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Xcarvenger, aka "Carvey" is just some dude on Board 8. He has been on the board since Summer 2003 Contest, but never a regular until just before Summer 2007 Contest.

He was one of the major proponents in ushering the new era of the Board 8 Wiki in the year 2007. With Ngamer64, they both revamped, revived and revitalized the then-deserted wiki wasteland into the glorious multi-purpose community information base it is today. Due credit to the Board 8 Wiki founder, Zachnorn, who approved our suggestions to move the wiki from the server-stricken elwiki to the reliable Wikia server and helped us tremendously in exporting old contents into the new server.

On his heyday, Carvey has helped with the preservation of many important community topics on Board 8. This includes managing centralized topics for the wiki, B8 Birthdays, B8 whatpulse and B8 backloggery as well as bumping various other "User Projects" and "Lists" topics during the dead of night. He was also delegated to be the co-host of the ever so popular User of the Year contest alongside the ever changing main host Ngamer, Smurf and Ed Bellis in 2008, 2009 and 2010 respectively. However, life has finally caught up to him and he now spends less time on the board as of 2011. The only thing he still (kind of) manages nowadays is the Oracle and the PPC, which he is the host of, and which only run during the Contest season.

Carvey also used to do useless things on the board like tracking some odd boards right before the purge and right after the purge and do some random topic series no one could ever remember what it was called. His main used to be Xcarvengerx, but after a couple months using that name he finally realized how unattractive and hideous that screen name was. However, by simply dropping the "x" at the back, the name literally transforms into the utmost sexy name he is currently using. Well actually his original original account name is way superior, and he's been thinking of bringing that back, but nahh...

He lives in a superior time zone of GMT +9 or +10 or +11, depending on the DST stuff, which he always thought to be a strange concept, coming from an equatorial country. FALL BACK SPRING FORWARD is the motto to remember. All time stamp on this page and the Boards Tracking Log page is according to his local time.

He also really likes Chocobo! Nominate Chocobo for the next Character Battle!


im banned as hell but id suck you p. hard if you asked peace --Alex Shelley (2/08/2008)

Carvey Birdman is my right hand man! Together we shall turn the B8 wiki into a work of both beauty and splendor. --Ngamer (11/11/2007)