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YGO vs Pokemon is a project created by Icehawk in the Fall of 2008 to settle the debate about which is the better anime series once and for all. His goal is to watch one episode of each show per day and then write up his thoughts on which was better. This is the first time he has ever watched either.

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Arena of Lost Souls- Part II

It's a new topic, I got energy, LET'S DO THIS! We leave off with Joey facing 3 tough Zombie cards to Joeys Swordsman fire guy. Creepy dude is at 1350 LP, Joey is at 1620. Apparently Call of the Haunting makes it so whenever joey kills one of Bones' monsters, it just comes back to life... STRONGER. Wow. I guess Joey should give up because there is absolutely no way in hell he can win this duel!!!

Aaaand, the rest of the crew continues to search for Joey... and they get chased by a boulder. It's truly a memorable scene that will be remembered for decades just like the Indiana Jones scene.

WTF!!! I don't think I've ever seen that happen before. Bakura trips AND ACTUALLY GETS RUN OVER BY THE ROCK. HE'S DEAD.... HE'S DEAD. And now there's a dead end! They're ****ed!

Tristan: Since there's no where to run... I'M GOING TO FIGHT!!! *turns around to try and fight the rock*

XD. But it turns out the boulder was a balloon the whole time. EPIC PLOT TWIST. So Bakura is alive... they got me for a second there!

Joey draws a Time Wizard... this guy SERIOUSLY cannot win a duel without it. But will it work on Zombies? I'm guessing not. But Bandit Keith seems to think it will kill the zombies. TIME ROULETTE GO!!! Time Roulette loses! Joey is down to 630 LP and has no monsters! Interesting. Bones doesn't attack (thanks to whoever told me about the rule that you cant attack when no monsters are on the field). It still seems incredibly flawed, but oh well.

Bones plays a card that makes his zombies... "GIANT ZOMBIEEES!", all in the name of humiliating Joey. It's a lot easier to just mock his brooklyn accent... Oh apparently this card can beef up his monsters EVERY turn. hax?

Yugi and friends find Joey! Oh and Bones tells Joey to "play his next card or rest in peace". Really clever dude.

WTF is it with people thinking about a card, and then getting it. Keith mentions that Bones has a card to stop Joey from playing defense... AND BONES DRAWS IT. Yes, the "heart of the cards" exists, but I'm seriously doubting they believe in that.

Anyway, Joey cant play monsters in defense anymore... ruh roh.

Joey plays Red Eyes and destroys the monster card that kept raising Bones attack power. Bones is down to 855. However, Bones monsters already have obscene attack power, and Red Eyes dies. Joey is down to 150.

Oh ****! Joey draws Sword and Shield, which flips everyones attack power and defense. I noticed earlier than all the zombies had 0 DP, and it looks like its gonna come into play! Joey plays the card and wins, I guess the "Zombies cant come back to like because they have no attack power". Uhh whatever >_>. Joey's at 8 starchips!

Aaaaand Bandit Keith blocks them in with a boulder... and then steals all his flunkies chips, he's now at 10! So Keith will be at the castle. We can assume Mai will be there too.

Overall: The duel had some major hax going on I'm sure, but there were a lot of good things to it too. I love that Time Wizard failed, and I thought the ending was pretty clever. And I enjoy Bandit Keith quite a bit. Not the best duel ever, but a pretty good one. Pretty good ep.


-Note, I'm watching the dub since it is available. According to wikipedia, this was episode #102 in America, which would have been awfully out of place >_>. Apparently the scene with james with boobies was taken out, but I still don't see the point in doing it like years later and then airing it, it had to be awfully out of place, oh well.

They may have cut out James boobs, but they DID NOT cut out all the ass on this beach! OH YEAH! OK, it's not that great, but somewhat surprising for Pokemon >_>.

Misty in a bikini, whoa boy. Easy there tiger! SETTLE DOWN... SETTLE DOWN.

So... Ash and crew "accidentally" steal a boat... and then destroy the dock of the man who owns the boat... lol.

The guy who owns the boat is all mad, but then he sees Misty's 10 year old breasts and gets a hard on. "You remind me of my granddaughter!"Ewwww

Ash has to work for a restaurant to pay off the damages, he uses his Pokemon to attract customers. But now Meowth starts sabotaging their efforts.

Ash and crew have to help the old man they are working for make tons of money so he doesn't have to give up his board since he's in debt.

Professor Oak and ASH'S MOM SHOW UP! IN BATHING SUITS! How disturbing for Ash to know that those old wrinkly balls will be all over his mom tonight.

There's a bikini contest and constume contest tomorrow. The plan is to make lots of money from the people coming to that, and Misty is entering the contest, wooo.

Misty (in the contest): This is totally embarassing and degrading but we need the money!.

Riiiight Misty, you're only showing it all off because you want the money. I believe you!

HOLY CRAP IT'S GARY! THAT MAKES WATCHING THIS EP WORTH IT! He has tons of bikini babes with him. Unlike Misty, they have breasts. Gary trash talks Ash. I'm really not sure why Gary wastes him time with someone like Ash >_>.

TR attacks the contest, Ash fights them off.

At the end of the ep, Ash's mom is holding a trophy. Did she win MILF of the year? Best at "handling" Oak? The suspense is killing me!

Overall: Eh, it was a kind of fun filler ep. Nothing spectacular, but alright. I don't regret watching it anyways.

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 18

YGO has a solid ep, Pokemon is OK but it's total filler. Yugioh picks up a much needed win!

Pokemon: 12

YGO: 6



Double Trouble eh? I'm not sure what that could mean.

The crew is still stuck in the cave, but Bakura's Millenium Ring is pointing them towards what is assumed to be another exit. Aaaand they find a strange room with a duel monsters arena. They are greeted by two twins, who rhyme for each other. So I guess they just wait there endlessly for people to come, and then greet them with rhymes. Makes sense.

They're called the brothers paradox, and they are eliminators... and they like to have fake kung fu fights against one another.

Wow, they are throwing a lot at them right now. They have to win to pass. If they win, they have to choose a door, one leads to an endless maze, the other leads to the way out. AND it's going to be a 2 on 2 duel! Crazy! I must say I'm intrigued. SUPER SAIYAN YUGI GOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

SUPER SAIYAN JOEY G.... Oh he's worthless.

Joey lays down two starchips, Yugi lays down four... if they win, they're going to Pegasus's castle! Moo! Brothers Paradox rhymes are getting to me! Boo!

Umm whoa... this duel just got crazier. One of the bros just laid down a card that turned the field into a maze?

Everyone has 2000 LP... if someone loses, the whole team loses. Turns alternate between teams. Monsters can move as many spaces as their power level. And there's still the door riddle. One brother is always telling the truth, the other is always lying. They literally spend like 4-5 minutes on this riddle... and then decide they can't solve it yet.. LOL.

Umm... one of the brothers fuses his monster with the labyrinth wall to quickly kill one of Yugi's monsters... hax. Yugi is down to 1600. With Yugis monsters and Joey's trap card, they destroy the hax monster that was fused into the wall. One bro is down to 1700.

Overall: Hmmm, this duel could be really intriguing. Not much actually happened because they had a lot of new things to explain, but like I said, the duel has potential. Average ep, the next one could be way above average (or if the duel is really hax-ilicious, maybe way below average).


They're still at Porta Vista, and gotta wait 3 hours till a boat till the main land. Time

for some crazy and pointless adventures!!!

Whoa! It's that ***** from Episode 18. However, episode 18 hasn't aired yet, so she has a

different name (Nastina instead of Brutella), and Ash doesn't know who she is really.

Nastina is trying to build a hotel, but it's being attacked by tentacools. Nastina wants

them exterminated for big bucks! But Misty thinks thats bad.

So Team Rocket sets out to exterminate the tentacool... and uhh... they **** up and make

it a Tentacruel the size of King Kong... wow this episode sure is great so far >_____>.

I feel the need to mention this. Nastina has 4 cronies that work for her that wear nothing but Speedos all day. Nastina is like in her 60s and extremely ugly... that is all.

Misty: We gotta try and protect the Tentacruel! (as the Tentacruel leads an attack on Porta Vista)

Thanks Misty!

lol awesome. Tentacruel takes control of Meowth to use it as a speaking piece. The Tentacruel says humans have destroyed their home now they are taking revenge. Awesome! Now Ash and crew call out all their Pokemon to fight the Tentacruel (Brock smartly doesn't call out Geodude or Onyx).

Pikachu tries to reason with it. On a side note, doesn't anyone else have Pokemon by the way? Ash and crew were the only ones to call out Pokemon. Anyway, they finally reason with it, and it leaves.

So uhhh Nastina gets knocked out of the village Team Rocket style... and lands on Brutella! They are cousins! Ohhhh so it wasn't Brutella, haha nice.

Brock: It's kind of weird, but tentacruel turned out to be ok!


Oh and Misty now has a Horsea that showed up most of the episode.

Overall: Pretty pointless, stupid and boring honestly. The second episode in the Porta Vista saga wasn't nearly as good as the first.

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 19

YGO is going places, while pokemon had another boring, going

nowhere episode. YGO picks up another win! COMEBACK CITY!!!

Pokemon: 12

YGO: 7



Ok, so with all the intros and explaining done, this episode should be able to focus completely on the dueling with this interesting labryinth. I have high hopes!

There's this weird badass techno music that plays whenever Kaiba enters the scene. It's about the only time on the show I actually realize when there's background music, it's pretty cool.

Am I the only one that finds it weird that Kaiba is such a good fighter when he spends all his days destroying Grandpas with a children's card game and making duel monster arenas? It's just not that believable to me!

Kaiba beats up a bodyguard and is gonna make him get Kaiba into the castle.

Yugi plays Dark Magician! I feel like we haven't seen him lately, I'm glad he was played. It's funny to me how they build up Red Eyes to be so amazing, with its 2400 AP. But whenever Yugi plays Dark Magician it's not seen as that big of a deal.

Before they play a good card, the brothers do like 50 backflips for no apparent reason... I'm not making this up.

It's a back and forth duel, I won't get into all the specifics, but there doesn't seem to be any real hacks.

Despite the fact that this bodyguard dude is COMPLETELY unharmed, he's still doing everything Kaiba wants, like letting him into the castle. Maybe in the Japanese version, Kaiba had a gun?

The brothers tease playing a super powerful monster that can be fused with 3 diff monsters. I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume the brothers manage to pull off summoning it.

The brothers play ANOTHER card that can bypass the movement limits on the board, geeez. Yugi is down to 800. Yugi plays Magical hats to hide from this new monster that can bypass the board movement. Joey kills the monster, and even looks competent in the process!

The brothers fuse 3 monsters to create the Gate Guardian. It's confusing though because instead of having 1 AP and 1 DP when it's fused, it's like 3 monsters in one, I dont get how it works.

Brothers: No one has even gotten past the Gate Guardian!

WTF is with all the things that have never happened in Duel Monsters? No one has defeated Blue Eyes, no one has played Exodia, etc etc.

Over the past few episodes, Mokuba keeps telling stories about how much he loves Kaiba and how he wants to do him, it's getting annoying >_>.

Kaiba finds Mokuba, but an alarm is set off. Ruh Roh!

Yugi plays a few trap cards, and then Gate Guardian is about to attack Joey's swordsman as the episode ends.

Overall: Pretty fun episode, I'm enjoying this concept quite a bit, although it's slightly annoying that the brothers have ways to bypass ANY movement. It kind of takes away from the maze concept.


Kind of a creepy opening with a girl saying that "she's waiting for you", and then it turns into a ghost Pokemon. Jeepers!

Brock: Now bikini season is over and I'll have to wait a whole nother year to meet a girl!


And Brock says that they've been journeying for a summer now. So like 3 months down, + the 2 weeks before he met Brock, so Ash has been journeying for 3 and a half months. Too bad I already know they aren't really going to age Ash at all. I always thought that'd be so cool if cartoons subtly aged their characters like characters in a "real" TV show obviously do to an extent. Cartoons only age character if it's going to be an extreme change. Blah.

Hmm there's a festival going on in town, and Brock spots the girl from the start of the ep who turns into a ghost... weird.

The girl shows up in a painting too. Apaprently she's been dead for 2000 years, and she's now a statue. They go and see it, and Brock is in love with it literally. He sits and watches it for hours. Damn that dude REALLY needs to get laid.

Brock and James are in a weird trance and are hopelessly in love with THE GHOST OF MAIDEN'S PEAK. The crew tries sticking anti-ghost stickers on Brock and James but it doesn't work.

The ghost is actually a Gastly, as hinted at before. What we didn't know is that it specializes in hypnosis. The Gastly can talk, whoa! The gastly can counter everyone's moves by transforming into their weakness. Everyone uses all they got and they are getting owned.

LMAO, EPIC. Ash calls out Bulba and Squirtle. The Gastly then turns into a Venasaur and Blastoise... and then TRANSFORMS IT INTO VENASTOISE. HOLY **** LMAO. "Venastoise" is like a Blastoise with a really fruity ribbon on its head.

The Gastly disappears because it can't take sunlight, it says it'll be back next year.

Whoa! Turns out the real Ghost of Maiden's Peak is friends with Gastly, Gastly keeps the legend of her alive. I thought the end to the fight was pretty lame, but thats pretty badass.

Overall: It's all filler, but actually a pretty interesting episode. What really made it awesome was the surprise ending imo

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 20

For once BOTH episodes I would call good, but YGO was just a bit better, plus it isn't filler, so I have to award YGO another win!

Pokemon: 12

YGO: 8



The Gate Guardian attacks... but Yugi repels it with a trap card! But then the Gate Guardian protects itself with some shield move, but the shield brings the attack on one of their own Monsters. So one bro is now down to 900 LP. Joey is at 1600, Yugi is at 800.

LOL! I see the Kaiba batman references now. A bunch of guards are looking for him, once they appear Kaiba jumps down from the shadows PLUS his cape kind of flies up. Thats SO Batman.

Yugi notices that the Gate Guardian is 3 different sections, so the way to beat it has to be from beating it one section at a time. Joey tries to exploit an elemental weakness in one section but it doesn't work as another section protects it. I guess thats the power of the Gate Guardian. Now Joey's flame swordsman dies and he's down to 1300.

Yugi: Your Gate Guardian may have dampened the field but not our spirits!

I would feel so incredibly lame if I ever said like half the thigns Yugi says out loud.

Ahhh! Hax but clever. The whole field is wet from a water attack the Guardian used on the flame swordsman. So Yugi plays Summoned Skull and uses his electric attack. And Yugi uses a trap card to stop defense from happening. So 1/3 of the Guardian is defeated! I thought that was cool. Both the brothers are at 800 now.

Joey plays Red Eyes. I still like how much hype it gets when Yugi's Summoned Skull, which gets like no credit or hype, is stronger.

Kind of a funny note, while the maze is in place, it is almost nonexistent at this point, people on both sides keep finding ways to attack without having to move through it, since elemental attacks can attack from afar. Red Eyes and Skull are fused to make Supreme Skull Dragon or something like that. Haha, just as I mention the maze being pointless, the brothers say theres a no flying rule in the maze, but Yugi says it doesn't matter.

Whoa, the brothers play "Ryoku", which takes away half of Yugi and Joeys LP and adds it to a monster. The Gate Guardian now has attacks of 3050 and 3000, although the Yugi and Joey monster still has 3200 AP.

Yugi plays REBORN the monster, and revives one of the parts of the Gate Guardian. Clever!

Hahaha! Joey plays copycat, which can copy a card, he uses it for the dragon, which now has 4000 AP, killer. The brothers are down to 450 AP.

ANOTHER AWESOME MOVE! The brothers kill the piece of the Guardian that Yugi is using, but Yugi is ok with that, he uses Monster replace to switch Dark Magician and the Dragon. The brothers lose!

Meanwhile BATKAIBA takes out guards with his super sneaky chops and sweet cape! Kaiba gets to Mokuba, and Pegasus is there to confront him.

Yugi and crew solve the door puzzle after the duel. And Pegasus steals Mokuba's soul!

Pegasus says he'll give Mokuba back his soul if Kaiba beats him in a duel, but to face Pegasus, he must first face Yugi... it all seems a bit pointless to me, to be honest, what is Pegasus trying to accomplish?

Overall: My favorite Yugioh episode so far. Is the maze full of hacks? Definitely, but they are all so clever and well thought out that I really enjoyed the duel. Awesome stuff, I think YGO is about to get another win.


Whoa at that episode title. Butterfree is leaving? THAT MEANS KRABBY IS ENTERING ASH's 6!!! YESSS!

It's the season of love for Butterfrees. Brock says if a Butterfree doesn't cross the sea it can never have babies. I think he meant to tell Ash that once the Butterfrees cross the sea, they "**** like bunnies" or whatever the Pokemon equivalent of bunnies is <_<.

Ash calls out Butterfree to join the big load of Butterfrees preparing to ****. Butterfree is OBVIOUSLY drunk because he joins a party that he knows no one at and immediately starts chatting up babes. Damn he wants some ***** bad!

Butterfree goes for the ONE pink Butterfree. So, he's one of those guys that always goes for the hottest chick at a party... cocky ass... Butterfree is denied AND gets slapped! AND THEN HE CRIES. DAMN THATS OWNED.

Butterfree flies off to cut himself. I know guys that really act like this if a girl doesn't show immediate interest in them after meeting them for 2 seconds.

Ash and crew decide to buy Butterfree some "Extenze". Err I mean, they decide he needs to show off his moves. And they give him a metrosexual scarf. But he's shot down again!

TR shows up and nabs a bunch of Butterfrees. WHAT DO YOU KNOW, Ash's is the only one not to get nabbed! The pink butterfree now begs for Ash's Butterfree's help. Thats such a woman. Reject me, and then ask me to save you when a guy puts a gun to your head. So disrespectful.

Butterfree tries to take down TR's copter but is failing bad. Ash wants to call out Pidgeotto, but Misty tells him that would hurt Butterfree's feelings. Thats like telling a skinny athletic cop not to chase after a agile criminal because an obese Dunkin Donuts cop is "trying his best" to catch up to him >_>.

On a side note, there are hundreds of hot air balloons watching all of this, and none of them having any flying Pokemon to help get the Butterfree back! Or they just didn't want to hurt Ash's Butterfree's feelings.

Anyway, after Butterfree fails some more, TR gets away. Then they find their base. The pink butterfree falls hopelessly in love with him as he tries to free them once again. She's such a *****. Finally Butterfree does it!

Butterfree actually looks pretty cool with that metro scarf. Ash should put stylish accessories on all his pokemon to help differentiate them. Pierce Pikachu's ears, give Squirtle a sexy tummy ring, it's a good idea and you know it!

So they are forced to say goodbye to Butterfree... Pikachu and Butterfree cry, Ash holds back the tears and hides his face with his hat... AND NO I'M NOT CRYING RIGHT NOW.... I SWEAR!!!

They show a montage of Butterfree moments, which is actually kind of lame considering how criminally underused he was.


Overall: I imagine this episode would be devastating for a little kid. Butterfree wasn't used much, but it's hard not to be attached to him after all the time they devoted to him in this ep. I don't think it affects Ash's lineup much as he is pretty devoted to Pikachu/Char/Bulba/Squirtle. It's a shame Butterfree wasn't used more, or this episode might have been even more emotional. Overall I'd say it's a really good ep.

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 21

Hell of an episode from both, but YGO once again has to come out on top for me. It was the best duel so far and really a fun time. There was nothing wrong with Pokemon, and I definitely can't call it filler, but it just wasn't as good as an amazing YGO episode. YGO COMEBACK TRAIL CONTINUES!!

Pokemon: 12

YGO: 9



Tea thinks about Yugi's two personas... and I just noticed she's wearing really short shorts! lolz.

They waste a lot of time on a flashback with Tea. How in the world is Yugi barely aware of badass Yugi when he MINDCRUSHES people? It makes no sense! Apparently he was blacked out the whole time, which still makes no sense. Yugi doesn't blackout during duels.

Kaiba confronts Yugi on the steps, Yugi doesn't want to duel him. Kaiba does a long flashback of their last duel. A lot of time is being wasted this ep.

Oh ****! Kaiba has the heart of the cards now. And Yugi decides to face him because of this. Interesting developement. They are going to duel on a CASTLE ROOF. Badass. And there's Bandit Keith, with 10 starchips, about to watch the duel.

Kaiba takes an early LP loss, he's down to 1600. Kaiba tries to pull a fast one on Yugi, but it backfires, and Kaiba is down to 1500. Kaiba is OK with being down early because he's going to fuse all 3 Blue Eyes into one.

Overall: Really boring episode, lots of flashbacks early, and the opening to the duel had one cool move, but overall it's pretty unremarkable thus far.


Pokemon has a good chance to stop the bleeding with this ep, lets see how it goes.

A creppy girl sees Ash and crew through her eyes all mystical like... could it be a PSYCHIC. Oh and they are lost again. YAWN. Now the creepy girl shows up and laughs, Ash runs after her, she disappears, Ash falls off a cliff, but in an amazingly smart move, he uses Bulbasaur while falling, and Bulba catches Ash with vine whip. Neat! And the crew finds Saffron City. GYM EPISODE!!!?!?

TR dresses up as chicks to steal Pikachu. Why don't they ever dress as guys? James REALLY likes dressing up as a girl! And while Ash and crew are trapped in a room, all Ash can think about is that TR kissed him while dressed as girls... lol, what a 10 year old.

That random girl shows up again and saved Pikachu and Ash. And teleports them to the gym, a random guy tells Ash he should avoid the gym then runs off.

Interesting note, in the anime world apparently you can only handle psychic pokemon with some telekenesis power. Weird. So I guess Ash is never gonna have any psychic pokemon at his disposal?

WTF, the little girl is the gym leader, and she like psychically tortures one of her minions for no real reason it seems <_<.

If Ash loses, he has to be friends with Sabrina. Oh and it turns out the little girl isn't the gym leader, it's an older girl, she's controlling the little girl? It's a doll? Who knows. This episode is seriously ****ed up! Anyway, the match will be one on one. Abra vs. Pikachu. I don't like one on one gym battles much honestly.

Ummm lol, Abra evolves into Kadabra mid match. Ash loses the match pretty badly, Kadabra can control Pikachu and just tosses him around essentially.

LOL wtf. The psychic turns them into small people and puts them in a doll house. And then tries to "play" with them. No, that wasn't sexual <_<. Weirdly, the little girl smiles and laughs as this happens, while the older girl looks as serious as ever.

The old man from earlier arrives and helps them escape. The old man says to leave town and never come back, as Ash will never beat Sabrina. He then starts kicking his ass with telekenesis, LOL. Ash is stubborn though and gets fighting back. He impresses the old man. The old man tells him a ghost pokemon can fight Sabrina. So Ash is going to a new town to catch one. Wow, looks like this gym is gonna last for a few eps eh? On a side note, this would put Ash's Gym Record at

1 win 3 losses 2 No Contest


Overall: I like this. I've always said I thought the gym stuff should last 2 episodes at least to cut down on filler. This works well. We have something to build towards, plus lots of mysteries about Sabrina and this old man (I'm guessing it's her dad) to be solved. It'd be nice if Ash actually put up a fight in some of these gym losses he always takes though >_>.

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 22

Extremely boring YGO ep (although there's obvious potential for the next ep of it to be better), and extremely intriguing Pokemon ep. The winner is clear!

Pokemon: 13

YGO: 9




GOD DAMN I hate Kaiba's disk system. It looks like they should be playing Beyblade instead of duel monsters! (ps should I start a "I will watch an episode of Beybladezzz every day topic" y/n)

Yugi plays a card that reveals Kaiba's hand. Yugi doesn't understand why Kaiba hasn't played Blue Eyes yet. Kaiba says that the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon has never been summoned before. THIS I can actually believe with only 4 Blue Eyes in existence. It is humorous though to think that Pegasus only released 4 Blue Eyes, and then made a monster that could be created by fusing 3 of them... lol.

I really hate when Yugi plays Magical Boxes >_>. Dark Magician goes in the box, Swords go through it, then Yugi says "Have I destroyed my own dark magician?" and then one of his opponents monsters always shows up. The card is fine, but Yugi doesn't have to act like it's a real magic trick! Kaiba plays along by saying "but how?!?!" and Yugi says "A real magician doesn't reveal his tricks!" I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW LAME THIS SEQUENCE IS UGH. Anyway, Kaiba is down to 800.

Kaiba plays a virus card of some sort through a trap. Interesting part of this dueling system is you can't tell when traps are played. Anyway, the only monster cards Yugi will have no are ones with AP of 1500 or weaker. Wow. I'm intrigued to see how Yugi BS's his way out of this one. And is that card really in Duel Monsters? It seems like it'd be a bit overwhelmingly powerful.

Yugi: You may have infected the body of my cards Kaiba but it is the HEART of my cards that will see me through this!

I want to get into Yugioh cards again and start using lines like this during duels.

Kaiba draws Blue Eyes #2

Kaiba: You'll have the rest of your life to brood over this defeat!


Yugi plays another weak monster, but with Horn of the Unicorn, saps 200 more LP off Kaiba's LP!

Bakura: That was a brilliant play at a critical juncture!


Kaiba COULD like win this duel if he just played a Blue EYes and attacked, he doesn't really need to fuse all 3 >_>.

Kaiba's LP is back up to 900. And he finally attacks with Blue Eyes. Yugi is at 400 LP. UH OH!!!

BLUE EYES ULTIMATE DRAGON IS SUMMONED!!! AP: 4500 DP: 3800, wow. I'm really not sure how the writers can get Yugi out of this one.

Epic music plays... Yugi draws a card... "LETS FINISH THIS KAIBA!" I'm getting pumped!

Overall: Damn, this is a pretty captivating duel. I'm very into it and enjoying where its going. The virus card has made things especially interesting imo, and now with Blue Eyes Ultimate, Yugi seems like he can't win. I'm looking forward to the next ep!


I must say I'm quite interested in this episode. I think adding a ghost Pokemon to Ash's lineup will be badass!

Ash and crew enter the Pokemon Tower to look for a ghost Pokemon...

LMAO! Ash and Crew are scared by noises... and it's just a Haunter and a Gengar watching TV and laughing >_>. BADASS.

Haunter, Gengar and Gastly play pranks on Ash and them and scare them off. Ash decides to go back in, this time he's alone though.

ASH ENCOUNTERS A HAUNTER!! The Pokedex has like no info on it, and no trainer Ash has encountered has used one yet. Ash would probably be one of the only trainers in the world to have one if he caught it.

Charmander has an epic battle with Haunter, where he makes funny faces at him, and then gets licked (ONE OF THE SCENES FROM THE INTRO VID!!! WOOO) Charmander loses after getting licked <_<.

I LOVE HAUNTER!!! Haunter and Gengar try putting on a comedy show for Ash, Ash thinks "they're weird"! I LOVE THEM THOUGH. ASH NEEDS TO CATCH ONE.

UMMM WTF. A Chandalier falls on Ash and Pikachu, and Haunter apparently takes their souls from their bodies. Now Haunter is taking Ghost Ash and Pikachu out of the tower. Now Ash plays pranks on Misty and Brock, and then flies around. This episode is so trippy but awesome >_>.

Ash is basically just having a grand old time with the ghosts. It's awesome. Ghost Pokemon have the most personality of any Pokemon. Ash finds out the ghosts just wanna have fun, not scare people. But Ash says he can't hang with them, he has to go back to his body.

Misty's reaction to Ash possible being dead is a lot stronger than Brocks. IT'S LOVE BABY.

YESSSS! Haunter decides to follow Ash! WOOO. Ash doesn't get him into a Pokeball though, I wonder if he's caught or not?

Overall: Kind of a wacky episode but it was quite a bit of fun. Based on the 2 eps I've seen with them, ghost Pokemon are easily the most awesome and well developed Pokemon in the anime. I really hope Haunter is with Ash for good. This episode actually had some Ash character developement too, in terms of him growing up a bit. Very likable episode.

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 23

Two important episodes, but I have to give the nod to the epic duel going on right now between Yugi and Kaiba. It's been damn good, and let's be honest, the first 7 minutes of Pokemon WAS pretty pointless, no matter how awesome the ghosts are.

Pokemon: 13

YGO: 10



Blue Eyes Ultimate is on the field, and Yugi is ****ed!

Yugi says he found a way to beat Kaiba, and plays KURIBOH, THE WEAKEST MONSTER IN THE GAME YESSS.

Yugi plays multiply, which makes it so his Kuribohs multiply endlessly, the Dragon can't get through to Yugi's LP!

ANd now Yugi does some hax, and fuses an undead monster with Kaiba's monster through a magic card, so now the Dragon is decaying or something. Ok >_>. The dragon is now down to 2100 AP...

Now it's down to 900 AP... Kaiba is beginning to realize Mokuba's soul could be gone forever. Yugi draws Celtic Guardian and gets ready to attack Blue Eyes. The Blue Eyes still stands since it has 3 heads. But Kaiba is down to 400.

Wow, now Kaiba stands on the edge of the castle. He says if Yugi attacks the shockwaves might send him off. Although, I'm pretty sure the Blue Eyes should be 100% decayed by now but oh well!

Kaiba revives a Blue Eyes. Yugi has one turn to attack or Kaiba will win the duel. There's an inner struggle between ***** Yugi and badass yugi. Badass Yugi TAKES CONTROL and says ATTACK! Tea runs out and says OMG YOU CAN'T DO THIS. Officially becoming an even worse character than she was before. Wuss Yugi takes control and lets Kaiba win. Tea sux.

They flip to Pegasus who is laughing about all the souls he has. He actually has 4 cards in his hand, so I assume he has 2 more? But who are they?

Yugi says he'll never duel again. Kaiba is an ass about it. Tea talks about how Yugi has so much heart, blah blah, I just vomitted.

Overall: Really solid ep. I liked the Kaiba thing. It was a way to hand Yugi a loss without having him actually lose. I would say this ep wasn't quite as strong as ep 23, but it was definitely very good. It'll be interesting to see where things go from here. Gramp's Soul is in Joey's hands?!? LOL



The announcer still doesn't say whether Haunter is Ash's or not. Haunter isn't in a Pokeball so I'm thinking not. : (

Yeah, Haunter is definitely temporary. Ash asks him if he'll help him and he agrees. I love Haunter so much. Not sexually but emotionally.


Kadabra vs.... HAUNTER.

Except Haunter doesn't come out... ruh roh! Why would you do that Haunter! DAMN IT. And no one wants to come out for Ash. Ash quits and runs for it. Geeeeez. Misty and Ash are turned into dolls again for Sabrina's sexual pleasure. Ash gets away thanks to the old guy.

And the old man all but admits he's Sabrina's father and former lover, as I suspected. Ash just thinks he carries Sabrina's photo around because he's a photographer... haha >_>.

The only way to save Brock and Misty is to find Haunter. I wonder if ghost pokemon have pen0rz.

ASh finds Haunter! Haunter once again agrees to help, I know girls that kept promising me to "help" me and lied too. DONT TRUST HIM ASH. Meanwhile, Sabrina's mom is a doll along with Brock and Misty. Whoa.

OK HAUNTER VS. KADABRA... but Haunter betrays Ash again!!!! This time Pikachu steps up to fight. And Pikachu actually nails Kadabra! But Kadabra recovers, damn. It's impossible to win.

Now Haunter comes back and makes Sabrina laugh... and that basically ends the duel. How awful!

Ash's gym record

1 win 4 losses or so 3 no contests


Overall: Kind of disappointing to be honest. Just a lot of build up to a pretty lame battle. I woulda much rather seen an epic Haunter vs. Kadabra duel with Haunter staying with Ash afterwards... ahh well

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 24

I like the cheap victory vs. cheap victory analysis. Thats what it all boils down to, bu I def preferred YGO today. I can't believe all that build up led to THAT. Good god. Haunter is awesome though and I'll miss him : (.

Pokemon: 13

YGO: 11



OH GOD that's the title!?!? ****!

Yugi: BLAH BLAH I'm a giant ***** and I hate the fact that I'm so ****ing cool when I duel and I can never duel again WAH WAH

But Mai comes by and offers Yugi some starchips. He doesn't accept which pisses her off. So uhh Tea decides to battle Mai for them... LOLOL.

Mai's about to be going to the castle, so I have no idea how Tea wins this without making Mai look like a total joke before the castle.

Aaaand Tea is down to 1300 after the first turn lol. Now she's down to 1100, but swwhe plays a "powerful" trap card, she just doesn't know what it does! It really is a shame that both Tea and Joey lack the ability to read, truly. Illiteracy is one of the most tragic things in our world!

Tea draws Shining Friendship, OH GOD. Now she goes off thinking about how great their friendship is. She says if this card was as strong as their friendship it'd have Tristan's courage, Joey's Spirit, and Yugi's heart. Poor Bakura isn't in the clique apparently! Do you think they are still holding that shadow realm nonsense against him?

So Tea uses a bunch of magic cards, and manages to defeat Harpy, taking off 400 points. Interesting is that Mai could have played a trap card but didn't, I guess thats how they protect her. Mai just gives up.

Tea awkwardly gives Yugi the star chips, almost like how someone would give someone a present if they were going out, and Yugi's spirit is revived. He's like an alcoholic saying he'll never drink again!

Overall: Honestly, I didn't actually mind the episode that much. Yugi was annoying but other than that I actually thought it was OK. The friendship stuff was corny as hell but it wasn't as bad as earlier in the season. I'd say "OK" ep overall


Surprisngly, Pokemon needs to be at least decent to take the win today! The title is so filleriffic I think it could be close.

Yesss! Professor Oak sighting, I always enjoy these parts of Pokemon! lol, Ash brags about having 4 badges, but the 3 other Pallet town guys have 5. So did they all beat Sabrina too? And they're all through Celadon City. Gary has 30 pokemon. Oak and Krabby apparently drink tea and write Poetry together... WHY NOT BRING HIM INTO YOUR LINEUP ASH! AHHHH I WANT KRABBY!!!

Brock says that Celadon City is only about a day's walk away. Awesome. We could get another gym match soon. Another good sign is that Ash now wants to start catching more Pokemon again. LESS FILLER!?!?!


Ash is an IDIOT still and throws a Pokeball at a Mankey (who has a donut) without weakening it. The Mankey throws a donut at the Pokeball.

Ash: *opens the Pokeball* It's a donut!

Misty: A donut Pokemon?

God Ash is stupid >_>. lol! Mankey steals Ash's hat. And dances around with it on. XD, he then turns it backwards and fake throws a pokeball. Awesome. Apparently the hat is really rare, which is why Ash needs it back.

Mankey now evolves into Primeape!!! And Primeape runs after Ash for a while. Ash decides HE NEEDS TO CATCH PRIMEAPE. He gives an epic speech. And for once he uses a non Pikachu Pokemon in battle. He uses squirtle, attack, then bulba, attack, then Charmander, ATTACK, Charmander is getting whooped... NOW CHARMANDER GETS ANGRY. He uses rage attack. Charmander and Primeape are actually having a pretty awesome battle. And Pikachu grabs Primeape's hat before a flame attack hits! Awesome... AND ASH CATCHES PRIMEAPE... I DONT BELIEVE IT. IT'S NOT REAL!!!

lol Ash uses Primeape to own TR. Primeape punches Ash then and celebrates over Ash;s body XD. Primeape rules, let's hope he doesn't get forgotten like Pidgeotto and Butterfree.

Overall: Kind of a weak start. I actually thought YGO might win today, but the last 5 minutes were all out awesome, and Ash has a new Pokemon that actually kind of kicks ass. And it was nice to see someone outside of Pikachu really step up (Charmander). Good ep!

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 25

I liked YGO more than most of you, but Pokemon actually had itself a good traveling ep and Ash has a new Pokemon. I have to give Pokemon the win. Next ep will be interesting with Yugi in the castle, and Ash maybe having a gym battle.

Pokemon: 14

YGO: 11


Champion vs. Creator - PART I

I forgot about Kaiba, I guess we get the Kaiba vs. Pegasus duel now? The part I implies multi-episodes, but I don't think it's smart to draw out the duel since the show has kind of put both Kaiba and Pegasus as bad guys. I will be cheering for Pegasus personally >_>.

As Yugi draws nearer to the castle, I reflect on his 1 episode long decision to never duel again. He never wanted to duel again because he didn't ever want to "go too far". Because he's going to have so many chances to kill someone with a children's card game right? (Don't answer that question <_<).

Bandit Keith is in the castle too. SO I guess that the tournament is Keith, Joey, Mai and Yugi. Makes you wonder how Rex and Mako lost. Probably an eliminator, which would explain how around 4/40+ people made it to the castle. There were enough starchips floating around for about 8 or more to make it in.

Kaiba gives Pegasus his new dueling system. Pegasus doesn't understand how it works, and rolls the disk around like a toy, haha awesome. The system doesn't give Kaiba any advantage, I still don't understand his obsession with it. Pegasus agrees, but only as long as someone duels for him. Pegasus brings out Mokuba's soulless body to duel for him, with Pegasus making the decisions. So Kaiba decides to use the arena instead, even though Kaiba's system shouldn't be an edge at all so whatever. I'm pretty sure Kaiba invented the arena anyway. Geeeez.

Kaiba is in control early, Pegasus mocks him (but Kaiba is too stupid to notice). Pegasus obviously isn't worried, he knew what Kaiba would play.

Pegasus has a card when he can guess if the AP of a monster's AP is higher or lower than 2000 AP. He predicts Kaiba will play Blue EYes and he's right. So Pegasus gets Blue Eyes, ouch. Pegasus sees that Kaiba has another crush card, he prepares a plan for it. Now Kaiba plays it, and Pegasus defends against it.

lol Pegasus has a lot of goofy looking monsters, fits his personality I suppose. Kaiba is down to 1000.

Overall: It's tough to get that into Pegasus duels because he dominates so thoroughly thanks to the millenium eye. The millenium just takes a lot away from the duels in general, kinda meh episode.


GYM EPISODE!!! Ash bashes perfume in some shop and gets kicked out of it, lol. Then he goes to the gym, and gets kicked out because of his earlier bashing of perfume... hahaha.

TR also gets owned by the gym while trying to sneak in. HAHA. Now TR and Ash cross paths. TR agrees to help Ash get in. They dress him up like a girl >_>. James must be thrilled!

Awesome! Ash's girl name is Ashley. TR dresses as her parents and gets him in to enroll in classes or something. Apparently you'll get accepted as long as you like perfume, which is ridiculous >_>.

Anyway, while ASHLEY is signing up, TR sneaks off to go steal stuff. Ash goes into the gym and there's a class going on, Erica the gym leader is teaching it, and Brock and Misty are there with a bunch of other girls.

They develop Erica's pokemon Gloom. Ash challenges Erica. Erica says its her duty to accept Ash's challenge under league rules >_>. I don't think she really did that before...

3 on 3 baby! Bulbasaur vs. Tangela. Ash SHOULD have chosen Charmander but whatever.

Bulbasaur gets owned real quick. God I hate how he's come across so weak, I don't think he's done much for Ash. NOW Ash brings out charmander. OK! He considered bringing out Primeape but wasn't too sure about it, which makes sense after Primeape owned him last ep <_<. Erica brings out Weeping Bell. Charmander OWNS for the second straight episode, and stops Weeping Bell in a few seconds.

Misty looks proud when some of the trainers compliment Ash... haha. Now it's Charmander vs. Gloom. Charmander gets owned quickly as well. Pikachu now volunteers to come out.

UGH TR sighting. DAMN DAMN DAMN. TR sets off a bomb and the gym is on fire... Geeeez.

The crew helps to put out the fire, and Erica realizes she can't find Gloom. Ash runs in there to find her. Ash gets her and runs out. Wooo. Ash gets a Rainbow badge. GOD DAMN.

1 win 4 losses 4 no contest

WTF this is getting sad!

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 26

Pokemon suffered from yet another non finish in a gym battle. I really can't figure out why Ash keeps winning badges based off character instead of battling ability. I guess they want to keep him the underdog.But it was still a pretty solid episode, and it wasn't a bad gym battle until then. YGO on the other hand was the start of a duel that should be "epix" but it's really not so great. So Pokemon lucks out and grabs another win before the big tournament begins, which it will surely need.

Pokemon: 15

YGO: 11



Pegasus plays Toon World. It hides his toon monsters, but then they can pop up and attack on his turn then hide again. Weird. The toon monsters are pretty funny, they mock you endlessly after owning you >_>.

Pegasus now plays Blue Eyes and turns him into a toon monster with Toon World. Blue Eyes now looks like a funny caricature.

Kaiba: NO! You've stripped him of his pride!


Pegasus: Please! I've transformed this legendary beast into his most supreme form! Also, I've made him look much more cuddly!

Awww yeah Pegasus roolz.

Kaiba decides to play without looking at his hand or I assume what he's drawing now. Similar to what Yugi did in his last duel with Pegasus. The only way to beat Pegasus is with the heart of the cards basically, awww.

Kaiba draws Blue Eyes and plays it! Apparently Kaiba drew Blue Eyes BECAUSE HE BELIEVED!!! Kaiba's Blue Eyes attacks Pegasus's Blue Eyes, but Pegasus's Blue Eyes dodges. Apparently toons can't be hit while Toon World is in play. Toon World was made but never put into circulation. Like I said last ep, these overly one sided duels aren't very intriguing.

RUh Roh, Pegasus's Blue Eyes now has 3500 AP. Kaiba destroys toon Blue Eyes, and Pegasus is down to 1200. Kaiba acts like it was a big deal to have to destroy his own Blue Eyes... LOL.

Now Pegasus steals another Blue Eyes. ANd infects Kaiba with his own crush card. Now Pegasus steals Kaibas soul! Couldn't he have done that from the start? >_>

Overall: The episode did what it was suppossed to. Make Pegasus seem unbeatable, unfortunately that doesn't translate to the greatest of duels. It was OK I guess, but nothing very entertaining.

Hypno's Naptime

I honestly thought Pokemon had a good chance of winning again, but that episode name doesn't look promising >_>.

Side note, for some reason, all the usual people I've been finding eps from have not uploaded this episode. One person did it, and they decided not to upload part 3/3. So I'm missing the last few minutes of this ep. Sorry!

A bunch of kids have gone missing in town, Ash decides to help out. YAWN.

Actually, things get moderately interesting. The Pokemon in town have no energy for some reason. The crew track the sleep waves to the roof of a skyscraper. And there just happens to be a MANSION on the skyscraper, and the elevator that led them there had a TR symbol... hmmm.

Eh it's not as cool as I'd hoped. Apparently some Pokemon Lovers club meets here and they now have a Hypno, and it's causing the Pokemon to be tired, and for kids to act like Pokemon at some Lake. LOL at this stupid kid that acts like a Magikarp. We know that one will never amount to anything >_>.

So they figure out that Drowsy can fix everything. They go to save everyone, but TR ATTACKS!!! Their first strategy doesn't work so they try and 2nd one that seems to be more successful.

James: I don't get it, why didn't we just do this from the start?

Jessie: We have to fill a half-hour!

I love when they break the fourth wall. Pokemon is the only one that does it since YGO cares too much about itself.

Aaand thats all I can watch. I assume they beat TR. An episode summary on wiki says that Misty effortlessly catches a Psyduck she doesn't want. OK then.

Overall: Eh, pretty meh. The TR symbol on the elevator intrigued me, but it went nowhere. Pretty filleriffic. Misty catches a Pokemon which is nice, but Misty and Brock don't seem to ever get any meaningful battles so it doesn't really matter. Whatever happened to Brock's Zubat anyway?

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 27

It's getting even more intense! The tournament is about to begin, so IMO if Pokemon wants to beat the DK arc it probably really needed a win today, but it failed miserably. Complete hum-ho filler from Pokemon. Yeah I missed part of it, but it didn't seem like it was going to finish any better than it started >_>. YGO was a pretty meh duel, the millenium eye kind of ruins duels, but at least it was a meaningful episode and somewhat entertaining. YGO COMEBACK TRAIL CONTINUES.

Pokemon: 15

YGO: 12



Looks like we get one filler episode before the tournament begins. On a side note, I find it funny that ever since Tristan, Tea and Bakura got past the guard at the castle gate, there hasn't been any mention of the fact that they aren't supposed to be there at all >_>.

Interesting, invitations to the tourney come with 2 cards. A card that offers you a 3 million dollar prize, and one that lets you challenge Pegasus for the championship. Both Bandit Keith and Joey have neither card, so they could be DQed. But luckily. Mai and Joey want the cash, and Yugi and Keith want the challenge. So Yugi will probably give Joey a card, and BANDIT Keith will BANDIT one of Mai's cards.

The tournament pairings are Yugi vs. Mai, the long awaited duel. And Keith vs. Joey. I don't think they wanted to repeat duels already so no Joey vs. Mai makes sense. I think we all know who's winning Yugi vs. Mai. JOEY beat her for christ's sake! Keith vs. Joey is very intriguing.

Yugi gives Joey his card for the 3 mill. Wooo I win! They show a clip of Mai WITHOUT HER PURPLE JACKET ON OH MAN.

Tea, Tristan and Bakura decide to figure out tonight how Pegasus cheats. Meanwhile, Yugi hears his Grandpa's voice. Whoa, they find a hole in the wall, and there's a tower far away that someone could view the cards from with a telescope. Interesting, but it HAS to be the millenium eye. Pegasus has too many other magical abilities for him to need to resort to that kind of cheating.

Tea Tristan and Bakura are in Pegasus's room or something where there's a huge picture of this chick... AND NOW PEGASUS SHOWS UP. He sends them to an alternative dimension or something. And when they're there they seem like some ancient form of duel monsters.

Pegasus is about to capture all their souls... but Bakura's millenium ring shows up. Oh nooo Evil Bakura again! EVeryone awakes in their beds, thinking it was a dream. And it looks like Evil Bakura is totally back >_<.

I screwed up! Keith stole Joey's money card and not Mai's! Noooo!

Overall: A lot happened but in the end it was all pretty boring. The ancient duel monsters thing was interesting, Bakura is evil again... but overall pretty meh episode. I think the tournament starts now, so this is where things really heat up!


Funny note, I feel like everyone who uploads Pokemon includes the theme song. The same does not happen for YGO.

They are checking out some street thats famous for breeding, for Brock's sake. TR apparently is starting their own salon. But Brock wants into a salon with this hot chick. He wants to be her pupil.

Cutest Pokemon ever award goes to... VULPIX. Damn that thing is adorable!

Misty calls out Psyduck... apparently it's mentally challenged >_>.

The chick breeder talks about how popular the new style TR has been doing is, and she wonders if her whole inner beauty or whatever thing is the right way. Brock convinces her she's fine. And she starts doing lecture on Pokemon care. It's very popular.

Meanwhile TR kidnaps Misty. Psyduck runs and gets Ash and them to help. He's so stupid it's kinda funny >_>.

JAMES IS DRESSED AS A GIRL FOR NO REASON.... Just thought I'd put that in. Anyway, Pikachu and Geodude lose to TR (mostly). But VULPIX comes in and saves the day. So cute and powerful!

Oh wow! Suzie gives Vulpix to Brock!!!! AWESOME!

Overall: Eh, not the best filler but it was OK. Vulpix going to Brock is awesome, although he'll probably get underused. Ahh well, like I said, OK ep.

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 28

Neither episode was great, but YGO came across as pretty pointless, Pokemon at least had the Vulpix. I think it'd be cool if Brock entered some breeding competitions soon. It'd make a nice sub plot for a traveling episode instead of WACKINESS. Pokemon picks up a much needed win before the tournament starts.

Pokemon: 16

YGO: 12



It's kind of funny how closed off this tournament is considering it's supposed to be the biggest tournament ever. Probably because Pegasus can't show his EVILNESS to the world.

Yugi vs. Mai is the first duel. It's good that this duel is first. Save the more interesting duel for second. Yugi says he has to keep his spirit under control so it doesn't hurt Mai, which is the most idiotic thing ever.

They start off by saying DUEL! which always makes me chuckle.


Yugi gets stymied by a trap card early, maybe because he's too desperate to end the duel right away because he's afraid of the spirit. STUPID. Yugi is down to 1350.

SO basically, the way they are going to keep this duel close even though Mai lost to JOEY is by making Yugi act stupid because he's afraid of the spirit.


A lot of the episode is devoted to Mai talking to Yugi about why he's sucking, and everyone wondering whats up.

Mai is completely owning Yugi. Ever monster he plays is gone. Every trap card he plays gets owned. Yugi is down to 300. 2000-300 is the score.

Overall: Hmm, another case of things being TOO one sided. I have no doubt this will lead to an epic comeback next episode, but it's flat out frustrating to watch a character be so dumb. I'm looking forward to the next ep, but this one wasn't so good.


Pokemon can steal a crucial win since YGO disappointed a bit, let's see how it does!

They run across a Hitmonchan, and for some unknown reason, instead of having Pikachu shock it, Ash teaches him how to punch and puts boxing gloves on him >_>. Ok then. My guess is this was all done just to have Pikachu in boxing gloves, because even I must admit it's adorable!

Now Hitmonchan's trainer shows up. Hitmonchan OWNS Pikachu. The guy owns a boxing gym and invites Ash and crew to come. The guy's daughter comes out and says she needs them to defeat her father's Hitmonchan. The daughter hopes if they beat him, he'll come back home.

AWESOME! Ash and Brock are entering a fighting Pokemon tournament. Ash is gonna enter with Primeape, Brock with Geodude. Now this is the kind of filler I like to see!

TR steals a Hitmonlee and enters the tournament. GOOD GOD THEY DID SOMETHING RIGHT.

So this guys daughter wants her dad to lose. But he DID say he'd come home if he won, so I don't understand her logic.

First match is Ash vs. a Machop. YESSS PRIMEAPE DO IT. DO IT BABY. DAMN, Primeape is getting coutnered at every turn and having its ass whooped. It gets thrown out of the ring, but Ash dives to save it from getting hurt too badly. Ash being selfless in protecting his Pokemon seems to be what generally gets them to really respect him. Pikachu, Char, Squirtle are all good examples. Primeape seems ready to go now. Under Ash's commands Primeape takes control and finishes the match with a kick! AWESOME!

Next is Brock's Geodude vs. TR's new Hitmonlee. Hitmonlee dominates and Brock is forced to throw in the towel. God Brock is such a joke in battle >_>. The tournament continues, and Ash makes it to the finals with Primeape! THIS IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, I LOVE PRIMEAPE. Now the other semis match is TR's Hitmonlee vs. the Hitmonchan.

TR puts glue on the ring to cheat. Grrrr. Hitmonlee wins.

Next will be Primeape vs. Hitmonlee.

TR attempts to cheat at the start of the battle but Pikachu stops them. PRIMEAPE GRABS HITMONLEE!!!! BAM!! HE THROWS HIM TO THE GROUND!! PRIMEAPE WINS!!! ASH DOES SOMETHING RIGHT!!! NO WAY!!!

WHAT ARE YOU DOING ASH. Ash lets some fighting Pokemon trainer take Primeape. A POKEMON PROVES ITS WORTH SOMETHING AND YOU JUST GIVE IT AWAY!?!? WHY WHY WHY. At least take Hitmonchan in return! GEEEEZ.

Overall: I understood the Butterfree thing, but THIS was stupid beyond belief. Ash and Primeape finally click, and Ash gives him away. Thats just stupid. OH MY GOD thats stupid. This was an extremely fun episode, but that ending was awful. It essentially made it so the whole thing was for nothing. Ash BETTER get Primeape back one day.

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 29

Both our heroes are suffering from cases of EXTREME stupidity. DAMN. Ash is even more stupid than Yugi right now, but I can't deny how good Pokemon was today, so I give it the nod.

Pokemon: 17

YGO: 12



Not gonna lie, I'm quite excited for this ep. It'll be quite a downer if Yugi loses and the show turns into Joey-Oh though >_>.

Seriously, 2000-300 LP. This would be one epic comeback. Mai gives Joey a speech on what Joey taught her about dueling, to trust in your abilities, to face your demons. This strikes a chord with Yugi... AWWW YEAH.

4Kids editing baby! Yugi talks about his duel with Kaiba, and how if Yugi's badass self sent Kaiba down from the castle, he could have "seriously hurt" Kaiba >____>. No you little naive twerp, he would have KILLED HIM. SAY KILL. SAY IT.

The spirit convinced Yugi to let him help again. Fantastic. Yugi takes control quickly and eliminated Mai's wall which was preventing Yugi from attacking. Mai is quickly down to 850.

Mai now triples her Harpy attack force. She now has 3 monsters ar 2450, ruh roh. Mai could have won if she attacked Yugi's monster, but she got scared because of a face down card. Hah. Yugi plays a card to shuffle his dead monsters back into his deck, and then draws 5 cards. He gets no monsters strong enough to defeat the Harpys though.

Now Mai plays a Harpy dragon, which is at 2900 AP. CRAP!!! I hope in the future, monsters can attack when there is no monsters on the field for the opponent, it would make things way more logical <_<.

Yugi draws Swords of Revealing Light! Yugi gets 3 turns to prepare a defense/win. He needs to draw certain cards to perform "The Black Luster Ritual", which I can only assume is a black version of Luster spanking it to pikaness. ERRR anyway.

Yugi draws the Ritual card! Black Luster Soldier is summoned! It has 3000 AP. Yugi destroys Mai's strongest monster, and wins the duel.

Overall: Fun episode, the comeback was pretty cool. My only problem with the duel is probably that the Black Luster Soldier thing was so out of nowhere, and we've never even heard of it before. Ahh well. Decent duel to kick off the tourney.


Ok, Ash has a spot in his lineup open again. I doubt Ash catches a Magnemite, but let's hope he gets something!

They are in some polluted town. Pikachu comes down with a sickness, now the power goes out in town. Ash and crew need to get the electricity back in town to help the intensive care Pokemon. FILLER TO THE MAX.

They go to the power plant and a Magnemite was following them, it really likes Pikachu.

Ash once again proves that sometimes he DOESN'T KNOW he has other Pokemon. In order to save the town they need to pwn a bunch fo Grimers and Muks. Ash seems to think the only one that can fight them is Pikachu? SO STUPID.

Then a bunch of Magneton and the Magnemite come and save the day. Yawn. WHAT. ASH CATCHES A MUK!?!? XD. Extremely unexpected, but I guess thats the evolution of Ash. Not gonna be nearly as cool as PRIMEAPE damn it!

XD, Ash his Muk. GOOD. He wasn't a very intriguing choice for his lineup imo.

Overall: FILLER TO THE MAX. Even with the catching of the Muk, one of the most boring episode of Pokemon so far.

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 30

YGO had one comeback run before, and this episode could very well be the start of the 2nd comeback run for YGO. The tournament is in full force, and it seems extremely likely that we are just going to have filler for a while in Pokemon, with no real mention of another gym leader in sight. It IS nice to see Ash taking a step up in catching Pokemon at least, but yeah. The first of possibly many future victories for YGO.

Pokemon: 17

YGO: 13



This will be interesting. We know essentially nothing about Keith except that his only loss is to Pegasus. Yet if he's so good, why doesn't he win his own starchips? I also find it interesting that apparently there was never a Kaiba vs. Keith matchup.

Yugi and Joey have a conversation about how if Joey wins it's those two against each other next. Thats possible, but I think Yugi vs. Keith makes more sense as it's bad guy vs. good guy. Instead of good guy vs. good guy.

Keith calls Joey... Blondie... which I find funny >_>. Joey doesn't have his card obviously. he will be DQed if he doesn't find his qualifying card in 5 minutes.

1 minute left and Joey can't find his card. Mai gives Joey her card. The whole qualifying card concept is pretty flawed really, when other duelists can just give someone else their card.

I still love how Bandit Keith is his actual name. It's so ridiculous it's awesome! This is the duel I was more looking forward to in Round 1, so let's do this!!

Apparently Keith plays machines and they are resistant against magic attacks. Oh and Bakura says "GREAT SCOTT", which made my day. Joey is down to 1650.

Joey plays more monsters in defense mode leading Keith to say "Afraid to fight like a man?!?" He actually should say "AFRAID TO FIGHT LIKE A CHILD!?!?" because thats who most of the game's players are!!

XD in order to goad Joey into attacking, Keith "accidentally" drops a card on the field so Joey can see what it is. Clever. Well... clever enough when you are facing a "dueling monkey" like Joey!

Keith's trick works. Everyone on the sideline realizes it's a trick to goad Joey out of hiding, but this is what makes Joey duels interesting! I know you guys always talk about how good Ash gets in Pokemon, Joey has also had definite growth, mostly seen in that 2 on 2 duel, but I'm curious to see if he ever gets REALLY good.

Anyway, Joey gets owned thanks to being stupid and is down to 1150. Wow. Now Keith attacks, but JOEY PLAYED A TRAP! He stops Keith's monster and gets him down to 1250. It looked like they were about to build this duel just like Joey-Mai, with Joey going down HUGE early, but they've decided to keep it more even it seems. Although Joey still has no real answer for the machines.

Now Joey attacks one of Keith's Monsters and brings keith to 1200! He also plays a trap and says "don't bother attacking, it's a trap card". Which Keith says is a lousy bluff but we'll see. Keith attacks, AND IT WAS A TRAP. Another Keith monster is gone, and Keith is down to 1100. I don't think I've ever seen Joey dominate a duel for 3 straight turns before... insane! >_>.


We heard some of Pegasus's thoughts on Yugi vs. Mai, but we haven't heard anything during this duel. Which is a shame because I'd be really intrigued to see what he thinks about Joey and Keith.

Overall: Another good episode. The DQ thing was kind of pointless, but they actually almost had me believing that Joey could get DQed. I've enjoyed the duel because it's a nice change of pace to have the hero on the offensive and not on the comeback trail. Good stuff overall!


See, I know it's a long time to the next gym battle because they don't even bother mentioning what city they are traveling to next.Ever since Erica they are just at a certain spot for no real reason.

Actually JK, they finally mention the next gym, Fuchia Gym. It's "over the next mountain" but there's mountains everywhere. SO THEY ARE LOST WOOOO.

Then there's an earthquake or something, and it's a bunch of trucks... and they all crash into each other or something. They are trying to get supplies to a dam, but digletts keep causing earthquakes and stopping them. Ash volunteers to help, but now GARY shows up. OH MAN!!!

Brock hits on Gary's fan club... lol >_>. Gary calls Ash the "loser of Pallet" which makes Ash turn all emo. Anyway, there's like tons of trainers there to try and stop the diglett. Meanwhile, TR wants to evolve their Pokemon it looks like. hmmm interesting.

This makes me realize... WHEN WILL ASH AND GARY BATTLE. Geeez.

Diglett's arrive! And Gary steps up to fight them! Finally we might get to see what kind of Pokemon Gary has! He throws a Pokeball and it wont come out? Weird. THEY LOVE TO TEASE US!! Also, Gary's style seems to be to kiss the Pokeball before throwing it out there, which is only slightly more homosexual than turning your hat around.

Nobody's Pokemon can go out of their pokeballs! The diglett bring everyone back their pokeballs which is funny >_>. NOW ASH STEPS UP. The Pokemon don't want to battle the diglett. Gary knows a lot about the digletts. He probably like memorized all the Pokedex info, which would fit his character in a way.

Gary says SCREW IT and leaves!


TR talks about evolving their Pokemon, then says they love their Pokemon too much to evolve them... which causes them to evolve >_>.

Anyway, Ash and crew realize the dam being built would cause water to flood the forest. That seems to be the theme of a lot of Pokemon episodes, environmental protection and such.

Now TR is here! They unveil Arbok and Weezing. Ash calls out 3 pokemon + Pikachu to fight them. Thats hardly fair! Ash neglects Pidgeotto as usual. Anyway, the digletts own Arbok and Weezing. Quite a debut match for them! Not.

Brock says that Fuchia gym is "right over those mountains!" Yessss. So we should be close!

Overall: It was nice to see them get some direction back this episode instead of wandering aimlessly. I enjoyed the ep because something important happened (TR's Pokemon evolved), we got to develop Gary a bit, and the side plot was actually pretty interesting. Enjoyable episode from Pokemon!

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 31

Hmmm, I imagine this will be an unpopular decision, but I honestly preferred Pokemon today. There was some of the same old TR getting owned stuff, but it was actually a very intriguing episode. While Joey vs. Keith is off to a solid start, the first half card qualifying thing was kind of a waste of time. I liked both eps, but I have to give Pokemon the edge. Let's call it, the GARY advantage!!

Pokemon: 18

YGO: 13