sea song from Mario Party 3.

Moving away from Mute City where it is full of a nice rock and roll style to listen to, the music in of Deep Blooper Sea has this slow, peaceful, charming style. I really love any type of VGM out there from a Video Game and with this style, I really love at times songs that are so soothing, catchy and peaceful to for the ears on the gamer and that is what helps on making the song of Deep Blooper Sea not only the best song I have heard in of the series, but standing out great enough to be good enough to be in my countdown of my all-time favorite VGM songs. Such a very nice song, overall.

#34: Winter Tundra (Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage)

Speaking of more and more peaceful of whatnot songs out there in gaming, here we have the Winter Tundra song from Spyro 2. I love the sense of the peaceful and relaxing tone within of the song it has as it gives off a sense of charm you never hear in from most Video Games out there in of today.

Playing in of Spyro 2 with of this song while I am playing through of the Winter Tundra level, is unique and so soothing that to me at least, I never could get tired of the song like most of the other so amazing songs out there from all three of the old Spyro PS1 games.

With that, thanks to how overall great and unique the Winter Tundra song is and on how it reflects in of my personality well in and that includes loving and being outgoing yet, having a calm and cool nature to my life out there, puts Winter Tundra worthy of a spot in of my countdown section of the project as one of the best types of music of a song I have ever heard from a Video Game, despite being ranked low in of the project.
Nothing bad against it, it just means to tell to you that there is so much originally in of music out there from a Video Game, that you cannot help but love from and that includes of the so song of Winter Tundra from Spyro 2.

#33: Windmill Song (Klonoa: Door to Phantomile)

Here we have a song from a very sleeper cult hit of a game, Klonoa: Door to Phantomille from the PS1 with the Windmill song that plays in of the Breezegale level from the game appearing so as the next song in my countdown.

I love the upbeat, positive and catchy style the whole song is as the song helps me through feeling the tone of playing through a game in a slow and steady pace, yet showcasing fun in of the main gameplay style out there in a Video Game at the same time. I never hear this in games that often which gives it a big plus on how original and charming the overall song can get. Very majestic and always great in for the song cheering me up, in for me being in a sad or mad mood of so at times.

I also love the peaceful flute mechanics that are sectioned in of the song as it mixes well within of the overall song in from start to finish, keeping the song ever feeling too bland and repetitive to listen to in on the ears. Overall, a very beautiful and charming song, IMO.

#32: Cerulean City (Pokemon Red / Blue / Yellow)

There are so many great Pokemon songs out there in of the entire franchise but, if there is one song out there in terms from R/B/Y that sticks out as being the most engaging, original and catchy to me, it would have to be the theme of Cerulean City.

I am not sure what it is, but from ever since I was a younger gamer growing up of so with Pokemon R/B/Y, I have always loved the sense of refreshing happy nature of style the song gives off so with to me. It keeps me up in my mind, going through and solving through the best of so times while playing through of Pokemon and always looking past your problems and just having a peaceful and relaxing time with the best you can so with. Also despite the fact that the song is so short, it loops well together in that I never feel it ever getting too generic and boring on the ears.
I apologize if I am saying and being repetitive in of my writing so far in of the countdown, but thanks simply again on how overall peaceful and charming the song of Cerulean City was, earns it high enough to be ranked in of my favorite music in of gaming in of the project.

#31: Dr. Bad Boon's Base (Super Monkey Ball 2)

Here we have a very unique and overall nice song in that mixes up with unique effects for the gamer to enjoy listening to with. The main mixture of the metro and techno like effects in of the song I feel that IMO, click very well together well in making up for a very nice song overall in something that is very original and bright enough for what I feel any gamer should enjoy with.

Speaking so in for the music, the "Wha-Wha" effects in of the song are just as majestic, special and cool as much so for the main techno and metro effects in of the song as it gives off a sense of unique remix style out there unlike any other Video Game out there with.
Not much else to say other then, just another very nice original, cute, charming, fun and unique song for my taste that I hope pleases well in for any other gamer out there with. Who doesn't love at least some form of techno music that helps in for making your day enjoyable as so with the song of Dr. Bad Boon's Base from SMB2?

#30: Planet X (Disgaea: Hour of Darkness)

Here we have a very funky and creative song. Everything in of the main song of Planet X from Disgaea 1 has this original sense of style going in from it to listen to with that for me at the very least, was very soothing and catchy to listen to with.

The song starts out with a calm relaxing tone of style in of it to with the song progressing onwards with, a nice rock and roll mixed with techno dance beat to it. Thanks to how much from the song sticks out with something again unique that you will not hear often in from a modern dance song in of gaming, places with the Planet X song, worthy of a spot in of my favorite types of VGM music out there.

Overall, a very nice song that is charming and very groovy of so with on the ears to the gamer.

#29: Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 64)

Call it cliche all you want but, I don't care. There is no denying there is some notable special magic and charm out there in for a few notable songs out there from the Mario Kart franchise and one that sticks out as one of the best tunes out there in this series, is the Rainbow Road theme version from Mario Kart 64.

I love how majestic, peacefully and sweet the song is. This version in unlike of the other Rainbow Road themes out there, gives off a very modern jazz like tone that fits the sense of style of being mysteriously away in space from racing away of so on the track while battling in of the race course for first place in with your opponents.
The whole song is nice with nice soft and very catchy of so effects in of it. Also, brings back memories on how amazing Mario Kart 64 as a game is.

#28: Rhapsody of the Foresaken (Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia)

Despite that fact that I never played much out there of the Castlevania franchise, for me at least Konami is fantastic at known for putting well together music that is refreshing and unique out there in for each game out there in of the Castlevania series. Easily being of the best out there in the series, is Rhapsody of the Foresaken from the most recent game in the series, Order of Ecclesia.

This song sticks out as being very catchy and fun to listen in for me as the whole song from start to finish is full with a nice pop piano beat that is very quirky, original and mostly importantly very fun to listen to in that fits the style of the own game and franchise as a whole well in, making it for one of my favorite Castlevania songs out there. Yes, that includes beating out on some of the more classic songs out there in the series but, I hope and understand with those reasons for people on why I love this song.
Thanks to how much I love from the peaceful sense of style of the full song of Rhapsody of the Foresaken from Castlevania: OOE was to me, earns it high enough to be ranked in of my countdown section in the project. Just a very nice breathtaking song through and through.

#27: Lofty Castle (Spyro The Dragon)

Continuing down the trend in of songs from the Spyro series appearing in my section in the project, comes the song of Lofty Castle from Spyro 1. I really find this easily standing out as one of the best overall songs out there in of the Spyro series as this song reflects on a nice vivid beat that helps focus in on having the gamer explore the best of so elements out there in of a Video Game and have much fun of doing so with it while listening to the song.

The song also fits the style of the wonderland like so theme for the own Lofty Castle level in Spyro 1 and adds up overall for what feel is a very majestic, unique and touching song and this includes the nice drum and spring like effects the song has.
Overall, a very special and wonderful song that sticks out as not only living back on the memories for me with a PS1 but, also giving a real good vibe feel that is charming and original unlike anything else out there for a song in gaming.

#26: Staff Credits (Star Fox 64)

Fun Fact: Star Fox 64 was THE VERY FIRST video game, I ever beat through in with of my life as a gamer. At any rate, this is a very nice soothing, free-spirited and breathtaking song that is easy to let your heart out on and celebrate victory of beating an original and unique Video Game out there with from time to time with like Star Fox 64.

The feel of the beats in of the Credits Song in SF64 is rewarding and so catchy in that you never feel the song playing out boring to you. I really love the space modern like feel that fits the overall tone in of the game overall in, which helps on giving the song even more love out there for me to care in and I hope other users can so fall in with.
A beautiful and nostalgic song through and through and just as good as the remaining Top 25 songs of gaming out there left to rank in of my countdown section in the project.

#25: Mt. Lava Lava (Wario Land: Shake It!)

Aw, here we have a song from a very underrated game that deserves more love here on Board 8. I love the remix mixture of the techno, rock and jazz music like beat effects in of the song as, it lets out a nice party like theme that is great and adventurous to have a serious tone yet, relaxing time with while playing through in of the game.

The main focus pattern of the music in the song, is great and unlike anything else out there you will probably ever hear from a video game and this is what makes of this song and other main Wario Land: Shake It songs, I am missing out on in my section of the project, clever and soothing of so on the ears.
Overall, a very charming and unique song that lets out a great personality style that anybody will love from with, thanks to how much of the song mixes with a beat from a variety of main genres out there for and from in a video game. A very nice theme from start to finish.

#24: Sunny Mountain (Snowboard Kids 2)

Here we have another song from another classic so of a game that reflects back with great memories to me. I love the nice mix of heavy and soft rock like music effects in of the Sunny Mountain song from SK2 as it gives away a nice cheery yet, intense beat that is easy to follow and fall in love with, while racing with your opponents on a snowboarding like level in this game.

I also like how at random times within of the song, the main volume tone often goes in high to low beats to listen in as it, fits well with the just as amazingly catchy mix of the genre rock like effects in of the song. I love songs that are overall as a whole that are very creative and original to listen to with and this can be said so for Sunny Mountain.
Overall, a fantastic song from start to finish in that holds well to my heart as a gamer.

#23: Fire Emblem: Together We Ride (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

Two SSBM songs appearing in of my countdown? Yes, you heard that right. I apologize if this bothers some of you guys for me somewhat being unfair and counting multiple songs in of the project from the same game rather then by only one of Xcarv is doing in of his list in the project but, whatever.

One of the best things standing out in of this song from this being my favorite song from Melee is, the zany and catchy effects in of the song as it lets a nice feel on the player like really being on a battlefield with, as it lets on letting the gamer having a chance to feel and get ready for the fun action gameplay on a stage in the Super Smash Bros. series.
Everything else like the nice upbeat Latin effects in of the song, adds more icing to the cake for an amazing song in from start to finish and so, here it ranks.

#22: Kokiri Forest (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

Here is a song from gaming that fits the very definition of the "short but, sweet" method. Simply put as a whole, the nice peaceful and vivid like attitude in of this song is charming and sweet on the ears.

It's nice to see a song so full of charm out there in from OOT like the song of Kokiri Forest, as it's something you don't hear often in of the Zelda series as a whole where most of the songs are main rock like action songs, something that I feel that needs to be fixed in of the series.

Overall, not only one of the best songs I have heard from any Zelda game out there but, standing out unique and soothing enough to earn this high placement in of the countdown as one of the finest songs out there from gaming. Even if, the song is not even as a whole one minute long.

#21: Captain Falcon's Theme (F-Zero GX)

Here we have one of only two full vocal like VGM songs appearing in my countdown section in the project with one of them being Mr. Falcon's theme song from one of the best racing games ever made, F-Zero GX.

The rock and roll beat effects that take place in full force of the song are for me at least, surprisingly catchy and unique to the song as a whole as the overall tone of Mr. Falcon's theme involves with the main beat changing in clever and unique ways to listen to in. With it being slow styled or fast styled, the instrumental parts in of the song fit so well into for the main vocal section for pretty much every section of whatnot in the song.
It's also helped on how the vocals give off a nice actual beat that has charm out there to listen to in that never becomes too grating or annoying to listen to. It's sad how many rock songs out there from today, do not have offer the same slow and calm like nature out there like of C. Falcon's theme. Overall, a very nice song.

#20: Seymour Battle (Final Fantasy X)

If you can't tell by now, I love music that is highly imaginative and unique with it being something you will never hear from unlike any other song out there and that accounts well for gaming music.

I love the nice upbeat and unique temptation of Seymour's battle theme from FFX as it gives off a unique vibe change in of the song yet, keeping the main nature of the song with a serious tone easy to fall in love so with from start to finish. The song starts out with a calm night soothing nature then picking up quick with a just as nice catchy serious drum beat to it with the song never really repeating over for you to tired from with.
Overall, a very fantastic song overall and easily sticking out as one of my favorite songs from any FF game out there.

#19: The Tragic Prince (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)

Here we have another just as amazing and nice Castlevania song appearing in of my countdown section in the project with this one being from SOTN.

Pretty much every little detail that stands out in of this song is amazing. From the highly creative guitar beats taking place in full force of the song to the nice quiet tone nature that the songs starts out in, this song is pretty much a stunner from start to finish in that I have loved to hear since playing of this game since I was like only of 10 years old when I got the game to still of today with the song giving off so much catchy charm to me.
Overall this song is, just as unique, creative, fun, majestic and original as so for the remaining 18 VGM songs of so there are left to rank in of my countdown. Not much else to say other then, well...yeah. Castlevania music is awesome.

#18: Beach Bowl Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)

You have to be a very cold-hearted person, if you are someone out there where you never stated at least something positive for the soundtrack in of Super Mario Galaxy. Pretty much everything in of that game, let alone for the soundtrack at any rate, is creative and so special, it's something you should never forget in from a Video Game.

While most would say that the music of Good Egg Galaxy or Gusty Garden Galaxy would stick out as their favorite tune of whatnot from the game, the one that stands out as the most original, catchy and soothing that holds well to my heart, is the Beach Bowl Galaxy tune.

I love the high energy, upbeat feel that this song gives off to of to the player as it shows on the player feeling really like being there in of a beach in real life and having the most enjoyable time out there with of exploring of the level from SMG.
I also love how the music in of the level, reflects on being remixed and changeable with when the player goes underwater in of the level, the song changes to a more upbeat yet, more calm relaxing tone that fits the style of being underwater of so with just like so for the main in-land tune in of the game. A very nice and classic song through and through but hey, the same can be said for most of the Mario Galaxy songs, IMO at least.

#17: Rundas Battle (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)

Moving away from Mario, we move on to a Metroid song appearing in of my countdown in of the project with one of my personal favorites sticking out of the entire franchise, the Rundas Battle theme from Corruption.

I love the nice temptation going in of the song, as it puts you like you really are in for something serious and important taking in place of the boss battle with of Rundas in of this game. I also really love the nice mix of rock and techno like beats in of the songs, as both of them stick out as being my two favorites types of genre out there in of music.
Long story short, from the nice rock style the song gives off to the nice pattern the song follows uniquely in, makes this song easily standing out as not only one of the best songs from the Metroid series but, overall from any Video Game out there.

#16: Calling (The World Ends With You)

Here we have the second of only two vocal like songs from gaming appearing in of my section countdown in of the project with a tune from the very unique game of TWEWY, also known for the just as clever and unique soundtrack going for it. With that, standing out with my personal favorite song from the game, is Calling.

As how you know me, I love music that is upbeat, original and just plain fun to listen to with and that pretty much fits the bell of Calling from TWEWY in a nutshell. The J-Pop like feel in of the song fits the overall nature of the TWEWY game so majestically well, it's soothing overall to me, that I never got tired from and that accounts with the nice vocals going in of the song.

Speaking of the vocals, the vocals to me at any rate, never felt to irritating or boring on the nerves. The main vocals in of the song, give off a nice tranquil harmony to listen in from start to finish, that adds cute and techno charm to the overall song.
With that thanks to the high sense of style and personality going in of the song, and with the just as unique catchy vibe feel it gives off to me, it's a song that will hold to my memory well in as a gamer. A very charming song, that I hope even vocal like haters out there in of gaming can enjoy with, just as it did to me.

#15: Sky Sanctuary Zone (Sonic & Knuckles)

Ah, who doesn't love Sonic music? So many great Sonic songs out there in of the entire franchise, is charming, nostalgic and full of beauty. Standing as one of my favorite tunes from the series, is the tune of Sky Sanctuary from Sonic & Knuckles, which is also known with the song playing in of finale ending for the game and for the add-on, Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

I am not sure what it is but, I enjoy the fantastic positive and upbeat charm the song goes centered through in from start to finish with as it shows the gamer, playing and having a fun time whatnot out there for playing a Video Game in with. It's catchy overall and loops well in of the context of the song as I love the style of how upbeat the sound in of the song can get.
An excellent song overall that again, is full of charm, soothing, fun and happy senses of style, which is something I love from any Video Game song out there with. In that overall, has this song ranked good enough to be in of the Top 15 in of my section countdown of music in the project.

#14: Frozen Fantasy (Kirby: Canvas Curse)

Here we have a song standing out with my favorite theme from the Kirby series and I don't care what other Kirby fan-boys out there think of with for this theme. The Frozen Fantasy song from KCC is very distant, mysterious and unique and of why I love it so much.

The song gives off a very soothing and majestic feel that I loved to listen to with from Day 1, since I ever played the game on my DS for the first time back in 2007. The song while short, is remixed well within of the main song, thanks to how creative and just plain catchy for me at least, the space and ice nature like effects go in of the song, giving off a unique emotion nature that you will never get tired from and help keeping the song from ever getting repetitive on the nerves for the gamer.
A very superb and charming song from start to finish.

#13: Sanctuary Fortress (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)

The Metroid series while being a fantastic franchise as a whole, is also home for calming, yet high-action packed and creepy personality valve in of the music from each installment out there in of the series. Standing out as overall one of the best songs from the Metroid series to me, is the Sanctuary Fortress theme from Echoes.

The overall song is full composed of a nice Sci-Fi and Electronic beat that is remixed in many creative and original emotion styles that I really loved in from the whole song. While it would seem like the remix is nothing of note that would fit the Metroid series well with on paper, after soon listening to the song with for a few times, the song is brought to life with a very enjoyable and fresh change of pace thanks to the unique style and charm the main style of beat the song is full of in from start to finish. Overall, the songs gives away a very original take that makes it so enjoyable and worthy so for standing out in from what you hear typically in for music out there in of the Metroid series.
A fantastic song for me, through and through and with of that last note on how I feel, Metroid Prime 2 is such an underrated game that doesn't deserve hate by a nice amount of Metroid fans out there to the series.

Everything in of the game as a whole, is unique and special enough to make it a very nice Metroid game in from start to finish, IMO.

#12: Feel My Blade (Final Fantasy IX)

Here we a song standing out as not only my favorite FF theme from the series and from my personal favorite game in the series, it easily stands out as a whole breathtaking and nice theme for me from start to finish as one of the best tunes ever, I have heard from gaming.

I love the nice and original upbeat style of Feel My Blade from FF9. The song starts out with an emotional serious tone to listen to with to later becoming more vivid and brought to life by of the orchestra instruments playing in of the song. Everything in of the song, flows well and thanks to how high in personality for the effects the song can get, it stands as one of the most creative and just plain cool songs, I have heard from a song in any Final Fantasy out there with. The piano effects in of the song, are just as excellent and lovely as the whole song.
The rock and soft rock like effects in of the song, also add up more flare for making the song even better, IMO. Overall, a very nice song from start to finish.

#11: Diagla / Palkia Battle Encounter (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

Another Pokemon song and another amazing and refreshing song that holds well to my heart in gaming, that I will never forget. Everything in of this song as a whole, can best be described in a nutshell, a perfect package. The emotion, effects, style, charm and nature of the Diagla / Palkia remix encounter song from Brawl is superb.

The big thing standing out on how this song is so amazing to me, is with the great pacing the song goes through in. The song starts from beginning to end with high tension and serious nature that is rewarding, catchy and brought to life with of how of a main unique pattern the jazz, rock, and piano beats flow in of the song. The tension and personality is helpt with the song flowing in unique style that you will never hear in from any song out there with from gaming. With that makes up for IMO, the song of the Diagla / Palkia battle encounter, a fine work of art.
Yes, there is a version of this song from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl but, I go with the version from Brawl standing out better, thanks to how higher of note the music can get and how notable cool like effects take place in of the song making it better where you will not hear from of the original version. Not much else to say for this song, other then it's so amazing for me on the ears.

#10: Violent Emotion (Phantom Brave)

Here we an amazing song from the ever so just as amazing and sleeper hit of a game, Phantom Brave kicking off the Top 10 selection of songs in my countdown section in the project. I literally had my jaw drop in amazement for the first time, when I first heard this song.

I love songs from gaming that are upbeat and full of personality and that's why of note why I love this song. The guitar beats in of Violent Emotion from Phantom Brave are, amazing and so creative. The beats flow in a nice manner in of the main effects in perfect time connection in of the song, picking up when it needs to be.

The electro like beat effects that often take place in several sections in of the song to the main guitar beat sections in of Violent Emotion, also keep help of the song running high in personality and style that I really loved and loved as much as the Final 9 remaining songs of gaming left to rank in of my countdown section in the project.
Another perfect and classic gem of music to me. Atlus knows it stuff on how to create amazing music, as much so to create an amazing like game with wonderful gameplay like Phantom Brave.

#9: Turtle Island (Snowboard Kids 2)

Another SK2 song appearing in of my section in the best selection of music in my countdown? Yes, that's right and here is hoping this doesn't leave backlash for me for my countdown of music in the music.

At any rate, the song of Turtle Island is charming, lovely, fun and most importantly catchy. The full song runs through a soft melody that picks up in unique song patterns in of the entire song from start to finish, often picking up in tone with motion to the effects of the song in perfect harmony.
The song is soothing and very relaxing that breathes style and personality in full detail with the song never feeling repetitive or annoying to me, thanks to the full song looped in a unique and fresh pattern. Overall, a very nostalgic and fantastic song for me on all levels and also standing out on helping more on what makes Snowboard Kids 2 an amazing game on all fronts.

#8: Minor Circuit Fight Theme (Punch-Out!! Wii)

Here we a song from a Video Game that came out less then eight months ago and that is with the fantastic and near flawless version of Punch-Out!! on the Wii with the Minor Circuit fight theme song.

Pretty much everything in of this song, stands out being beautiful and amazing. The rock and trumpet effects in of the Minor Circuit fight theme are vivid and high in personality, helping in for bringing in making the song creative and classical to appeal to any type of fan and non-fan of the Punch-Out!! franchise out there with. The song flows well in motion very well in helping for keeping the player listening to the song on their toes on all times with and just have a wonderful and happy time to love from with of this song from start to finish.
This song is a masterpiece on all fronts that holds well, that I will remember well to heart in of a song from gaming, despite the fact the game is not even being a year old.

#7: Breeze the Conductor (Eternal Sonata)

Here we have a song, from yet another sleeper like RPG game, Eternal Sonata with Breeze the Conductor. This song on a whole to at least to me is beautiful, soothing, majestic and magically delicious, if you know what I mean. I love the overall nice and charming calm nature the song goes through in with the feel to the gamer.

The orchestrated style of the song, is very charming and lovely. It's also helped by being made a overall fantastic song from start to finish with the song picking up in note in at perfect motion to the full song in matching with style with the song flowing in near perfect style.
Overall, not much else to say other then for me, it's a wonderful and very open ended song from start to finish that holds well to be an instant classic of a song for me in the future and also in hopes for other people to love from with.

#6: Dark World (The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past)

Here we have not only my real personal favorite song from of the Zelda series but, standing out as one of my favorite tunes ever from gaming goes to, of the Dark World theme from A Link to the Past. Everything in of the song is perfect gold work to me. From the soothing melody the song goes through in motion from start to finish to the nice, upbeat style the song also goes through in to the nice soft, relaxing and catchy melody of the song, I have loved listening to this song since Day 1 in when I played A Link To The Past and something that holds well to my heart.

I also love the nice spirit outgoing nature the Dark World theme has as, it feels like you the gamer, really being out there in Hyrule and taking time and have wonderful times with adventures in any Zelda game, let alone in the masterpiece of A Link to the Past.
Breathtaking song from start to finish. Nothing much else to say other then it should be viewed at least being as great as the Top 5 remaining songs from gaming of mine left to announce in my countdown.

#5: The Almighty (Persona 4)

If you can't tell by now, I am a big fan of music that is remixed well from different genres of one another and come in form to create a very unique and original song that is charming and just plain fun to listen to with. This is what the theme of The Almighty stands out so for me from Persona 4.

The song stands out as being a future classic of mine for a song in gaming, thanks most importantly due to how creative and original it can get. The song starts out with a very enjoyable and catchy electric guitar beat that flows well in progress of the entire song with at the same time, remixing in a tranquil like nature with piano effects in full progress of the song. This is also helped by other random unexpected instrument effects take place in motion of the full song in helping it to the make the song as a whole, unique and charming.
Not much I guess really to say, other then a true masterpiece of a song with everything of The Almighty being really fantastic to me.

#4: Staff Roll (Super Mario 64)

More Credit theme songs from gaming appearing in my countdown in the project? That is correct and here is one staff credits song from a Video Game that deserves respect on full fronts, thanks to how special, lovely, cheery, happy, fun and original the main theme of the Credits song from Mario 64 stands out to be, no matter even if it is cliche. Yes, I find this also to be my personal favorite song from Mario 64. Sorry, DDD fans.

I love the original upbeat nature in of this song as it stands out with the gamer finishing up enjoyable and just as upbeat work in of levels from Mario 64. When you listen to the song of credits from Mario 64, you feel like you need a break from action and just spend time with something simple yet, soothing and this is something that the credits song from Mario 64 does. Helps you celebrate your work in the game.
Nature aside, I also really love and that accounts for hopefully every other user out there can agree on me with, enjoying the overall main music of the effects in of the Staff Credits song from Mario 64. Numerous effects of different instruments like bass, tuba, flute and drum effects abound in the song and flow with one another in perfect harmony, adding more on making the song standing out. With that, a true gem of art that anyone should love from in from start to finish. Simply amazing on all fronts and worthy IMO at least, being ranked as one of the best songs, I have ever heard from a Video Game.

#3: Fury Sparks (Tales of Vesperia)

Kicking off my Top 3 selection of the best songs, I have ever heard from gaming is with, the Fury Sparks rival theme from Tales of Vesperia. Why do I love this song so much? The song starts out in motion in a slow catchy rock tone that is very original and plain fun to listen to with that is helped with just as great electric guitar and bass effects taking place in full force of the song, bringing it out nice personality, that you don't hear all too often from most songs out there in of gaming.

I also love how creative the song can get. Around the main half way point of the song, the song picks up with a retro feel with a "boom bam boom" effect that soothes well and becomes so well remixed and enjoyable in with the electric guitar and rock genre music effects already in motion of the song that for me at the very least, could not keep it out of my head.
Despite the fact the song on it's own is fairly short, the effects and warming charm in of the song keep it fresh, exciting and breathtaking to love from where the song never brings up an issue of ever getting repetitive. With that, earns this song the bronze medal of my favorite music tracks, I have ever heard from gaming.

#2: Vulnerability (Trauma Center: Second Opinion)

In at second place, is another song of mine that while is short is well paced, catchy, fun, and wacky and that is with the Vulnerability / Savoto theme from TC: SO. Unlike many songs out there in of the entire series as a whole, this theme makes me really feel like I am someone there doing operations on people and the whole song of Vulnerability gives off a nice deal of serious tension you have to endure during your operations.

The rock feel in of the entire song, is catchy and upbeat picking up and down in perfect harmony to the main melody effects flowing in of the song and helps it overall, keeps the overall nature of the song high in note and helping you to really stay on your toes, which is something that is important for a game like Trauma Center which in also, is sad that you do not hear amazing from a song in a game like this of what Vulnerability does so fantastic in.
With so thanks to it bringing out style that is amazing, creative, breathtaking, serious and on and on forth I guess you could say other ways for countless words to describe this song as a whole, I really love every little detail standing out in of the song. From the ever so unique and serious nature of the song to the nice overall style the song goes through in of the rhythm, this song stands out as a song of mine that I will NEVER forget of so to me as gamer and just as amazing if not, possibly even better then my overall favorite #1 Video Game Song from gaming, I picked in of my section of the countdown in the project.

#1: Tears / Kyo Kusanagi’s Theme ( The King of Fighters’ 99)

A stunning and surprising #1 choice for a song, no? I am pretty sure most of you were expecting a Nintendo song of whatnot taking away the gold here in my countdown but, here you are wrong. At long last, we have finally reached my favorite song ever from gaming in my section of my countdown in the project standing out with the song of Tears or also known as Kyo’s Kusangi’s theme from KOF’99.

Man, everything to me at the very least from this song is amazing. I love the overall beauty of the song. At first you expect the song to be another typical light-hearted simple song but then, as the song progresses on, the song really lights up in personality with catchy and upbeat electric guitar beats flowing with creativity to the fullest with it picking up in tempo so well when you expect the unexpected in of the song.

It’s rare to find and call a song from gaming out there in general that is heartwarming yet, so high in tension and energy and with that, is of why I find this song a true classic of a song that I have loved from since hearing of this song for the first time back when I was only 12 years old and I still love from this day.

With other then possibly a song from of the Guilty Gear franchise, can you name me a song from any Video Game out there that can come close to be so full of charm and high spit fired style then with any song out there from of the KOF series? One of the best things overall, that makes this what some may not expect from of a Nintendo fan like me from, as one of the greatest fighting game franchises ever made.
No other song aside from maybe of Vulnerability and Fury Sparks has come close to being as great as this nice, upbeat, crazy and fantastic of a song to me at the very least, the song of Tears was to me from a Video Game. With that, earns this song at least to me worthy enough to be ranked as the best song, I have ever heard from a Video Game.