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YTMND is a cesspool for "budding" internet fads to grow, which become extremely old and overplayed over the course of a very short time. It hosts a number of pages which usually contains a picture (animated or not) tiled across the screen, some text plopped in the middle sticking out like a sore thumb, and some background sounds/music.

Why YTMND es dum[]

It features a huge number of ripoffs that fans think are original because they do not get out much. They spend too much of their time browsing YTMND for the same joke they have seen a thousand times with a miniscule twist. It is scientifically verified that if you create a site which includes a single frame including a fad that is at least 100 years old, they will bombard your comments page with praise, overused internet acronyms, smilies, and sexual propositions.

Almost all of them:

  • Create YTMNDs that opt for the safe joke rather than create something with originality. These are the ones that run your favorite internet fad into the ground, and they will Picard, Conan O'Brien, and Chuck Norris you to the point that you want to quit IRL. Their general motivation is the pursuit of internet fame and enlarging the size of their E-penis. They have no allegiance to the lulz.
  • Try their hand at creating a whimsical or intellectually stimulating YTMND by stealing somebody's images, somebody's music, compiling it into an animated gif, slapping their name on it and calling it their work. These sites always fail, even by their own ridiculously low standards.
  • "Upvote" the same boring **** so that it ends up on the front page of YTMND in the Top Viewed, Today's Most Voted On, or Up and Coming YTMNDs sections. Tactfully utilizing 70% of the YTMND voting system, they will often distribute "5 star votes" like a parasite.

Their idea of humor is something old and ridiculous like "ZIDANE BREAK DANCES`!!!@ROFLADF," "brian PePpErS does teh HoKeY PoKey," or "Bill Cosby likes 2 party HARD!"

It is a "widely known" fact that everything that appears on YTMND becomes old within mere hours. Unfortunately, this fact is lost among its userbase.