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ZeldaTPLink, as the name suggests, is a huge Zelda fan. He created his GameFAQs account in 2006, at the height of Twilight Princess hype. Some time after that, he beat Majora's Mask for the first time, so it replaced TP as his favorite Zelda game, but TP still lives in his heart as a very good Zelda. He also played Breath of the Wild after this page was created and I guess that also beats TP.

He is also a huge nintendrone. Shamelessly. His list of owned gaming systems consists SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii and 3DS. He intends to buy a Switch eventually. UPDATE: Switch acquired.

He likes nerdy things in general, including but not limited to videogames, anime/manga, webcomics, TV shows and movies. He is a huge fan of One Piece and won't shut up about it if you let him.

Zelda is an engineer, from Brazil, born in 1991, and I guess that's what he'll say about his RL.

His history in Board 8 mostly consists of coming for contests and disappearing afterwards. He has done that sporadically since 2006, eventually taking a break for a couple years and then becoming addicted to them again in 2013. Since then he has been more involved in contests, and has come a bit more often to the board, usually for Ace Attorney threads, or to post some playthrough threads.

Zelda used to play a lot of mafia, usually at Naruto Forums or The Syndicate. Nowadays he mostly hangs out in the Syndicate discord and occasionally hosts some turbo games there.

Zelda hangs out in a few places in the internet. His usernames are the following:

GameFAQs: ZeldaTPLink

The Syndicate: Dragon D. Luffy

Naruto Forums/Fanverse: Dragon D. Luffy

TV Tropes: NinjaDragon

Giant in the Playground: Ninja Dragon

Reddit: ElantheBard

Steam: Black Leg Sanji

Discord: DDL_

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