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Zackattack117 lurked Board 8 during the 2008 Character Battle before unleashing his (imaginative) awesomeness, in November of that year, he currently posts in the cool topic, ignoring all the boring anime topics....blah blah blah etc. etc.

red13n Moderation Incident[]

In December of 2009 Board 8 superstar and GameFAQs moderator red13n created a topic offering 100 word writeups for anyone who requested one. zack's request resulted in the following writeup:

Seriously, someone as obscure as zackattack### is asking me to type 100 words about them? Why? What the hell are you thinking? Do you really want to hear that you are a tiny user of no importance to board 8? That you randomly disappearing would leave NO ONE wondering where the hell you went. You could die, one of your friends or family could post on board 8 that you died, and people would go "who?". You dont get more unimportant than you here, sorry to say. But you asked for it I guess, so I'm obligated to inform you.
~red13n, December 2009

red's post was moderated and the appeal rejected, resulting in a legendary 505 post complaint topic where moderators and members of Hellhole came out of the woodwork to invade Board 8.