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Zen, as he appears in Halo's Board 8 fanfiction, Beogard's Last Hope.

ZenOfThunder is a lowlife son of a bitch who posts stupid shit like "Adventures of bidoof". Which is actually really stupid. No commedy no nothing. This guy is an ass to watch out.

I'm not sure who wrote that but I'm keeping it. Adventures of Bidoof was in 2006, man. I'm flattered you remember it. 

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On Board 8 Edit

Zen placed 24th in Character Battle VIII. He hasn't really contributed much, other than failed nomination rallies and match pictures. He also created the banners for Rivalry Rumble.

He's often seen trolling around the board and not really offering any useful input. He tries to get along with everybody and is a total chillposter. For a while, Zen gave out Fishy Sticks, and it was a big deal to receive one.

Other than that, Zen mostly keeps to himself. He married user ShadowHalo17 to steal the limelight from FFDragon and PepsiPlunge. He's often seen goofing around with his best Board 8 friend, KamikazePotato.

Zen coined the term "Picsmith," which was then popularized by user UltimaterializerX. He now parades around the board as the self-proclaimed "King of the Picsmiths," and even though his pics are sometimes sub-par, he tries to critique and help other Picsmiths to give each character the best match pic possible. 

Activity During the 2018 Character Battle Edit

Zen rose to legendary status during the 2018 character battle due to 1) his archiving topic and 2) the amazing gifs and memes he had created. By mid-Nov 2018, he was seen as the star of the entire contest. Here's some of the gifs he made:

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