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Xtremeblur, better known as Blur or "our Lord and Savior," is a Board 8 regular who joined during the Best. Series. Ever. contest. He once ran the "Rate the Final Boss Fight/Sequence" topic series, and, uh, did other notable things. Probably. For those in the know, Blur founded Golf? and Chomp! and also started the Late Night Social Topic series. He's a huge music lover, and basically revolves his life around that. That and Alex Shelley. He now stops by on occasion, posting under the username StartTheMachine or aBLURryreminder, after getting his previous accounts indefinitely banned. Woo.

IRL, he'll most likely end up as a monk in Tibet somewhere, radiating his enlightened loving presence on all the beautiful souls he comes in contact with. Or so he believes.

And now, lists and generic crap of that nature!

Top 10 Games List[]

Liable to change at any given second! Not liable to suck.

1.) Half-Life 2

2.) Metroid Prime

3.) Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

4.) Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest

5.) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

6.) Metal Gear Solid

7.) Deus Ex

8.) Half-Life

9.) Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles

10.) Viewtiful Joe

What Others Have to Say About Him[]

"One of the best users on Board 8. Did I mention he was my other secret rival?" - Heroic Palmer

"You're that bastard who spoiled the final boss of Twilight Princess by bringing attention to it by having words around it bold!" - Dark Young Link

"XTREMEblur is so dum that he forgot to add his page to the Users category. Silly XTREME." - Junglebob

"I fixed the user thing for you, Excaliblur, mirite!?" - ChaosTony

"Hi." - StifledSilence

"You don't spend enough time on GameFAQs anymore, you bastid." - RayDyn

Nicknames for Xtremeblur[]

Xtremeblue, Blue, CrankyBlur, UpsetBlur, DisgruntledBlur, Icehawk

Note that these are not actual nicknames but rather things that Icehawk calls me. What a lamer.

And now, Rowlf.[]


Thank you for reading. Enjoy the rest of your life.