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YGO vs Pokemon is a project created by Icehawk in the Fall of 2008 to settle the debate about which is the better anime series once and for all. His goal is to watch one episode of each show per day and then write up his thoughts on which was better. This is the first time he has ever watched either.

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It's 1150-1100 Joey's lead baby. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE EPIX.

Awesome! We get Pegasus's thoughts. He's actually quite impressed by the duel it seems. He uses his eye to look into what fuels each duelist. An ability I didn't know he had, although in the last duel they did hint that Pegasus can do a lot more than look at whats someones cards are.

Keith talks trash about how he's gonna beat Joey and then Yugi. Joey says that if he loses, there's no way Keith will beat Yugi. Because if someone as pathetic as him can keep it close, he's gonna get creamed by Yugi. Oh wait, he actualyl says because Keith is selfish or whatever. I WAS CLOSE!

Keith plays Barrel Dragon which can attack 3 times, and it has 2600 AP. Joey's monsters are cleared from the field, and Joey is down to 850. I'm going to have to assume there would generally be a setback to using this monster, but in the show there doesn't appear to be one.

Joey plays Time Wizard and Baby Dragon! Predictable!!! Well, I didn't quite see it coming >_>, but it figures! If the Time Wizard fails, that will end the duel. I think it will work though. I think the whole point of having it fail a few duels ago was to put some doubt in the watcher's mind. And I'm right! It works!

Joey now has Thousands Dragon, and Keith's monster gets destroyed. Keith has a trap though that brings his monster back, now back at full power. And Keith destroys thousand dragon. Joey is down to 650, I guess Time Wizard gets discarded after you use it no matter what? Obviously Keith could have won the duel if he destroyed it, but it's not on the field.

Joey plays Red Eyes and a card face down. Keith attacks right away which seems silly when Joey JUST played a trap card. It's copycat (which is a monster but Joey played it face down vertically on the bottom slots like it was a trap, I don't think that's legal! <_<). Joey copies one of Keith's cards from earlier in the duel to power up Red Eyes, and he doestroys Barrel Dragon once again. Keith is down to 900. 900-650.

PS Keith wears a cross... I find that funny >_>. The Japanese are obviously trying to portray Christianity in a negative light!!!

Joey attacks one of Keith's defensive monsters, but he plays a card that raises defense. So Joey loses 200 LP. He's down to 450.

Keith says he has two more cards that can raise his monsters points, making him unbeatable.

OH MAN!! KEITH HAS BEEN CHEATING!!! AMERICANS AND CHRISTIANS DON'T CHEAT DAMN IT ;_;. I think Pegasus noticed. Anyway, Keith raises his monsters AP now, thanks to cheating.

Joey counters another Keith attack with a trap, and Keith is down to 400. Damn this is so back and forth, and very close.

Keith cheats again! The slots are at 3400, the same as Joey's Red Eyes. And the LP are 450-400. EPICCCCCCCCCCCCCC.

Oooo things just got interesting. Keith can steal one card from Joey's hands. Joey has shield and sword, which gives Keith the edge in this matchup. Now Keith's slot monster has 3000 AP, while Red Eyes has 2400 AP.

Keith attacks which should end the game, but Joey plays a trap which brings back Red Eyes! And it's back as it was before shield and sword, so it's strong enough to beat Keith! Joey wins the duel! WOWOWOW! A bit of an upset!

And then Keith gets exposed for cheating and stealing Joey's card. He tries to attack Pegasus... But Pegasus has a button around his chair that sends people into the ocean if they come near... I'm being serious! >_>.

Wow, only a 10 minute recess before Yugi vs. Joey. So I guess no filler episodes between duels. Unless this is DBZ, then it would be about 5 episodes before the next duel.

Overall: I liked it. A bit of an upset, and it wasn't the GREATEST duel but it was certainly enjoyable. Now we get Yugi vs. Joey which should be interesting. Yugi's Grandpa vs. Joey's Sister. Only one can be saved!


For once an episode title that doesn't make me think I'm gonna hate myself for watching this episode! YESSSS.

I wish I had a few bucks for everytime the announcer guy said the crew was lost.

Psyduck always makes me laff XD. Just so damn stupid. Oh and while crossing a bridge, Ash tells Pikachu that if they fall, their Pokemon journey is over... even though they've fallen from like 2 bridges already >_>.

The crew enters a mansion... and it's littered with traps. Finally they find out that a NINJA resides in the mansion. The NINJA (dressed in pink lol), mocks them and challenges Ash to a duel.

In perhaps the most surprising move ever, it's a 1 on 1 duel, against a Venonat, and Ash is NOT going to use Pikachu! No wai!

BULBASAUR vs. Venonat! YESSS. Venonat is quick on the offensive early, hurting Bulba with a psybeam. AHHH! But Bulbasaur uses leech seed, and Venonat is owned. I seriously am in disbelief that Ash won a battle against someone built up to be a competent trainer... it's not possible!

OH DAMN!!! This babe is the brother of the gym leader. Koga. OK Now that Ash won he can lose to the gym leader, excellent >_>.

This gym I guess brings up the whole thing about there being more than 8 gym leaders. I really don't see Gary and a lot of other people making it here.

2 on 2 this time. PIDGEOTTO NOW. NO WAY. And Koga uses a Venonat. Wait... it evolves into Venomoth. DAMN Ash has some bad luck when it comes to his opponents' Pokemon evolving right before battling him >_>. Remember Abra and Kadabra?

Pidgeotto gets owned quick, probably because you never use him you twit. Now it's Charmander who CAN counter these attacks because it's used a lot more imo.

NOW TEAM ROCKET INTERFERES ARE YOU SERIOUS. TR owns all the Pokemon they send out. Misty goes to help but Psyduck comes out. Hilarious sequence where Psyduck tries out all his attacks, and they all fail miserably >_>. Then randomly Psyduck starts owning. Awesome! Psyduck rules!!!!

Misty passes up an opportunity to trade Psyduck lol, nice. I feel like she'll regret that decision.

So they start the duel over I think. That makes Ash's record 1 win, 4 losses and 5 no contests.

Charmander vs. Golbat. Back and forth early on, but Charmander gets the win with his flame attacks. Man they are really making him Ash's strongest Pokemon. He's picked up a lot of big wins for Ash, which is a lot more than I can say for Bulba, Squirtle and Pidgeotto. That ends the duel so I guess it was 1 on 1 this time. Ash wins the Soul badge!

2 wins 4 losses 5 No contest


Overall: Not a bad episode. At least it was heavy on battling. First half was pointless, second half had an annoying TR interference but some pretty good battles. I'll give it a slight thumbs up.

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 32

Sucks for Pokemon, but they lose a gym episode to a solid YGO duel. Despite the annoying non-finishes, Pokemon has mostly delivered in gym episodes, up to this point it was 5-1 in gym eps (2 gym eps for Sabrina remember). But it is handed a devastating loss and YGO inches closer as the tournament draws to a close.

Pokemon: 18

YGO: 14



Awwwww what an adorable title!

Joey says that both men need to just duel their best to determine who is the best one to face Pegasus. Which is obviously hilarious. Plus I don't think Joey has the proper card to duel Pegasus. I'm pretty sure the fact that he has the treasure card means he can only take the money.

Pegasus says that Yugi and Joey are dueling's best. How disturbing! >_>

Yugi and Joey give each other verbals bjs before continuing... sigh. I WANT HATE DAMN IT.





Joey goes on offense early, Yugi is down to 1550. All Joey did was play a stronger opening monster than Yugi, but they act like this is a big deal.

Yugi now plays an even stronger monster, and ties the duel at 1550. They wank off to each other's brilliant moves between turns.

Yugi and the others question Joey's early turns, Pegasus laughs because Joey apparently has something clever up his sleeve. Yugi plays Summoned Skull to kill a weak Joey monster. Now Joey is about to unveil his plan.


Epic sound clip.

Joey plays sword and shield since Summoned Skull has crappy defense. Yugi is down to 1150. MORE WANK FEST.

Yugi does a fusion, Gaia the Dragon Champion and now Joey is down to 750. 1150-750.

Joey has copycat and grave robber... I'm not sure how Joey will be able to use this very well, the only magic card played so far by Yugi was Polymerization I believe. We'll see I guess. Oh I forgot these two can fuse! Joey steals Summoned Skull, and then fuses Skull and Red Eyes. Ahhh good reference to the maze duel.

Black Skull Dragon sends Yugi down to 550. 750-550.

Overall: Fun start to the duel. The lack of obvious trap card counters is a nice change of pace. As with all the starts of the tournament duels, the first episode wasn't THAT great, but like I said, it was fun, and it should be really epic next episode.


Hmmm more charmander today it seems! And maybe some Vulpix. That has potential for success!

Oh wow, they are in the Safari Zone today? If Ash was a normal Pokemon trainer, that might mean we'd get some Pokemon catches today!

They run across a bunch of Tauros. Ash tries to catch a Tauros but a girl stops him. Oh, apparently you can't catch Pokemon here, it's not the Safari Zone it's a ranch.

Tommorrow there will be a big Pokemon race. I guess this girl they've met will be racing with a Ponyta, and they run across a guy with a dodrio who is super fast.

Something happens and the girl falls off the horse and hurts herself. That guy with the dodrio set up TR to sabotage her.

The girl says Ash can ride it in the race. Awwww yeah.

XFD Misty is going to ride Starmie in the race. Brock will ride Onyx. I wonder who Ash would have rode? Pidgeotto? XD someone is riding an Electrode! Awesome! And Pikachu is riding squirtle! >____>.

On a side note, I enjoy filler episodes with either battles or competitions, let's hope this is fun.

TR is sabotaging the race from the start to help the dodrio win. The elctrode gets owned and explodes. So Ash gets knocked off. But Ash gets back up.

There's a bunch of obstacles. Now the dodrio runs into a weakness! They can only continue after eating a bowl of food (what an awful idea for an obstacle course challenge >_>). This SHOULD give the dodrio an advantage with 3 heads but they fight over the food.

TR now shows up... sigh. Ash owns them with Ponyta... now continues the race. Ponyta is going insanely fast now, and it's going to come down to the wire!

Dodrio bites ponyta to take a lead... but PONYTA EVOLVES!!! It's Rapidash now. RAPIDASH COMES BACK AND WINS!!!!

Ash must have a lot of money after winning the fighting pokemon tournament and now this.

The chick tells Ash where the Safari Zone is, YES. This is an acceptable alternative to gym if Ash catches multiple Pokemon. Unlikely knowing Ash though >_>.

Overall: I enjoyed this filler. It was a fun race, and I liked that the home stretch had a non-interrupted finish and no TR interference. I'm excited for the Safari Zone. Good ep overall

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 33

Pokemon is finally turning out some pretty good filler eps, but they are unfortunately being countered by the best and most meaningful YGO duels, which is unfortunate for them. YGO gets closer to passing Pokemon before the DK arc ends with a big win.

Pokemon: 18

YGO: 15



DUN DUN DUN. This duel is so good it's raining!

Yugi plays Dark Magician, which is 700 AP weaker than the Black Skull Dragon on the field. Joey lectures Yugi on how strongest attack wins, that was the first thing Yugi taught Joey about dueling, now Yugi's past is gonna come back to haunt him! >____>.

Yugi plays Magical Hats.

On a side note, as much as it would suck to be blind. They really can't act like it's as bad as having YOUR SOUL taken from you. Yugi and Joey aren't on equal ground here at all.

Joey makes the WORST EVER ATTEMPT to bluff Yugi. He plays an 1800 AP monster. Obviously if Yugi comes out and attacks it, he'll deal 700 LP damage to Joey... which would put Joey at 50 before he'd end the duel with the dragon. I have a feeling Yugi isn't going to fall for it >_>. Every Duel Monsters player has a horrible Poker Face. They are all obvious liars, they all smile and don't conceal their excitement when something good happens, it's ridiculous.

Whoa, Pegasus talks about his past! Apparently he's an ass because he lost the person he loved. Thats a little explanation but not full... I hope we get more on Pegasus's past.

Spellbinding circle is activated, Skull Dragon has 2500 AP now. Now Yugi beats Black Skull Dragon. It should be 450-550 Yugi's lead now.

Joey plays Baby Dragon and a face down card. Yugi assumes its Time Wizard, which is stupid because if it was, he would have just activated it right away. Yugi walks right into a trap. Now Joey draws Time Wizard. TIME ROULETTE GO. The spin failing would be a pretty anti-climatic ending, so I don't see it happening, it's gonna work. IT WORKS. Dark Magician is down to 100 AP...

Joey attacks... Ummm hax I guess >_>. Apparently now that DM is so old, it learned new magic and Yugi can play magic cards during Joey's turn now.


Yugi: *tears streaming down his cheeks* You've faught a valiant duel my friend and this is the hardest move I've ever had to make!

Yugi uses Monster Reborn to attack with Black Skull Dragon, and win the duel. Joey, a master of words tells Yugi "It's cool".

Tea cries... what a baby. Wait... so Yugi lets Joey have the prize money from the duel. They made it seem like you could only have 1 prize or the other. So basically all the drama was for nothing >_>.

Overall: Very enjoyable duel. Only problems with the ep were the Time Warp hax and the fact that you CAN get both prizes, so the whole drama was pointless and both guys have a chance to win. Ahh well. Yugi vs. Pegasus time baby, this should be good. They will settle their differences in a card game LIKE MEN!!


They're in the Safari Zone! Oh actually they aren't, they're still in a reserve so Officer Jenny arrests them >_>. She doesn't carry a gun or anything, who cares, I would just run away, but they cooperate <_<. Also, they showed a Mankey, which made me bitter about Primeape all over again!

Ash goes with Jenny to stop more reported poachers. It's Team Rocket! They try and capture some protected Kangaskhan, but this kid that can speak to the Kangaskhan and he helps them.

Umm coincidentally, this boys parents show up right after this looking for him. Apparently they lost him 5 years ago after his dad DROPPED HIM OUT OF A PLANE... I'm not making this up... O_o.

Umm so they find the kid, he can speak English too somehow. Ummm... He can't remember his parents... so his dad hits him in the head... and says it'll be ok they can start from scratch with him. WHAT THEEEEEEEEE HECKKKKKKKKKK!

Ok now Tommy remembers. And now the Kangaskhan are being attacked again! Tommy and Ash run off to beat TR again.

So they fight TR who were in a giant Kangaskhan suit. Then Tommy's parents save them by crashing their plane into the Kangaskhan. But they're not dead! They emerge in Tarzan suits and tell Tommy they are gonna live with the Kangaskhan with him.

They all say goodbye to him (including the parents) by sitting in a Kangaskhan suit and saying "KANGA KANGA KANGASKHAN".


Overall: Easily the most ****ed up 20 minutes of television I have ever witnessed.

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 34

YGO continues to be really fun in this tournament. And Pokemon... well that was just WEIRD.

Pokemon: 18

YGO: 16




Actually, I'm not that excited for this duel, since I really didn't like Pegasus's last duel. Especially Toon World.

Tristan runs off to find the bodies of Kaiba and Mokuba so Pegasus doesn't hold all the cards. Eh, I guess it's not that bad of an idea. It's funny to think of him searching for them for 5 episodes >_>. Oh and EVIL BAKURA sighting. I really don't like that he's back. This isn't DBZ, when you Shadow Realm an opponent, he should be GONE imo.

If Yugi wins he can ask for whatever he wants, Pegasus's Millenium Eye, the castle, the island. I believe Yugi already gets the souls back once he wins, so I'm curious as to what he would go for.

Bakura says he doesn't know where Tristan went. So evil Bakura is in control 24/7 I guess.

If Yugi wins Pegasus claims Yugi's soul... and then the show becomes the far superior Joey-Oh!

So after Pegasus SAYS he's gonna take Yugi's soul if he loses, Tea says "DID YOU HEAR THAT, IF YUGI WINS PEGASUS IS GONNA TAKE HIS SOUL", which is extremely annoying I must say.

Joey's thoughts on Pegasus, a man who wants to TAKE YUGIS SOUL, THIS IS A SERIOUS THING... "What a creep" >____>.

Yugi seems surprised early on that Pegasus can read his cards, which is ridiculous.

Yugi is down to 1800 LP early.

Pegasus plays a monster that looks like an egg, which leads to these gems... "NOT EGGACTLY WHAT YOU WERE EXPECTING EH YUGI" "I'LL SCRAMBLE YOUR EGG PEGASUS!!!"

Pegasus keeps reading Yugi's mind, which leads to a "CURSE YOU PEGASUS," which makes me happy.

Oh and Tristan has Mokuba now, but guards are coming to get him.

Overall: Pretty boring ep honestly. Like I said, I realized before the ep began that the last Pegasus duel kinda sucked. It'll get better once Yugi starts coming back I imagine, but this was pretty meh.


This was banned due to gun violence apparently... EXCITING!

Hahaha awesome, the sub uses video game music. I love it! They have made it to Safari Zone! WOOO!

I hate Ash and Misty's VAs, Brock is OK.

Pikachu is the same mostly, maybe a little less annoying.

And... some dude points a gun at them for singing... lol. BANNED EPISODE BABY. I can't believe this whole episode was banned for that really stupid scene. It definitely could have been edited out.

XD, Ok he just pointed the gun at them again while explaining the rules of Safari Zone. You can only use a Safari Ball and a rod while in the Zone. I still feel like this probably could have been edited out, especially since I expect Ash to catch something today (BOLD PREDICTION BABY), it's an important ep I bet!

If Ash breaks the rules, this guy will shoot him... this is almost as ridiculous as the last episode >_>.

They spot a picture of the gun guy with a Dratini. So the crew thinks there must be a Dratini in the Safari Zone... Kaiza (gun guy) gets mad at them and takes the picture down. Ash and crew contact Oak about it, Oak's VA is OK.

TR is OK VA wise, except for Meowth >_>.

Oh wow! TR'S POEM IS DIFFERENT IN THE SUB!!! NO WAY. Anyway they get show at by Kaiza. OK I understand how this ep could have been hard to edit <_<.

TR decide to "fight fairly" this time, and they will have a competition to catch the most Pokemon in the Zone. If Ash wins, TR will leave Ash alone from now on, If TR wins, Ash will give TR all his Pokemon. I don't think it's gonna work out eitherway to be honest >_>.

Wow! Just like that Ash and Brock catch a Taurus! AWESOME! Good addition to Ash's lineup imo.

lol Ash got another Taurus accidentally. Thats funny.

MORE GUN VIOLENCE! TR has a gun to Kaiza's head and asks him where the Dratini is. After like 4 minutes of filler, he says he'll tell them.

TR finds a Dratini! Awww it's adorable! But it gets away. TR tries to throw a bomb underwater, Ash tries to save it, but loses breath and almost dies. But a Dragonair comes up and saves him.

The Dragonair is the one that Kaiza saw 30 years ago and has fought to protect, it's a pretty emotional reunion.

XFD, Ash sends his Pokemon back, apparently he caught ALL TAURUS! XD XD. I hope he saved one for his Lineup.











Overall: The TR stuff was a little boring, but overall I enjoyed the episode. Ash got 1 new Pokemon at least.

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 35

Pokemon takes it mostly easily. What a HUGE win for Pokemon if it wants to win the DK arc. Although I have a feeling once Battle City starts YGO is just gonna dominate the hell out of Pokemon with how close it is now, ahh well.

Pokemon: 19

YGO: 16



Apparently Bakura's Millenium Ring can listen to people from afar, cool I guess >_>.

Pegasus already knows what Yugi will do, geez.

Bakura is looking for Tristan/Mokuba... MORE EVIL PEOPLE. I REALLY don't like that Bakura is evil again, if I didn't already make it clear.

And Pegasus uses traps and mind reading to defeat another Yugi monster. 2000-1400. Yugi is doing worse than Kaiba!

Tristan is almost caught, but Bakura comes in and uses a YGO card to stop them... weird >_>.

Ugh Pegasus plays Toon World. lol I do love toon versions of monsters though. And Yugi attacks a toon monsters despite knowing they are basically unbeatable, and loses. Sigh.

In a somewhat surreal moment, Pegasus plays a copycat type card, and the card whispers to Pegasus who he wants to copy >_>. Pegasus copies Summoned Skull, thats what I meant by saying Toon Summoned Skull was a spoiler, it implied Pegasus takes control of him >_>. I will say that Toon Summoned Skull is AWESOME looking.

Like Kaiba, Yugi is offended to see his monster in toon form, which is silly.

Yugi is down to 900. And he can't play monsters in defensive mode or he'll lose LP when they get destroyed thanks to a trap card. I guess he has to start getting some offense in then.

Yugi gives a STUNNED look everytime Pegasus predicts his card, which still is funny to me.

Bakura and Tristan are cornered, but Bakura says he's going to enlist more help from the Shadow Realm, meanwhile, Yugi tries to motivate myself.

Overall: Wow, this episode was once again ridiculously one sided. Yugi once again got no offense in, and Pegasus played my least favorite card, Toon World. The Tristan Bakura stuff was actually more interesting imo thanks to Bakura being able to use cards in real life. Let's hope the duel gets better.


They are back in a city, and not mentioning any sort of quest to get to a certain gym, so we're still several episodes off from the next one I guess.

They come across a giant bridge to the next town. Apparently they need bikes to cross it. OMG Misty mentions that Ash destroyed her bike!!! It's been a while since we've gotten that mentioned.

A Nurse Joey needs medicine delivered to the next town, so they manage to obtain bikes, sweet. I always enjoy when Ash and crew encounter something similar to the game. I remember how excited I was to get a bike in Pokemon Red!

TR sighting. I seriously forget about them every episode, then they randomly show up, sigh.

They encounter a "bike gang". Usually this means they came across a bunch fo badass dudes with leather vests, bears and motorcycles... but it's actually just kids on actual BICYCLES. God damn that has to be the lamest thing I've ever seen. Thats something I might have done when I was 7.

Ash decides to fight the gang! Golem vs. Bulbasaur! The creators hate Bulba so he probably loses. Yep, he gets owned. Now charmander. USE SQUIRTLE YOU IDIOT. Charmander wins! God damn he's invincible.

Now Misty steps up to fight a different girl trainer. She tries to use Starmie but PSYDUCK pops out! YESSS. lol I love that guy. Psyduck vs. Cloyster.

Psyduck goes through it's usual gag of using a bunch fo attacks and epic failing on everyone. For now it's still pretty funny, but I have a feeling they will overuse the gag eventually.

TR shows up, ugh. Whoa, TR used to be bike legends around here. Thats funny. James used to use training wheels. Now the police shows up and scares the bikers off.

Now Ash is riding through a storm... they are getting close to town but a drawbridge starts going up! So Ash jumps it like Keanu Reeves in the movie Speed! Umm except they BOUNCE OFF TR'S HEADS on the way >_>. Nice.

They earn the respect of the Biker Gang and they escort them the rest of the way. They save the sick Pokemon.

Overall: Pretty meh, ho-hum episode that was total filler. The Pokemon battle and the ending were cool, but overall it was quite boring.

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 36

This was a tough decision. YGO is building to something greater, but really wasn't good at all so far. Pokemon was filler, but had some good parts (mainly the Pokemon battle). I have to give the VERY slight edge to Pokemon. And I believe that means that Pokemon will at least tie YGO in the DK arc.

Pokemon: 20

YGO: 16



OK, this is where the duel starts living up to the hype I hope!

Yugi goes with magical hats and Dark Magician. Pegasus says he can read Yugi's mind to figure out which hat the Magician is in. I always thought it happened randomly through the arena.

Epic! Yugi and Badass Yugi now plan on alternating turns, hiding their thoughts from each other and Pegasus. So once one guy comes up with a strategy, their plan is to switch I guess, so Pegasus can't figure it out. Although once that guy figures it out you'd think Pegasus could read their minds anyway.. but ahh well I'll run with it.

Yugi plays a trap, Pegasus tries to read his mind but EPIC FAILS. Awesome!

Meanwhile, Bakura summons a MAN EATER BUG. I have a feeling if this thing ate all the guards, we aren't gonna see it in the dub >_>.

Yugi keeps playing cards face down. Badass Yugi doesn't know whats there.

Pegasus gets rid of the magical hats and attacks DM,Badass Yugi switches back to Yugi, and Yugi defends DM with a magic card he played. And through a couple traps and magic Yugi gets rid of toon world and all its monsters!

I generally like Pegasus's VA, but when Pegasus is genuinely upset, he STILL sounds sarcastic >_>.

All the monsters being destroyed makes it 900-600 in favor of Yugi.

Evil Bakura wants a new vessel, something without a mind or soul... he wants Mokuba and tells Tristan to hand him over. Still no explanation on how he came back from the Shadow Realm.

The duel will apparently continue in the shadow realm?

Overall: There we go, it's getting better. I'm still not way into the duel, but this was a very positive step with Yugi fighting back. And his strategy is pretty cool. There was only real major play this episode though. There was a bit too much talking I think. Overall I still liked it though.


They are caught in a storm and run into a mansion.

They run into a ditto, although it looks like a Pikachu. Ash tries to catch it , and I mainly mention this because I want to commend Ash for actually trying to weaken it first. Anyway it turns out to be some girls.

Bulbasaur vs. Ditto! Which means Ash is losing, sigh. And I'm right. Ash's Bulba gets vinewhipped and loses. GOD THEY HATE BULBASAUR.

The Ditto trainer talks about how she wants to do an amazing imitation show, but Ditto's face doesn't transform, so she can't.

TR comes in and steals Ditto... yawn. Their goal is to make him transform into Dratini and then give him to the boss. People who only watched the dub probably didn't understand the significance of them wanting a Dratini for TR. They then realize Ditto sucks >_>. Ditto really is adorable by the way. And after being scared Ditto finally masters transformation!

Ash and crew find ditto. The ditto trainer is extremely happy that ditto can do faces now. TR is touched and decides to "give back" ditto... but they actually just give back Meowth! XD.

Anyway, they stop TR. COOL. The episode ends with TR trying to dress up Meowth as a Dratini lol.

Overall: Total filler, Ditto was adorable but that wasn't enough to save the episode from being quite boring.

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 37

Well this one was pretty easy to decide. YGO takes it, with a duel thats getting a lot better. I like the Yugi switching mechanic. Pokemon is just really piling on the episodes before letting us have another gym battle. Although I will say that Pokemon hasn't been complete filler, these last 2 episodes definitely were meaningless. Anyway, YGO wins and can still tie Pokemon for the DK arc I believe.

Pokemon: 20

YGO: 17



Episode starts with Tristan and Bakura. Bakura demands Tristan hand over Mokuba. Tristan ATTACKS and takes down Bakura with an EDITED OUT punch. I think this is why if I ever watch One Piece I need to watch the sub >_>. Tristan throws the Millenium Ring into a forest.

The duel is now taking place in the Shadow Realm, so Yugi and Pegasus are on their own now.

The shadow realm makes Yugi feel weak, so Badass Yugi takes over. Will this put a stop to Yugi's mind switch plan?

Pegasus plays a monster he created just for this game. Was he really worried enough about Yugi to have to do that? It has 0 AP and 0 DP.

They try the switching strategy but Yugi is weak and having major difficulties.

Curse of Dragon attacks the 0-0 monster but gets paralyzed, which is the skill of the 0-0 monster. Now Pegasus sacrifices that 0-0 monster to create another 0-0 monster. That one sucks in Curse of Dragon, and then uses it as a shield against Dark Magician. So now Yugi is down to 400 LP.

Man, what an annoying monster. Pegasus now sucks up Dark Magician.

Little Yugi says he needs to switch back in to play 1 card. Badass Yugi said that Yugi's soul could be crushed... but Yugi still wants to do it. He struggles to draw a card, and finally does it, plays a card face down, and puts something in defense mode. Intriguing.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the show Yu-Gi-Oh has become Star-Wars-Oh, and Tristan, Joey and Tea can all "sense" Yugi's pain >_>. So basically, they are just standing there looking at nothing and feeling Yugi's pain over the course of the duel. Uhh thats cool. Little Yugi is KO'd now, Badass Yugi can't sense his spirit anymore. I guess they finally killed off little Yugi... it will only be badass Yugi from now on for the rest of YGO!

Pegasus plays a "time bomb" card. It Self destructs in 2 turns. Yugi's DM and the Relinquished will die, ending the game with Pegasus winning.

Badass Yugi thinks its all over lol. Somehow I think next episode he'll remember THE HEART OF THE CARDS!!!

Overall: I'd describe it as OK at best. There really wasn't much dueling at all. Episode was taken up by the Tristan thing and lots of talk about how the Shadow Realm works on human's minds. I think the conclusion will be epic, but really this wasn't that great.


I don't think I've ever been so nervous to watch an episode of a children's television show... except for when Pokemon happened to be on TV while I was having sex for the first time!

They've made it to another city. Wooo. Apparently the Pokemon Center transfer system is broken. And there's a weird guy with swirly glasses there trying to fix it.

He runs out of the Center because he found something I guess, so the crew follows him into his mansion.

I'm starting to get nervous at this point, so I read the whole wikipedia on the episode, and apparently I'm fine till close to the end. Also, Porygon is never seen again in Pokemon TV after this episode, which is funny.

Apparently the reason Pokemon are getting mixed up is because Team Rocket got sent to the elctronic world and is now stealing Pokemon in there >_>. Wow. Now the scientist sends Ash and crew into the electronic world.

A porygon is in there with them too and is helping them out.

They find TR! They beat them and restore the transfer system. But now Joy has some guy in the Pokemon Center about to use a vaccine on the computer, which will kill Ash and crew >_>. Uh oh.

I'm not to the infamous scene yet, but there are lots of bright lights, which I imagine was possibly part of the seizure problem.

Yesss! I think I shielded my eyes before the infamous scene! THANKS WIKIPEDIA!!!

        • ! Actually I didn't! I'M DYIIINGGGGGGGGG

Ok no I'm not. Anyway, they are trying to escape the computer, and TR falls into a "bug hole". Ash goes back and saves them. But now Porygon is overweight and moving slow. More missles are headed towards them... but they make it out!

TR says thanks then runs away >_>. After the scientist risked their lives by sending them into a computer, Ash says "Make a safer system next time" lol >_>.

Overall: Eh, pretty boring. I actually got kinda into it at the end. It was an interesting concept at least, they tried. Obviously it was major filler. Not an episode worth gettign a seizure over! I think the flashing red lights happened like 10 times, so it was tough to complete avoid, but I just put my arms up whenever I saw it about to happen, and I was safe!

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 38

YGO was worse than expected and Pokemon was a little better than expected. But it was still total filler, and YGO meant something and I enjoyed it enough. YGO takes another big victory!!

Pokemon: 20

YGO: 18



Wow... I can't believe I'm already to this point!

Grandpa says Yugi isn't dead because his friends haven't given up on him >_>. Ok then.

LOL, the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP is stopping Pegasus from reading minds! YESSSSSSSS FRIENDSHIP.

The power of friendship can do anything! Except get you laid.

What a move! Yugi uses Magical boxes to switch the time bomb and Dark Magician. So now the time bomb will just blow up Relinquished. Pegasus claims he could have countered the move if he saw it coming, which doesn't make sense because Yugi played the card right away.

Now badass Yugi plays brain control and takes control of Relinquisher. Which would be a dumb move since there is a time bomb on it. So he decides to flip over little Yugi's face down card. It turns out to be a ritual card that needs 2 sacrifices! That was pretty ballsy of badass Yugi to assume that was the face down card imo. Or stupid.

Yugi now has the Magician of Black Chaos! Umm... he only has 2800 AP. I thought it would be a lot stronger >_>.

Uh oh. Now that the time bomb is gone, Relinquisher is safe once more. I didn't realize that. That means once Pegasus has him back he can suck up the magician. Face down card played by Yugi, plus a face down defensive monster.

Pegasus uses Polymerization, and fuses Thousand Eyes and Relinquisher. Another 0 AP 0 DP monster...

Blah this is the third time Pegasus has played a 0-0 monster where we had to wait for what it does. It's usually something annoying and cheap. OK, Pegasus says once all its eyes open, everything on the field gets paralyzed.

Badass Yugi has said "tremendous act of courage/bravery" while thinking about Yugi's sacrifice like 4 times already. HA! Now he just called it a heroic effort. Thats 5. LOL! Now he tells Pegasus the game will be won with the card Yugi played in his last act of courage! 6!

Pegasus's monster's eyes all open. Chaos mage is paralyzed. Pegasus tries to absorb him, but Badass Yugi activates Kuriboh + Multiply. LOL HAX. When the monster absorbs, it absorbs Kuribohs which cover all his eyes. Now all the Kuribohs self destruct, Yugi is down to 100 LP, but now Pegasus's monster is "blind". Yugi attacks with Chaos Mage... AND WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now Yugi is magically OK again.

Pegasus says "Cecillia, my love, I'm sorry" hmmm.

Badass Yugi mentions little Yugi's courage again, LOL. 7!

Tristan mentions how brave Yugi is! 8!

Pegasus is gone. Oh and Bakura is still evil >_>.

Overall: Great dueling episode. There was almost no interruption. Just really fast paced dueling with some really clever moves. The stuff afterwards kind of annoyed me, especially Bakura. Ahh well. It doesn't take away from a great episode, and the DK arc is almost complete!



They run across a bunch of Pikachu. Pikachu looks really excited. Hahah the small ones are cute. They all run away when Pika tries to say hi. They all seem really nice compared to Pikachu, who if you think about it is an ass. Anyway, Pikachu becomes friends with them, then Ash comes out and they relly get scared off.

Ash and crew talk while Pikachu goes on looking emo. Then one of the Pikachu falls into a river. Pikachu helps in saving him, and becomes a Pikahero.

TEAM ROCKET. They get off big time to all the pikachus sitting around.

lol! Whos that Pokemon is Pikachu. The first repeat.

Ash is being all emo thinking about Pikachu. Then TR comes and captures the Pikachu in a net. And then they hit Ash and crew with the net. Pikachu breaks free though, and so do Ash and crew, and they save all the Pikachu.

Ash tries to celebrate with Pikachu but he ends up going to celebrate with the other Pikachu.

And Ash walks away from Pikachu. Well actually he runs away >_>.


Ash explains why he has to leave Pikachu... but then Pikachu shows up. And uhh they reunite. AWWWW

Overall: I can imagine this episode was devastating for a kid. It would be pretty easy to believe that Ash would leave Pikachu after he already ditched two Pokemon. But it didn't happen... rats! Actually one of the better filler episodes in the last stretch. Thumbs up.

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 39

Pokemon wasn't too bad, but it was going up against the final episode of the "Match of the Millenium" and really had no chance at all.

Pokemon: 20

YGO: 19



What a boring episode title after a gem of a title like "Match of the Millenium- Yugi vs. Pegasus Part XXX".

Pegasus is really upset apparently he wanted to get all the millenium items to restore his loves body and soul. So Pegasus has some honor after all, he frees all the souls.

Bakura has the Millenium Ring again somehow. Kind of lame. He says the ring can view into people's souls, and he reads Pegasus's soul.

Bakura vs. Pegasus compete in a Shadow Game... it takes like two seconds and Bakura wins, and takes his Millenium Eye. Bakura wants all the millenium items.

They find Pegasus's diary and read it. It's very interesting. Pegasus's lover died obviously. So he went on a quest to figure out someway to get her back, which led him to Egypt. He ran into an Egyptian man there, he has a cross or something as his item. This guy is the keeper of the Millenium items. I notice that there's like 3 of them gone, the puzzle, the cross and some circle type thing. I believe all the other items are there, including the Millenium Ring. Pegasus was tested by the Millenium Eye, and he was its destined wearer. So he now had it.

WHOA, the Egyptian appears to Yugi. He says the cosmic balance is upset, because the eye was stolen from Pegasus.

Oh the Egyptian doesn't have a cross, it's a key. He "unlocks" Yugi's mind with it. It's kind of funny. There's two rooms, which the Egyptian has never seen before. One is filled with innocence... the other is dark and mysterious. Obviously the innocent room is young Yugi's, and the mysterious one is badass Yugi.

Hmmm, the Egyptian says that Badass Yugi's room is like that of a tomb of an ancient egyptian Pharoh... interesting. LMAO. Badass Yugi's mind is like a huge labryinth, what an awesome guy.

His mind is filled with traps, eventually young Yugi helps him out.

Eventually the guy says that Yugi is the chosen one and that chaos is descending upon the Earth once again...

Overall: Wow, I really loved this episode. So much plot developement. We learned so much more about Pegasus, the millenium items, and badass Yugi. I guess Badass Yugi is the pharoh who sealed away the millenium items years ago, and now little Yugi is the chosen one. The Egyptian is so badass. One of my favorite episodes.



They find an Eevee with a name tag, they go to return it to the town.

The Eevee belongs to a mansion I guess. People there are evolving their Pokemon with stones. And in what is perhaps the most hilarious thing ever, there's 3 brothers there, with ridiculous hair and paints that matches their evovled form of Eeevee



sigh, Team Rocket. The highlight of the Team Rocket segment is that there's another shirt hanging on a line, they are doing their laundry!

They return Eevee to a little kid. The Eevee loves him, but the kid is upset to see him. The Eevee brothers seem upset that the kid doesn't want to evolve his eevee, the kid says he doesn't care about battling.

All the brothers want to see what he will evolve it into, probably to see which of their pokemon he likes the most.

Now the brothers are trying to pressure Ash to evolve Pikachu and Brock to evolve Vulpix.

What is with the show portraying stone evolution as practically evil? It's kind of weird >_>. Regular evolution is a great thing though, according to the show.

TR shows up, eats food and then starts ordering attacks lol.

All the Pokemon, food and stones are gone. They didn't take Psyduck though! lol nice.

Hahah, they are gonna evolve eevee but they all disagree on what to evolve it into. Then Ash and crew find them. The Eevee brothers fight but eventually get owned. So Eevee steps up and wins!

Misty: It must be nice to have big brothers!

Ash: You can pass as my brother! XDXDXD

Overall: Actually this was probably one of my favorite Pokemon filler episodes. It was a lot of fun, and Eevee is really cool. Ash needs an eevee imo! And I'll never know why the show acts like stone evolution is so awful.

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 40

It has happened! FINALLY! YGO ties Pokemon! And the DK arc ends in a tie! Now Pokemon has a little bit of time before the BC arc to try and build up a lead of some sort.

YGO: 20

Pokemon: 20



Errr yeah, crappy title. How upsetting to have to wait so long for BC!

Yugi got a special card for winning called the Ties of Friendship. Kaiba and Mokuba are reunited, wooo. Yugi gives Joey the 3 mill, to which Joey says "You're the best". >_>.

Kaiba after thanking Yugi goes on to say that their duel wasn't conclusive, so they'll have to duel again one day... god what a loser >_>.

Badass Yugi says his name is "Yami". He also says he has been known by the name Pharoh.

WOW, there's an ANNOYING girl named Rebecca with a Teddy Bear. She is demanding a Blue Eyes White Dragon. She says its hers. She demands a duel with Grandpa... and she talks with her Teddy Bear sometimes... good god.

XD, there is something called "KaibaLand" >__________>.

Ok now it's going to be Yugi vs. Rebecca. It's really tough to take this duel seriously, considering she JUST showed up out of nowhere.

So the mystery is why she thinks the Blue Eyes is hers. PS... SHE TALKS TO HER TEDDY BEAR... A LOT.

She plays some strange moves that cost her LP, but let her draw monsters from her deck. 2000-1300 LP.

She plays the Millenium Shield, 3000 DP. Yugi attacks with Summoned Skull. Yugi is at 1500-1300.

This duel is extremely predictable, you can always tell when Rebecca is gonna take an advantage. She plays a card that makes it so Yugi can only attack the Shield. She can now attack Yugi's LP directly. Yugi is down to 1100.

Rebecca is the granddaughter of some guy Solomon Yoto used to know, and she claims that he stole his Blue Eyes.

Overall: The whole point of Rebecca Hawkins is to annoy you... and it works... a little too well >_>. Boring episode with nothing really happening at all. Rebecca actually has an interesting strategy, but Yugi is doing nothing back except mindlessly attacking, which has made the duel pretty meh so far.


Ehhh this ep doesn't seem too appealing either.

Umm... they run across a hippie. He plays music for them and asks for food, but they have none. Haha, weird.

They go to town and there's no food. But some guy takes them to his home and gives him food. The river has stopped running, so all their produce has died.

It turns out a Snorlax is blocking the river. So this is a lot like the videogame. I imagine the hippie who was playing a Pokemon Flute does the job in the end.

XD, Ash and crew try and help Team Rocket steal Snorlax, TR is surprised, it's hilarious... but it doesn't work!

They figure out a Pokeflute will wake Snorlax. I'm so good! lol the hippie owns the Snorlax. The hippie says that Snorlax has a case of the munchies... which means it smokes pot with the hippie obviously!

Overall: Really boring and pointless filler, with the concept being stolen from the video game.

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 41

Ugh, really bad filler from both shows... I'm gonna have to go with Pokemon though. It was boring but at least it wasn't boring and stupid. Pokemon takes a 1 episode lead once again.

Pokemon: 21

YGO: 20



Oh yeah, I forgot he had a new card. I'm interested to see it.

Grandpa tells a story about his relationship with Hawkins. It's actually pretty boring, it just tells us stuff we already know about how it's an ancient game.

So they got trapped in a cave... and they decide to play Duel Monsters... I find it funny that two old asses play the game BTW <_<. Oh and the winner gets to drink the last of their water. Hahaha.

Rebecca gets annoyed and starts dueling again. Yugi does some simple moves and sends Rebecca down to 200 LP.

She plays a monster that adds AP for each monster in the graveyard. So she just played something with 2700 AP now. Yugi scolds her for not caring about her cards <____<.

Now Rebecca destroys the Dark Magician and sends Yugi to 800. By the way Grandpa still says his duel went exactly like this >_>. No. Anyway, Yugi plays Swords of Revealing Light, now Monster Reborn for Dark Magician. Yugi destroys a monster, getting Rebecca's monster to 2800 AP.

YUGI SURRENDERS... WHAT. WHAT A LOSER. Oh and Grandpa did the same thing.



He shows Rebecca that Yugi could have won. Oh and Hawkins says that he "honored the monsters he sacrificed." lol.


Overall: The duel was OK but Rebecca completely ruined it with her suckiness. I liked the ending quite a bit though.


Now there's a good sounding episode title!

They are in Dark City... it's a ghost town... so what are they going to do to fill time?!?!

Apparently people are hiding in houses because of Pokemon Trainers? Some kids attack them because they are trainers.

There's two Pokemon Gyms (unofficial) in town, and they are having a gang war, with the winner claiming they will become an official gym. So thats why no one is on the streets. The gyms hire any wandering trainer to fight for them. I'm liking the sounds of this episode.

PS... Pikachu loves Ketchup [[2]]

lol TR is with Kas Gym it seems. Does that mean Ash joins Yas? I doubt it, he's gotta beat everyone!

XD. Someone from the Yaz gym seems them beat up TR. She asks for their names, Misty says they should make them up so their reputations aren't ruined. Ash is "Ketchup"... err "Tom Ado" >_>. Misty is "Ann Chovy". Brock is "Caesar Salad" >_>.

They enter Yas gym... and Ash refuses to help them. So they attack him >_>. And he runs away. Pikachu STILL LOVES KETCHUP.

They decide to develop a plan to beat each gym's strongest Pokemon. Scyther and Electabuzz.

They pour Ketchup on both of them, and their own Pokemon attack them, because of the color red. What a ridiculous plan >_>. Then Pikachu owns everyone.

Then the Pokemon League Inspector comes in and says neither can be gyms. She then says if they want to be gyms they have to start listening to Ash. Ash then uhh teaches them stuff.

The episode ends with the gyms fixing the town.

Overall: I enjoyed the concept a lot. I got my hopes up thinking that Ash would actually Pokemon battle at least one of the gyms, but I was wrong. Eitherway it was still a decent filler episode.

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 42

As much as I liked the ending to YGO, the rest of the episode was so annoying I have to give the edge to Pokemon. In this HUGE filler stretch, Pokemon has actually been pulling out a lot of good episodes considering it has been filler, it was just going up against a lot of YGO tournament matches and hence losing. Now that YGO is in its own bit of a filler stretch, Pokemon is starting to win some again.

Pokemon: 22

YGO: 20



The KaibaCorp corporate guys somehow convince Kaiba they meant him no harm... they tell Kaiba his Virtual Pod is done. So he goes to test it. They have evil smiles.

Ummm Kaiba's invention is to go into Virtual Reality. Matrix style. lol it looks like Kaiba is in a Pokemon video game. It's a really boring looking game. He just summons Blue Eyes and owns everything in it. But now Kaiba gets trapped by some stuff he didn't program... this is ridiculously stupid >_>.

Kaiba was betrayed once again. Oh and KaibaCorp now uses Pegasus's bodybuards. Mokuba grabs Kaiba's deck and gets out of there. The only way to save Kaiba is to beat the game? LOL. They are gonna use one of Kaiba's prototypes to save him. This is so dumb <_<.

There's three prototypes, Joey, Yugi and Mokuba are going on. Ohhh yeah Mokuba has Kaiba's deck!

Now the bodyguards are gonna go and try and unplug everyone's pods. GOD THIS IS SUCH A MATRIX RIPOFF. Except they have a deck and 2000 LP.

Joey is down to 1820, and they got gold from winning.

OK thats semi cool, they come across a town, where you can talk to people in the town, and buy cards.

Now they have to cross a virtual desert. COOL.

But they can't do it without some card, and they need to win a battle in the colliseum to do it. Joey will fight.

Overall: UGH, I hate it. This is stupid beyond belief, and the video game is such a crappy concept >_>.


Sometimes the letters to an episode title are randomly in capital letters... this is one of those times!

They are at a carnival because "it's hard work trying to become a Pokemon master"

Umm, in this filler stretch I've seen Ash frolic around with Pikachus, ride in a Pokemon race, play computer games, etc. What has he REALLY done to try and be a pokemon master? NOTHING!

Misty becomes the assistant of a magician with down syndrome... I mean... well he LOOKS and SOUNDS like he has it. Misty has to wear a really skimpy dress lol. There's like no people, and the show sucks.

Exeggcute is kind of badass BTW. Ash kicks down syndrom's ass and tells him to improve his act instead of giving up.

Exeggcute randomly puts Ash under hypnosis. So Melvin uses him to catch like 50 Exeggutors. haha what an ass. His plan is to hypnotize audiences into coming and seeing his shows.

Yawn TR... then Exeggcute evolves into Exeggutor. They I dont know... all hypnotize each other? Then the Exeggutor all run off to town. They destroy the carnival. They are now coming back but a time bomb is gonna blow them all up, so Ash is gonna fight them to save them. HEY DUMMY, instead of just using Squirtle Bulba and Char why don't you use Tauros and Pidgeotto? JUST SAYIN.

Charmander starts owning Exeggutor, but he runs out of energy. Misty tells him to use his fire magic trick, but he is a baby and says he knows he can't do it.

Melvin and Charmander now team up and get all the Exeggutor.


Overall: I was seriously hating the hell out of this episode early on. Melvin is an awful character, the plot sucked, everything just sucked. The Charmander was owning Exeggutor and that was OK, then CHARMANDER EVOLVED and the episode instantly went to "OK" status.

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 43

I was actually strongly considering giving YGO a big upset victory today. Pokemon was pretty awful and had a character I hate, while YGO was really bad, but not quite as bad as the Pokemon episode. Then Pokemon's last 3 minutes or so totally redeemed it, and Ash now has a Charmeleon, awesome.

Pokemon: 23

YGO: 20



HAIR and crew are trying to break in to the Matrix room still.

Meanwhile the girl Joey is dueling in the arena is MAI. Who is testing the game for Kaiba corp. What a crazy coincidence! They stop dueling, steal the card that will help them cross the desert, and run.

All the battling is SOOO boring. And now they are in a labryinth, yawn.

They come across a princess Mokuba... LOL. Well I dont know what her name is >_>. They are gonna go to her castle I guess. Meanwhile, Kaiba is going to be sacrificed for some dragon.

Umm they have to get into some castle to save Kaiba, I'm so bored. The princess is gonna be sacrificed! Nooo!

They change into WARRIOR clothing. Mai looks HAWT.

LOL, Mokuba dressed as the princess. So he gets captured and now he is gonna be sacrificed.

They use Time Wizard to restore some old flying machine to break into the castle. Meanwhile HAIR is still trying to get in.

Overall: Ugh, so boring. SOOO BORING. This saga is so pointless, and the use of the Duel Monsters cards is just stupid. I hate this filler saga so much.


Well, title makes things sound boring. I'm just hoping for a real Pokemon trainer battle. Ash hasn't had one in six episodes!

LOL, they arrive in a town and Ash says "There's no use stopping here if they don't even have a gym!" >_____>.

Ash and Misty have an argument about where to eat. That's such a couple thing to do.

YESS POKEMON BATTLE COMING. Girl who sells potions vs. Ash. But TR is watching so I'm not sure if i'll get to add anything to any of Ash's Pokemon records.

XFD. Ash wants Pikachu to let Paras win so it can evolve into a Parasect, so the trainer can make better potions. Ash orders Pikachu to do "a little tiny static bolt" which owns Paras >___>.

Pikachu: 4 wins (Brock, Gisella, Surge, Paras) 3 losses (Brock, Surge, Sabrina)

Now Squirtle comes out, Ash just wants Paras to win... Squirtle uses the wimpiest water attack ever... AND WINS!!!

Squirtle: 1 wins (Paras) 0 losses

It's all about stat padding baby!

Now Ash uses Charmeleon... this can't end well! Charmeleon doesn't want to lose, and OWNS Paras. Ash wonders if he's ready for Charmeleon. I guess it goes back to the game, it's too high of a level to respect a noob like Ash.

Oh and I've decided NOT to add Paras to the records after all... that was sad >_>. Paras runs away. They can't find him. Meowth finds Paras and wants to help him evolve because he loves potion girl.

Team Rocket fixes battles for Paras so he keeps winning, building its confidence to ridiculous levels XD. Awesome. This would be the 2nd time TR is actually benefitting our heroes. The last time was ditto. XD, Paras beats Pikachu in a ridiculous fight, I'm loving this.

Ash calls out Charmeleon for some ridiculous reason. Charmeleon doesn't listen again. And now TR tries to cheer on Paras. LOL, Paras kind of accidentally wins... AND EVOLVES.

Now Parasect owns the hell out of Charmeleon. Ummm I dont think Im gonna count any of this towards the records >_>.

Overall: Really fun episode. This is another one I can't quite classify as filler thanks to Charmeleon. So Charmeleon is now kind of like Primeape was in terms of not listening to Ash. I wonder how Ash will overcome it. I do think it's really lame that he goes straight from super obedient to completely rebellious just like that. Ahh well. Good ep.

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 44

YGO delivered another awful episode in this stupid filler saga, while Pokemon delivered one of its better filler episodes. So Pokemon takes another win, going up by 4. After all that work by YGO it's fallen down 4 episodes again so fast! Although honestly Pokemon is probably gonna need every single one of these wins once BC starts, if it lives up to the hype.

Pokemon: 24

YGO: 20



Yawn, let's get this crap over with.

This fairy that has been helping them has died, Yugi gets pissed and GOES SUPER SAIYAN. Kinda like Goku when Krillin died!

So uhhh Mokuba who is supposed to be captured, just starts using his deck to save Kaiba, and Kaiba then destroys everyone... that was easy >_>.

Kaiba is kinda pissed that Mokuba can Yugi and friends to help. Wait, I thought they were semi friends now?

The fights are still so boring. None of them ever even lose any LP to try and add some fake drama.

Mai and Joey kinda touch each other a lot. I predict they do each other eventually. Meanwhile, the EVIL KAIBA CORP GUYS are gonna "put an end" to Yugi and crew.

Now they have to fight a mythic dragon. I feel like if they tried they could have literally made the game unbeatable, it seems silly that they gave them a chance to escape.

Only Dragon monsters can attack, improvement, but still, technically couldn;t they have made it so NO monsters could attack >_>.

THERE WE GO, SOMETHING INTERESTING. Joey takes a hit for Mokuba, who has no monsters, and his LP goes to 0!

Yugi summons Black Luster Soldier, which can't attack. Nice move genius... NOW MAI DIES.

ALL THE MAIN CHARACTERS ARE DYING AND WILL NEVER COME BACK. Kaiba refuses to work with Yugi which leads to Mokuba dying. Way to go tool.

Now Kaiba works with Yugi. SERIOUSLY, this hatred is so ****ing random, they seemed like they were cool at the end of DK.

Black Luster Soldier and Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon fuse, and kills Mythic Dragon. They are way overdramatic about the deaths of Joey and Mai and Mokuba considering they will probably be back in 2 seconds.

Umm the Princess is actually the mystical elf, and everyone is revived... lol.

Overall: Probably the best one of this awful saga, but it still sucked, the whole concept sucked and I'm super glad it's over.


Ewww, doesn't sound good at all.

They find a huge town, it couldn't POSSIBLY have a gym could it?

Umm this episode is ****ing weird already. Everyone in the town is "on edge" because no one sleeps much, since the casinos are open 24/7. So I don't know, fights are breaking out all over. Weird.

They get out of town. ANd they run across a Jigglypuff. Misty tries to catch it, and attacks, but then it gets sad so umm they just start talking to it. It doesn't know how to sing is the problem.

Jigglypuff is a major jerk, he picks on Pikachu because its jealous. They teach it to sing. They all fall asleep when it sings, so it gets mad and draws on them. God I hate this Pokemon >_>.

Everyone keeps falling asleep for her singing, so they set up an outdoor stage for it to sing in neon city. Everyone in town falls asleep so Jiggly writes on all of them. As they leave town Jiggly follows them out.

Overall: I really didn't like this episode, it was just incredibly lame. I really hate Jigglypuff. I mean, it was just such an uneventful episode, NOTHING interesting happened.

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 45

Oh wow Jigglypuff is popular? I hate it! It's so stupid and annoying and not funny. Plus I hate the obnoxiously cute Pokemon. Vukpix is an awesome cute Pokemon. Pink pokemon that are cute? DISGUSTING. Anyway, Pokemon was extremely uneventful and boring, and nothing interesting happened. YGO was pretty much the same, where I felt like I barely got through both episodes. In the end I have to give the win to YGO honestly. The battle with the Mythic Dragon was semi interesting I suppose, which is more than I can say about anything else in Pokemon. Upset victory!

Pokemon: 24

YGO: 21



Well this can't be as bad as the Legendary Heroes saga!

So a new game shop is in town. The owner, Duke Devlin, doesn't like Yugi, and wants to fight him on his own turf. I assume that would be Dungeon Dice Monsters.

There's like a million girls surrounding Duke in some classroom, he does some dice tricks and they all orgasm basically >____>. WHY DO SO MANY GOOD GAME PLAYERS GO TO THIS SCHOOL, IT'S SO WEIRD. The KaibaCorp owner, the King of Games, and a huge Game SHop owner, it's just weird!

Duke says "Let's Rock and Roll" before a game.. lol >_>.

Duke and Joey are going to duel, they are going to make a deck from new packs. If Duke wins Joey has to do what he wants for a week. If Joey wins, Duke has to close down the shop. Joey brags about being one of the top players in the world, which is semi-ridiculous to think about.

So Duke Devlin, like Gary, has his own cheerleaders. The difference is... one is fat and looks like a boy.

Joey owns early, Duke is down to 950. Now Duke is down to 550. It feels like Duke is going easy on him. Now Duke is down to 50. Duke doesn't seem to care though. Duke constantly plays with his hair.

Duke plays a card so he can directly attack Joey's life points. So Duke wins in one turn basically.

Duke is an ass to Joey, and makes him bark and put on a dog suit.

Yugi gets PISSED AND TRANSFORMS. Yugi has to play Duke in dungeon dice monsters to free Joey. If Yugi loses, he can't play Duel Monsters ever again.

Overall: Duke is a pretty interesting character, and I am somewhat excited for Dice Monsters. As for this duel though, it was awful and pretty predictable.



There's a Pokemon fossil rush going on, they are gonna dig for some. Oh and Jiggly is still following them.

TR is gonna blow up the canyon, they light a fuse now squirtle is chasing after it. But they fail, and get caved in some hole.

They run across a bunch of "PREHISTORIC POKEMON" no way!

They look strong and MAD. They attack, Charmeleon won't help. So they run. Then eventually the prehistoric Pokemon run away for some unknown reason. An Aerodactyl shows up! It owns Charmeleon, that outta piss him off.

CHARMELEON VS. AERODACTYL, Charmeleon gets owned early on. WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT.



Aerodactyl has Ash in his hands, Charizard chases after. Jiggly sings its song. Aerodactyl falls asleep, Charizard saves Ash by covering his ears!

Everyone is asleep... PUFFFFFFFFFFFF! Marker time. What an obnoxious Pokemon >_>.

Ash found a weird egg...

Overall: You guys seemed to like this episode a lot. Charizard ruled, but otherwise it's a kind of boring episode honestly.

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 46

Pokemon was HUGE with Ash now having Charizard. And he likely won't be able to control him anymore than he could control Charmeleon. YGO was a set up episode for the Dungeon Dice Monsters duel, unfortunately the set up wasn't very good. Weak episode from both, I liked Pokemon a bit more, thanks to Charizard.

Pokemon: 25

YGO: 21



Seriously, Yugi is about to play a game HE DOESN'T KNOW, so Joey doesn't have to wear a dog suit for a week.


God this game is so contrived >_>.

Like a new rule is brought up every 2 seconds. Also the dice literally "open up" to create movement paths, which has to make it hard to play IRL. Yugi's problem is all his dice are too high of a level, so he's gonna have a hard time summoning anything.

Duke really holds something against Yugi. Duke has 3 monsters already on the field before Yugi has 1.

Duke says this proves that Yugi isn't the real deal. Dukes little grudge against Yugi and thinking this proves anything is beyond ridiculous.

XD at the crowd. "Yugi busted out that level 4 monster lik ehe's been playing DDM for years!" Even though any moron could technically do it. DICE ROLLING TAKES SKILL BABY.

They say DIMENSION THE DICE whenever they summon a monster, which is almost as funny as everyone saying "DUEL" before every Duel Monsters game.

Apparently Duke "tries" to roll for certain things, dice games aren't luck, they are skill kids! This is so stupid >_>.

Duke is pissed at Yugi because he beat Pegasus. Pegasus was gonna make DDM huge apparently, now Pegasus hasn't been able to be contacted.

Yugi loses a heart point. He's down to 2. The best part is the usual Yugioh scorecard pops up, but all it says is "2".

Overall: There's a lot of stupid things going on in terms of Duke's thoughts, the way this was set up, and some of the conversation. But I actually kind of am getting into the game of DDM. So I'll say it's an OK episode, now that the rules are set I think next ep could be way better.


This dry spell of no Pokemon trainer battles is getting ridiculous! And this title doesn't give me much hope for one.

Something is wrong with Pikachu, they need to rush him to a hospital. It's for humans but the doctor decides to look at Pika because "I just can't seem to turn down requests from young girls" >__________>.

LMAO, for some reason this doctor asks out like every girl to "pizza". It's the anime version of abomlcad! This guy OBVIOUSLY didn't get the hint that hipsters asks girls to "coffee".

Oh anyway there was a Pokemon car accident and there's like a million hurt Pokemon, so Ash and crew are helping, so are Team Rocket.

Chansey rules. Anyway the Doctor gets hit with anesthesia and is asleep so Ash and crew are on their own.

TR tries to steal the hurt Pokemon, but their Pokemon won't help out.

And another filler is finished!

Overall: Booooring! Chansey was cool, thats about the only redeeming point of the episode.

YGO vs. Pokemon EPISODE 47

YGO had its flaws, but the DDM concept is intriguing me at the very least. Pokemon was just total boring filler this time around. YGO wins. Not a good sign for Pokemon with BC drawing so near.

Pokemon: 25

YGO: 22