XIII is cool (the game, not the user)

Known more widely as XIII_rocks or just XIII. The XIII is cool account was axed in 2005 by Smurf's antics, and the replacement account name "XIII_rocks" has been used ever since. His name is a reference to the videogame XIII, and not Final Fantasy XIII, Red XIII, or Organisation XIII, or anything that is not the Ubisoft videogame XIII. On a related note, there are few things XIII would like more than a true sequel to the game XIII.  

XIII is the current co-owner of the B8UCA.

A vocal supporter of football (the real one, "soccer"), and Metal Gear Solid, XIII is in his own words "generally over-opinionated" and often "abrasive". He generally dislikes JRPGs, with the exception of Pokemon and EarthBound. This made the time he had to complete Final Fantasy 5 as part of "Not Dave's What Would You Do?" particularly torturous. For years, XIII railed against the entire Final Fantasy series, but when approaching his 10th anniversary of joining GameFAQs (the XIII is cool account was created on August 30th, 2004), he decided to challenge his own hate by replaying Final Fantasy 7 12 years after having played and hated it before. Though he found a variety of flaws and frustrations with the game, he did not hate it as he thought he would. Through this playthrough, XIII was able to make peace with JRPGs and fully understand their popularity - even if he is unlikely to be pre-ordering the next FF game.

XIII is also a keen Board8Chatter. Find him in there pretty much all the damn time.

He also got a perfect oracle prediction twice in one contest, Summer 2006, predicting Jill Valentine's 62.03% win over Sheena Fujibayashi and Vincent Valentine's 52.59% win over Ganondorf perfectly:

In September 2011 XIII won "Not Dave's What Would You Do?" contest. He also was credited by SBAllen as the one who named the 2011 Rivalry Rumble.

In February 2012 XIII was crowned the #1 user on board 8 in Ayv's "Board 8's top 100 users 2012" contest, following this up by finishing in the top 10 of User of the Year 2012 (where he was DQ'd for rallying >_>). He then finished 5th in UotY 2013.

Since June 2011, XIII has been keenly active in B8UCA. He has held almost every title multiple times, and has the longest tag-team title reign in history with Whiskey_Nick. After 6 months with UCA, he became the GM of Tuesday Night Ruin and, after Tom Bombadil's departure, became 50% owner of the company with Dr_Football.

XIII won the Karma contest in the expert challenge of Character Battle IX and as such won his own private board, which he christened board8chat.

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